A forlorn Steve gazes at Shawn. Shawn stares ahead with a clenched jaw. The veins in his neck bulge.
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In the Square, Johnny confides to Chanel that Wendy’s in Seattle with Tripp and not taking his calls. Chanel suggests he give her some space and explain everything when she returns. Johnny worries she’ll be with Tripp by then. He was going to go to Seattle, but his flight got canceled.

In Seattle, Wendy blocks Johnny’s number. After their great dinner, Wendy wonders what Tripp has planned next for their date. He proposes they go to the Ferris wheel and walk around the pier.

In Horton Square, Leo holds out his phone, grinning. Johnny peers across the table at Chanel, who looks off with a wry expression.

In Salem, Johnny gets an alert that his texts to Wendy aren’t going through. He rants about the drugged biscuits ruining everything. Chanel blames Sloan and worries that she succeeded in destroying her business. He grabs her hand, sorry that she’s going through this. Leo saunters by, wondering when the big day is. Johnny shouts that they aren’t getting married. When Leo learns Johnny is dating Wendy, he pulls out his phone to record, asking how she took the news of his engagement. Johnny explains he and Chanel were high on biscuits. Leo wants to know what these biscuits are that everyone keeps talking about. Is he missing out on a designer drug?

Chanel yells that if he wants something juicy for his column, he should write that Sloan drugged her breakfast biscuits. Leo groans that Sloan is threatening to sue for libel because of the last “hot tip” Chanel gave him. So, he’ll run a story about Johnny and Chanel being Salem’s answer to the “Bennifer” reunion. Johnny reiterates that they only got engaged because of the drugs. Leo counters the drugs brought their true feelings to the surface. “Food for thought,” he quips as he leaves.

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With rumpled hair, Tripp locks lips with Wendy on a couch.

Tripp returns to the Seattle apartment, limping. Wendy teases him for tripping and falling into the Ferris wheel seat before they could even go for a ride. She ices his ribs with frozen peas, which leads to a kiss.

In the Square, Johnny asks if he and Chanel should talk about what Leo just said. Chanel says it’s not necessary. She knows he wants to be with Wendy and offers to help. She pulls out her phone to call Tripp.

As Wendy and Tripp make out, Tripp’s phone rings. When Tripp answers, Chanel explains the circumstances regarding Johnny’s proposal. Wendy gets on the phone and hears Johnny’s explanation. He declares she is the only woman he wants. Wendy believes him, which makes Johnny happy. Now things can go back to the way they were. Wendy pensively looks at Tripp.

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After tying up Thomas in the Greek lab, Harris reveals to Kayla, Stephanie, and Chad that he knew about Bo but kept quiet. Stephanie rails at him. He knows he was wrong, which is why he came clean to Hope. Harris decides to stay behind to contact the ISA about Thomas and return the prisms, while the rest head back to the house. Before Kayla leaves, Harris apologizes for not telling anyone sooner about Bo. Kayla glowers.

On the cliff, Hope sobs over Bo’s body. He has a pulse, but he’s losing blood. Steve calls an ambulance with Shawn’s phone, and Shawn rushes to his parents’ side. Shawn rambles that Bo had a gun pointed at Hope, and he didn’t know what to do. Hope cries that she got through to him. He wasn’t going to hurt her. Stunned, Shawn says, “I shot him.” Hope presses her face to Bo’s.

At the hospital, Hope yells out as Bo flatlines. The doctor is sorry, but Bo’s gone. Sobbing, Hope begs Bo to wake up.

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In a waiting room, Steve asks Shawn how he’s doing. Shawn doesn’t know how to answer that. He’s trying to process that his father is alive, but thanks to him, they might lose him all over again. Shawn explains that he just learned from Harris that Bo killed Kate. There was no way he was going to let that happen to his mom, too. Steve understands. The situation looked the same way to him. Shawn explodes that they were wrong. Bo had just called Hope Fancy Face, which means he shot his dad for no reason. If he dies…. Shawn trails off in tears. Steve embraces him.

Kayla, Chad, and Stephanie find the wine cellar empty. Chad discovers the hole in the wall and deduces Steve escaped. Stephanie calls Shawn’s phone. Still in possession of it, Steve answers and tells her about Bo.

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Facing forward, Chad and Kayla gape. Stephanie stands in front of them, scowling.

In the hospital, Hope wails that this can’t be how it ends. The doctor tells her there’s nothing they can do. Bo is gone. Dead. Hope passes out. She dreams of reuniting with Bo on the cliff. In the dream, Bo says he’s so sorry he held a gun on her. She knows Rolf messed with his head, but nothing can touch what’s in his heart. Bo says nothing can erase their love. Not Rolf, not death. He suggests they never be apart again. They embrace.

After Kayla gets checked out, she and Stephanie rush into Steve’s arms in the waiting room. Chad asks who shot Bo. Shawn stands and says, “It was me. I made a terrible mistake.”

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Standing behind her, Bo covers Hope's eyes. They stand in the doorway of Victor's childhood home. On a table, long candles are lit.

In Hope’s dream, Bo brings her to Victor’s house, illuminated with candles. She thinks they should call their family to tell them the good news. Bo agrees, but wants some “us” time first. Despite the odds, they found their way back to each other. “Don’t we always,” Hope says. Bo muses that they get to spend the rest of their lives together. The way it was meant to be. They toast to their future.

They sit wrapped in each other’s arms in front of the fire. Hope never thought she could be this happy. She loves him so much. “And I love you,” Bo says. “You are my heart and always will be.” She wonders if she’s dreaming. They passionately kiss.

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Bo and Hope kiss in Victor's childhood home.

Hope wakes up on a gurney. A nurse welcomes her back. Hope recognizes her. The nurse says her name is Angela (the celestial being from Beyond Salem), and she works in the trauma unit. Hope sees Bo’s empty bed and panics. Angela explains Bo’s been taken to surgery. After Hope passed out, Bo’s heart started beating again. It was a miracle. Hope thanks God. Angela warns that Bo’s not out of the woods yet, but he’s not giving up. Angela suspects Hope is the reason for that.

Hope comes to the waiting room. Hugging Shawn, she shares that Bo is in surgery. She embraces Kayla and confirms that she got through to Bo. Shawn says they’d be together right now if it weren’t for him. Kayla assures Shawn it was an accident. Steve suggests they focus their energy on Bo and send him some prayers. The doctor enters. Bo made it through surgery, and his vitals have stabilized. However, there is a new complication — he lapsed into a coma.

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