On a fishing boat, a grave-faced Kate holds out a diamond ring to a burly bald man. He holds out a cell phone.
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After being summoned, Belle meets EJ at the mansion. She can’t believe his “life and death” emergency is figuring out how to oust Gabi from DiMera. Her husband is dealing with a real-life and death situation where an actual human being could die. Concerned, EJ asks what happened. She tells him Shawn accidentally shot his father. Munching on a croissant, EJ glibly says it sounds like Shawn really screwed up.

Belle punches EJ in the gut and calls him an insensitive jerk. He stops her from leaving and apologizes. To make up for it, EJ offers Belle the DiMera jet to be with Shawn. He’ll pay for all the expenses. Belle calls it very generous, but she’s in the middle of a trial. Shawn understands. EJ says the offer stands if she changes her mind. As for Gabi, he’ll handle it.

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In the DiMera mansion, Belle glowers at EJ. Holding a drink, he points at her and raises his eyebrows.

In Greece, Harris turns in his hotel room key and runs into Shawn in the lobby. He asks if there’s any change in Bo’s condition. Shawn relays the doctors don’t know when or if he’ll come out of his coma. Harris is sorry, but Shawn blames himself. Harris insists his actions are what led to Bo’s fate. Frustrated, Shawn concedes that some of the blame lies on Harris, but at the end of the day, he pulled the trigger on his own father.

Harris still feels like he should pay for keeping the truth from Hope. Shawn tersely tells him it’s not illegal, so no one’s coming to arrest him. Harris says he’s still paying for it by losing Hope. Shawn wonders what else he expected. Does Harris want him to feel sorry for him? Harris doesn’t expect that. He knows he’ll have to live with what he did for the rest of his life. Shawn leaves to take a shower.

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In the hospital waiting room in Greece, Andrew looks at a laptop. Kayla, Steve and Roman look over his shoulder.

At the hospital, Kayla rushes off to tell Hope that Kate is alive. Meanwhile, Andrew and Steve assure Roman they’ll help him search the planet for his wife. They deduce she took a boat to one of the other islands, but wonder why she didn’t call anyone once she hit land. Andrew suggests the seas overpowered her, but Roman knows she’s alive. Andrew leaves to get reinforcements.

Kate chops fish on a boat. “Here I am,” she sighs. “Back in maritime hell.” She flashes back to her first time trapped on a boat cutting fish. She wonders why this is always happening to her. After failing to take a Buddhist approach to accept her situation, she yells for help.

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On a fishing boat, Kate wears an apron over overalls. She plunges a cleaver into a fish.

A burly bald man appears, speaking Spanish. Kate mimes her words as she thanks him for saving her life by when she was in that little boat with no idea where she was going. She asks for a phone. In English, he asks how much she’ll pay him for it. She reminds him she doesn’t currently have any money, but she’ll pay him when she gets home. He motions to her wedding ring. Kate reluctantly makes the trade. The man tells her she only gets one call. She dials, but the call doesn’t go through. She wants to try again, but the man reminds her she only bought one call. He orders her back to work.

Outside the hospital, Stephanie wonders if she was too hard on Harris. Chad thought she was beautifully polite. Chad talks to his kids on the phone and then assures Stephanie this is where he wants to be… with her. She thanks him for his support.

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Chad and Stephanie smile at Kayla outside the hospital in greece.

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Leaving the mansion, Belle calls Shawn. He tells her Bo squeezed Hope’s hand, but he’s not expected to wake up anytime soon. She urges him not to give up Hope. He’s not, but it’s hard.

Kayla rushes out of the hospital. She tells Chad that Bo didn’t kill Kate. She’s alive. Thrilled, Chad asks if he can see her. They head back inside to get more information from Steve and Roman.

After texting Harris, Andrew meets him in the hotel lobby. They need his help in finding Kate. Harris asks why. “How’d you like a shot at redemption,” Andrew asks.

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