In a doorway, Talia coyly stares ahead with parted lips.
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Gabi and Stefan wake up in bed together at the DiMera mansion. They bask in their reunion and look forward to remarrying once her divorce is final. They make out, resuming the previous night’s activities. After sex, they note they have important plans today.

Downstairs, EJ recalls overhearing Nicole discussing her secret with someone on the phone. Nicole enters the living room, wondering if something is bothering him. EJ is just tired since Gabi and Stefan’s sex marathon kept him up all night. As he rants, the reunited lovers saunter into the living room. Stefan smugly informs EJ that he hired Gabi as a consultant. Gabi will help streamline the company by eliminating as much waste and inefficiency as possible. Her first order of business will be to evaluate EJ.

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EJ counters if there’s any inefficiency at the top, it stems from Stefan, who wasted time focusing on Li’s shares. He offers Nicole a consultancy position to evaluate his brother. Nicole hesitates, reminding him she runs Basic Black. EJ invites her to join the mothership, where they can make great use of her talents. Nicole accepts.

Later in the foyer, EJ and Nicole praise each other’s performance. But when they hug, their faces convey doubt and concern.

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At the Pub, Sloan obsesses over being blamed for the tainted biscuits. Melinda marches in and piles on. Sloan rails at her for accusing her without evidence. Melinda knows she’s the only one who hates Chanel enough to target her business. Without proof, Eric calls her words slander. Since Melinda was a victim of the biscuits, she will make sure Sloan goes away for a long, long time. Eric gives Sloan an alibi for the night the biscuits were drugged.

Rafe comes to work and promises a skittish Jada that he isn’t hallucinating anymore. Abe enters, furious over no arrests being made in the Sweet Bits debacle. The only person who has paid the price is Chanel, whose career is in jeopardy. Why the hell is Sloan Petersen still walking the streets? Rafe points out they don’t have any evidence tying her to this. Rafe suggests this is too personal for Abe, and it’s clouding his judgment. Abe agrees that it’s personal. He loves his family and loves this town, and right now, both are under attack.

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In the Square, Chanel stares off with folded arms. Talia holds a tray of pastries. More pastries spread across a table in front of them. A sign reads, Free Treats while they last.

After Melinda storms out of the Pub, Sloan thanks Eric for having her back. She admits she’s terrified and wonders who truly drugged the biscuits. To learn that, Eric suggests they figure out who the intended target was. Was it Chanel, or was it me? Sloan queries.

In the Square, Chanel stands behind a table full of pastries. A sign reads, “Free treats while they last!” No one takes them up on the offer. Talia feels terrible since the breakfast biscuits were her recipe. “It’s not your fault,” Chanel says. “It’s not like you drugged those biscuits.” Talia recalls dosing the dough.

Paulina comes to the Square and balks at Chanel’s offer of a bear claw. “Mama,” Chanel pouts. “Not you too.” Paulina apologizes. She knows Chanel and Talia had nothing to do with the drugging. Chanel bemoans Sloan succeeding in her plan to ruin her. A guilty-looking Talia watches as Paulina comforts her daughter.

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Standing at the table of pastries, Talia watches Chanel and Paulina. The sign reading, Free treats while they last, looms in the background.

When Paulina steps away to take a call, Chanel reveals she probably can’t keep Talia as an employee. She offers to talk to Tripp about getting her a job at the hospital. Talia isn’t interested. She’s a baker now. This is where she belongs. Chanel won’t let her work for free, but Talia believes in her. Working for her feels like it was meant to be.

Paulina joins Chanel and Talia behind the pastry table. She yells at passersby to buy a muffin, a cookie… something! Jada calls to summon Chanel and Talia to the station. After the women leave, Abe finds Paulina failing to sell Chanel’s pastries. When he balks at eating one himself, Paulina insists. Abe relents. He exclaims to the Square that it’s delicious and the perfect way to start the day. It doesn’t draw any business.

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Paulina widely grins with a raised fist. Holding a pastry, Abe gives her a sideways glance.

At the station, Rafe brings Talia to the interrogation room while Chanel talks with Jada in the squad room. The bakers separately recount similar events leading up to the drugging. Melinda passes them on their way out. Rafe and Jada tell the D.A. there is a 12-hour window when the dough was left unattended. Trask relays that Sloan has an alibi for that time. Any other suspects? Jada says they’re working on it. Talia peeks her head around the corner.

Chanel returns to the Square. She worries to Paulina that she’ll lose the bakery. Paulina offers to cook dinner for her and Talia so they can figure out how to turn things around. Chanel says she already sent Talia home for the day.

At the station, Jada and Rafe compare interview notes. Rafe brings up events after Sweet Bits closed the night before the drugging. Jada realizes what Talia told Rafe isn’t true.

In a building’s hallway, Talia knocks on a door. A young, brown-haired, bearded man (played by Jasper Newman) opens it. “It’s about time,” he says. He pulls her inside and deeply kisses her.

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