Philip calls to Stephanie from his body drawer. Stephanie can’t believe it’s really him and starts to cry when he tells her he’s going to take her home, but he’s locked into a drawer right now. Stephanie lets Philip know what’s been going on and Philip promises to undo this. Stephanie flashes back to her engagement and they assume Owen’s gone. Philip says he’ll text message Brady and assumes they’ll be there any minute. They profess their love for each other and Philip admits he loves her more than his own life.

In another room in the funeral home, Walter says he has to take care of the new body that arrived from University Hospital. Owen says it shouldn’t take Walter that long and finally agrees to help with the embalming, and they go downstairs.

Walter goes to open the drawer and hearing noises, asks Owen if somebody else is there. Owen assumes it’s somebody who has come into the funeral home and when Walter goes to check, Owen opens Stephanie’s drawer to tell her to keep quiet. Later, he returns, lets Stephanie out and she tries to stall. Owen starts to think she’s refusing to go with him, so he grabs her and aims the gun to her head. Philip hears Stephanie’s struggle and tries to kick his way out of the drawer. Owen is distracted, giving Stephanie a chance to grab his gun!

Brady tries to convince a panicking Melanie to stay strong and help him look for a way out. Melanie worries all four of them will die and thinks this is her fault for being so greedy. Brady thinks she can atone once she’s out of there. He gives her his shirt, when she starts to feel the cold and Melanie decides to start thinking of all the things she’s grateful for. She screams, thinking she has seen a rat, but there was no rat. Brady gets an idea after seeing a rose. He gets out his cell phone and asks Melanie for her wire from her bra. She gives him a nervous laugh, but complies. Brady gets a signal, causing Melanie to jump up and down with glee! Brady’s battery dies so Melanie gives him hers, but her battery has died. They go to plan B, though they’re not sure what that is. Brady tells Melanie who Isabella is, when she sees her name, and Melanie cries as Brady explains that Isabella died when he was a boy. Brady thinks it’s ironic that it took this abduction to get him back here. He has always thought she looked over him. Melanie hopes his mother can find a way to watch over them and help them.

Bo and Hope spy on Victor and once he and his guards are gone, they go to the door. Lucas lets them in. They ask after Brady and Lucas tells them Brady and Victor had a fight. He allows them to look around, hoping it’ll help, but Henderson interrupts, and asks for a search warrant. Bo and Hope decide to leave and to bring Henderson in for questioning. Henderson stumbles over his words, not wanting to leave, but when Hope reminds him it’s for questioning – for Philip, Henderson agrees to go.

Kate finds Chloe in Daniel’s arms and assumes the worst, but Daniel tries to assure her it’s not as it appears. Kate doesn’t believe that nothing’s going on and starts calling Chloe names, saying Chloe has taken Lucas’ love and devotion and made a mockery of it. Chloe has been a faithful wife, she says. Kate calls for Lucas, but Daniel asks her to think this through and keep quiet. He thinks her rage and jealousy is consuming her.

Kate goes to the foyer and finds Lucas, saying she has something to tell him. She flashes back to Chloe begging her not to tell Lucas the truth and realizes she doesn’t want to hurt Lucas. She says she’s worried about Philip and needs Lucas’ support. She hugs him and tells him he’s everything to her. Daniel brings Kate outside for air and while they’re gone, Daniel reminds her he saved her life and Philip’s. She owes him at least the courtesy of hearing him out.

Back inside, Lucas thinks Chloe’s hiding something. Chloe thinks he’s upset because of that dream and tells him she loves him with all of her heart. He’d like to believe her and reminds her of his past with women. Chloe thinks it has nothing to do with him, but he challenges that he did pick them! Chloe’s happy with him, she says. Lucas wonders then, why she broke up their engagement all those months ago. Chloe tells Lucas he can’t trust any of the feelings he had the night of the explosion and Lucas blasts her. He doesn’t think they should be married if she’s going to pity him. Chloe lies and says she was planning on leaving town without telling him, because she’s screwed up and has a bad history with men. That’s her reason for breaking up with him. The tables are turned and suddenly Lucas tells her she’s the only one he wants and he has never been happier.

At the pub, Hope and Bo do a little Cheerios commercial, and Henderson comes to sit with them. They ask if he’d like some Cheerios, but he refuses and they ask him when the last time he saw Brady was. Henderson says Brady and Melanie were last seen walking back in the cemetery. They allow him to leave and he asks them to bring Philip home safely. They leave.

Kate and Daniel arrive at the pier and Kate says of all the men she has been with, he’s the most repulsive. That’s saying a lot she says, ensuring him she’s not jealous in the least. Daniel admits he’s wrong, and turns to go but Kate stops him. She wants to ensure her children’s happiness now, in case the cancer returns. Daniel doesn’t understand and tells her to let them live their lives. Kate thinks she needs to find another way to ensure her kid’s happiness after she’s gone, causing Daniel to think she’s backing down. He thinks she has made the right decision and leaves, but after he’s gone, Kate says that since he broke his promise to stay away from Chloe, she has to break hers.

Hope and Bo visit the graveyard and in their travels, they find Melanie’s University Hospital name tag.

Inside the crypt, Melanie praises Brady, when he feels down about the man Isabella never saw him become.

At the morgue, Philip kicks his way out of the body drawer, distracting Owen, who has Stephanie bent over a gurney. Owen grabs his gun and points it at Stephanie and Philip.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Mia confesses to Will she may have to leave town.

Nicole isn’t pleased that whenever there is a Sami issue, he just can’t stay away!

Sami happily tells Rafe that she has never been so happy in her life.

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