In the hospital waiting room in Greece, Andrew looks at a laptop. Kayla, Steve and Roman look over his shoulder.
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In Greece, Roman finds Steve and Kayla in hospital waiting room. Kayla asks if he wants to go with her to see Bo, but he needs to get his bearings first. After Kayla leaves, Steve tells Roman he’s worried about Shawn. How’s that poor kid going to get over shooting his own father?

Hope wakes up from a dream about Bo and urges him to come back to her. Kayla enters and scans Bo’s chart. He’s got a tough fight ahead, but he’s a fighter with so many people praying for him.

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With slumped shoulders, Shawn solemnly faces Ciara. She puts a hand on his shoulder.

Outside the hospital, a distraught Shawn recalls shooting Bo. Ciara rushes up and hugs her brother. She asks if their father is really alive. “No thanks to me,” Shawn responds. Ciara assures Shawn no one blames him. He can’t face Bo or their mother after what he did. Not yet. She tells him to take all the time he needs.

Ciara joins Hope and Kayla in Bo’s room. She sits next to Bo and tells him how much she loves him. Kayla asks if Ciara’s seen Shawn. She says he’s blaming himself and doesn’t want to come in. Kayla offers to go find him. Shawn enters. “I’m here.”

Andrew comes to Harris’ hotel room. Harris is sorry for what his family is going through. Andrew says it isn’t his fault. Harris fills him in. He thought he was there to arrest him. Surprised by the revelation, Andrew says he came by to thank him for apprehending Thomas. And while a lie of omission is egregious, it’s not exactly criminal. Harris wishes the rest of Andrew’s family felt that way.

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Harris open his hotel room door to Andrew.

In their hotel room, Chad circles his arms around Stephanie’s waist. She marvels over how lucky she is to be in his arms and to have her parents safe. She prays that God has one more miracle left for Uncle Bo. Later, she rants about Harris. If he hadn’t kept the truth from Hope, Shawn would never have shot his own father. Chad says they don’t know that. He’s not defending Harris, but he did save their lives. Stephanie notes Chad risked his life to help save her parents. Chad grins. He’s risen from the ashes a few times in his day. They get flirty and kiss.

Stephanie breaks away, feeling guilty over Bo while she’s there in Chad’s arms. Chad reminds her that she’s been there for her brothers and her parents, for him and his kids. It’s time she let someone be there for her. They kiss again and fall back onto the bed.

In the hospital waiting room, Steve assumes Roman doesn’t want to see Bo because of what he likely did to Kate. Roman understands that Bo was brainwashed. But how can he ever look his little brother in the eye again, knowing he took Kate away from him?

After Kayla leaves Bo’s room, Shawn tells his mother how sorry he is. Hope hugs him. She knows he shot Bo because he was protecting her. It’s exactly what his dad would have wanted him to do. Shawn thinks he should be comforting her right now, but Hope insists she’s fine. Ciara knows that’s not true, wondering when the last time she slept or ate. Hope agrees to go back to the hotel right across the street. They promise not to leave Bo’s side.

After Hope leaves, Shawn sinks to Bo’s side, urging him to come back to them. As the siblings catch up on their respective families, Ciara says she talked to Chelsea. Her obstetrician told her to stay in bed. Ciara tells a comatose Bo he has so many more grandkids coming his way. Shawn hopes he’ll be around to meet them. Through tears Ciara says he will be. He’ll be the most involved grandparent on the planet for so many years.

Kayla returns to Steve and Roman. She urges her brother to go see Bo. As he leaves to do so, Andrew arrives. He shows them a chip the surgeon found in Bo’s brain. Kayla wonders if they can access the chip’s memory.

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In the hotel lobby, Harris holds up his arms to Hope, mid-explanation. She gravely regards him.

In the lobby, Hope sees Harris. He felt it was best for everyone if he left, but he’s not sure where he’s going. She asks why he didn’t tell her Bo was alive. “Because I’m selfish,” Harris responds. He knows he screwed up, but he thought they had a chance at something real, and he’s never had that. He didn’t want to let go. He really did care about her. She cared about him too, but Bo’s… “The love of your life,” Harris finishes for her. She says goodbye and leaves.

Roman comes to Bo’s room and drills into Shawn that this isn’t his fault. He blames Megan for making Bo do unspeakable things, including taking Kate from him. He sits next to Bo and begs him to come back to them.

A freshened-up Hope returns and asks for time alone with Bo. After the others file out, Hope urges Bo to open his eyes so she can tell him how much she loves him and how much she missed him. Nurse Angela appears. She orders Hope not to give up on Bo.

In the Greek hotel lobby, Harris holds his bag as he faces a glowering Chad and Stephanie.

Post-sex, Chad and Stephanie see Harris in the hotel lobby. Stephanie doesn’t know if she’ll ever forgive him, but he did save them from Thomas Banks. Harris was happy to help. Before he leaves, he says he hopes Bo wakes up because he has a lot to live for.

At the hospital, Andrew runs the microchip through a scanner on his laptop. Roman returns. They hesitate before telling him they hope it will give them insight into Bo’s brain while under Megan’s control. Roman notes it could tell them what Kate’s last moments on earth were like. Roman assures them he can handle the truth about what Bo did to his wife.

Outside, Ciara video chats with Ben and Little Bo. Shawn brings them sodas as she finishes. She recounts to Shawn how Bo’s spirit visited them when Little Bo was born. But how was that possible if he wasn’t actually dead? Shawn doesn’t know, but hopes some of that magic is left to bring him back to them.

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Sitting at a long wooden table outside, Ciara looks at a propped up tablet.

In Bo’s room, Hope assures Angela that she would never give up on Bo. It’s just hard to see him in this condition. He’s been her hero since she was 18 years old. Angela implores her to hold out for that hero. Keep fighting for him until every drop of sand runs out of that hourglass in the sky. “Tell that to Beauregard. He’ll hear you.” Angela vanishes. Hope curls up next to Bo and holds his hand. “I will hold out for my hero for as long as it takes,” Hope says. “Do you hear me?” Bo’s fingers twitch. “I love you too,” Hope whispers through tears. “I miss you. Come back.”

When the scan completes, Andrew pulls up a video file. The chip recorded Bo’s activities through his vision. He plays a video of Kate pleading with Bo as he holds a gun on her. Bo raises the gun and fires over her head. He tells Kate to go before he changes his mind. Roman exclaims that Kate is alive. “But where the hell is she?”

Elsewhere, Kate chops off a fishhead, wearing overalls and a bandana in her hair.

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Days' Kate looking fed up on a fishing boat Lauren Koslow

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