In an empty apartment's straight line kitchen, Xander spreads out his hand to Chloe and Brady.
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At the Salem PD, Rafe shows Jada the latest Lady Whistleblower article about them being “Kissing Cops.” Rafe assumes Sloan is the one who leaked the story and can’t wait to throw the book at her. He might even tack on an obstruction of justice charge. Jada says if Sloan’s the one who committed the crimes against Chanel and Paulina. Rafe asks if she still suspects her sister.

Talia comes out of Colin’s motel room bathroom in her bra and underwear. He shows her Leo’s article about Jada. She feels terrible that the tainted biscuits led to this. Colin reminds her she only drugged the biscuits because Chanel tore his family apart. She was righting a wrong, and he loves her for it. He suggests it’s time to turn up the heat on Chanel.

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In front of Sweet Bits, a teary-eyed Chanel reveals to Paulina that the health department shut her down. Paulina realizes it’s just temporary until the investigation proves that Sloan drugged the biscuits. She won’t let Chanel give up on her dream. Reminding Chanel that her stepfather is the mayor, Paulina steps away.

Chanel calls Talia to tell her she doesn’t have to come to work. Colin kisses Talia’s neck as she talks. Paulina returns after learning Abe is in a meeting at the police station. She’ll track him down there.

In their hotel room, Gwen worries about how much Leo spends on massages and room service. She tells an aghast Leo that they need to find someplace else to live. Alex comes to the door, prompting Leo to leave to go apartment hunting.

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Gwen starts pawing at Alex, but he suggests they stop sleeping together. Dr. Evans has made him understand that he’s using her to avoid facing his feelings, and it’s not cool. Gwen purrs that she doesn’t mind being used. Alex thinks she should because this isn’t healthy for her either. He knows they’re both using sex as a distraction. Gwen hedges, but ultimately admits she’s still heartbroken over Xander. Gwen assumes he’s not over Stephanie, either. Alex insists this has nothing to do with another woman, but the fact that his life is a mess. He needs to look forward, not back.

Xander and Chloe tour an apartment. He calls it perfect, but Chloe’s not sold just yet. He runs off to investigate more while she checks for mold. Brady enters. He’s there to look at the place for him and Rachel. Xander returns, saying he and Chloe should take it. “What the hell is this,” Brady snarls.

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In the empty apartment, Xander spreads his hands and shrugs his mouth at Chloe.

Chloe clarifies that she and Xander will just be roommates. Brady can’t believe she’d ever think about moving in with him. Chloe grows emotional as Brady tries to plead his case. Xander tells him to back off, leading the men to square off. Leo saunters in, smelling a story. He jots notes as the trio explain why they’re all there. When Leo calls Rachel a demon seed, Brady lunges for him. Xander blocks him, reminding Leo he works for him. Xander breaks Leo’s pencil, declaring Leo’s work there is done.

At the station, Rafe points out to Jada that Talia didn’t have a key to Paulina’s office. Later, Paulina comes to the station looking for Abe. Jada tells her she just missed him, but asks if anyone could have gained access to her keys the night her office was broken into. Paulina recalls her bag was left open the day Sloan confronted her in the Square. It was the day Chanel introduced her to Jada’s sister. Jada tenses.

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Scowling, Xander holds up the eraser end of a pencil. Leo frowns, clutching a notepad.

Chanel goes to Rafe’s office to apologize for her biscuits landing him in the hospital. Rafe appreciates it, but knows she’s only to blame for being too good a baker. Chanel sees a photo on Rafe’s desk of Allie and Henry. She notes how happy Allie looks and how big Henry is. She grows emotional as Rafe says Allie’s doing well and meeting people. Inferring that she’s seeing someone, Chanel rushes out of the office.

At the motel, Talia thinks the bakery getting shut down should satisfy Colin’s need for revenge. Au contraire. Colin won’t rest until Chanel feels the same kind of misery she put him and Sloan through. It’s time to see how she likes having her heart broken. With Allie having recently left her, it’s the perfect time for Talia to swoop in, sweep her off her feet, and break her heart all over again.

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Talia points out she’s not gay or bi. She only wants Colin, but he’s trying to pimp her out. He assures her he only wants her as well, so it won’t be real for them. Chanel, on the other hand, will fall head over heels. Talia doesn’t think she can do this. Colin assures Talia this will cure his mood swings and depression because he’ll finally have justice for his mum. He knows she’ll pull through for him. He kisses her, and they fall back  to the bed.

Brady and Xander stare at Leo. Holding a notepad, Leo wears a wry expression.

In the apartment, Leo tells the others he was just giving them a hard time. When Leo assumes Gwen will love the place, Xander declares dibs. Brady wonders if Xander is even going to ask Chloe. Xander thought since he’s footing the bill, he could make the decision. Brady quips that Chloe’s a kept woman, which sets her off. She’ll pay her half when she gets a job, so they’re taking the apartment. She and Xander high-five.

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After Alex has left, Leo returns to the Salem Inn. A glum Gwen shares that Alex dumped her. She asks about the apartment. Leo reluctantly tells her that Xander is shacking up with Chloe.

Brady pensively looks out the empty apartment’s window as Chloe returns. He tells her he loves her and assumes she still loves him too. He thinks it’d be a mistake for her to get involved with Xander.

In the motel hallway, Xander passes Colin at his door. Xander eyes him and says, “I thought that was Bakery Girl’s room.”

Talia comes to the bakery kitchen as Chanel cleans. When Chanel laments her terrible day, Talia suggests she can make her feel better and kisses her.

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Brady stares pensively, leaning his hand against a paned window wall.

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