In the motel, Talia gazes into the bearded Colin's eyes. His left hand rests on the side of her neck, while his right hand brushes her chin.
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Xander comes out of the shower wearing just a towel and opens his door to Chloe. After he puts on pants, Chloe gives Xander an apology plant for the dart incident. When she learns he hasn’t been changing his bandage, she leans over to tend to it. He takes note of her cleavage. She in turn, takes note of his messy, dumpy room. Now that he’s saved up money, Xander’s ready to find a new place. Chloe’s ready for a change as well, especially since she’s out of work and the Salem Inn is expensive. Xander suggests they find a place together.

When Brady comes to the Pub to see Eric, Sloan leaves the brothers to chat. Brady deadpans, “Doesn’t everyone hate her?” Eric says he’s not one of them. In fact, they’ve taken things to the next level. Eric asks why Brady wanted to talk. Brady needs to figure out how to keep “that bastard Xander” away from Chloe. Eric knows Chloe will see through Xander’s act. Brady counters that Nicole didn’t. Eric concedes his point, but advises Brady forget Xander. He’s not the problem, just a symptom. Brady labels himself as the problem because of how he’s handled things between Rachel and Chloe. They conclude Chloe won’t let Xander into her life in any meaningful way. “It’s not like they’re moving in together,” Brady quips.

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At the motel, Xander says that since Chloe doesn’t have a job, she can just clean up while he pays rent. She passes on being his housekeeper. Xander would also like to atone for what he did in the past. Plus, he promises to be neater. Later, they search online and find a place to look at.

As Chanel leaves Sweet Bits, she runs into Alex. Despite her chilly attitude toward him, he feels badly for what she’s going through. She says if he’s really sorry about what happened with Allie, he can make it up to her by getting Sloan back in his bed to get a confession out of her. He refuses. With Dr. Evans’s help, he’s realized he’s pretty screwed up. If Chanel asks him to sleep with Sloan, he could end up right back where he started. He offers to give her a loan until things with Sweet Bits blows over. She appreciates it, but she’ll be okay. She marvels over his generosity, as well as Talia’s for offering to work for free.

At the station, Jada notes to Rafe that Talia said she went straight home after dinner with Chanel. However, she didn’t come home until hours later. Rafe asks what she wants to do about it.

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At the motel, Talia breaks away from kissing a bearded man, who has a British accent. She assures him the cops have no idea he put her up to drugging the biscuits. He admits it was his idea, but they’re in this together. She knows, but she’s the one out there while he’s lying low. He gets defensive. His mother was the one Chanel pushed off the roof. Does Talia think he likes sending her to do this for him? She apologizes. She never should have said he put her up to it. She wanted to help him, and she still does. He knows how much she’s done for him. He kisses her again. Talia worries to the man, Colin, that Sloan is the number one suspect — and she has no idea her brother is behind what happened.

Talia recalls swiping keys from a purse while Paulina and Chanel fought with Sloan in the Square. In the present, she assures Colin there’s no evidence tying Sloan to the attack on Paulina’s office. He confirms that since Talia used the keys, there was no forced entry. The cops can’t nail anything else they did on Sloan, either. Not only is she innocent, but she’d never let them railroad her. Talia suggests they fill Sloan in, but Colin doesn’t want to make her an accessory. Besides, she’d never risk her law license to do something illegal.

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Talia recalls meeting him in New York and putting her medical career on hold because of their immediate connection. He promises to make it up to her. After he assures her that no one is suspicious, Jada calls Talia. Talia puts it on speakerphone. Jada asks what she did between leaving Chanel’s place and coming home. As Colin prompts her, Talia says she forgot that she went to buy aspirin for a headache and then took a walk at the lake.

After Jada hangs up, she tells Rafe that Talia’s memory is scary good. How could she forget that she had a headache and walked around the lake? She notes that, as a doctor, Talia would have had access to the drugs. Rafe wonders about motive. Jada agrees it makes no sense, which means they’re back at Sloan.

When Talia worries her alibi didn’t fly with Jada, Colin grows upset. His anger intensifies when Talia tells him Paulina and Chanel seem like nice people. He apologizes for shouting at her, and asks if she’s still on his side. She suggests they back off a bit, but Colin wants to keep up the pressure. He needs Talia and can’t do any of this without her. He loves her. They kiss, and she repeats the sentiment. Colin’s face hardens as Talia leaves.

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In the hallway, Talia runs into Chloe and Xander. When Xander learns she works at Sweet Bits, he asks if she sold Chloe a tainted biscuit. Talia apologizes for it and rushes off. Chloe chastises Xander. Talia just works there. It’s not like it’s her fault.

Outside the Pub, Sloan leaves a message for a Connie, assuring them everything will be okay. She spots Leo. After yelling at him for being a hack, she says she has dirt on the police commissioner and his favorite new detective. He calls that boring. Sloan suggests he could force Abe to enforce his new fraternization policy against one of his greatest political allies and a close friend. Leo could blow up the mayor’s office and the Salem P.D. Leo is taken with the idea of being feared, but wonders if she really thinks his column will throw Jada and Rafe’s investigation off track. “Let’s find out,” Sloan purrs. “Shall we?”

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