Bo lies on his back with his eyes closed. Leaning over him, Hope's forehead touches his. Her hand cradles his face.
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John, Marlena, and Roman reel as Andrew tells them Bo might be alive. John says it’s one for the books, even for Salem. Andrew adds that Megan also said Bo killed Kate. Refusing to believe it, Roman demands to question Megan himself. Andrew won’t allow it. Marlena offers to drive Roman home to rest before they deal with this tomorrow.

Roman, Marlena, and Bo glare at Andrew.

Steve shouts and pounds on the wine cellar door. He grabs the spoon from the table, but fails to jimmy open the door with it. Finding a weakness in the wall, he uses the spoon to dig through it.

Shawn comes to Harris’ hotel room in Greece. He’s there to help with the search for Steve and Kayla, but Hope’s not in her room. Does Harris know where she is? As a matter of fact, Harris does. He admits he found someone at the farm he searched. Who? Shawn asks. “Your father,” Harris responds.

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Harris faces Shawn with his hands on his hips. With a air of irritation, Shawn raises his brow.

In Victor’s childhood home, Hope pulls her gun on Bo. Her face contorts, and her hands shake. “Is it really you?” she tearfully asks. She sets down the gun and touches his face. Crying, she tightly embraces him. Bo grimaces. She wonders why Harris lied about finding him. “I told him to lie,” Bo coldly declares.

Alone with Andrew at home, John makes them hot cocoa — Marlena’s favorite. Andrew is thrilled Bo is alive, but he worries about Harris. After everything he’s been through, he’d hate to see him get his heart broken. Especially since he’s the one who encouraged him to go after Hope. John assures Andrew that’s not on him. Love doesn’t come with guarantees. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. Just like with Andrew and Paul.

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Sitting on the couch, Andrew smirks at John.

Grinning, Andrew tells John they’re giving it another shot. John’s thrilled. Andrew appreciates his enthusiasm, but it feels trivial with everything else going on. John says there’s nothing trivial about love. Andrew says they aren’t at love yet, but they do know they have something special. John muses there’s a risk that relationships won’t work out, but you have to weigh the rewards. He hopes his kids will always take that risk.

After reuniting with Stephanie in the lab, Kayla fills her daughter and Chad in on Bo. As they turn to leave, Thomas enters. Chad steps in front of the ladies as Thomas aims his gun. Chad thought he was behind bars. With a bandage over his ear, Thomas confirms that he bribed the cops. He swipes the prisms and then trains his gun on Chad. Thanks to him, his earlobe was shot off. He puts the gun to Chad’s ear and says, “One good turn deserves another.”

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In the lab, Stephanie purses her lips at Kayla. Chad stands behind Stephanie with a furrowed brow.

As Shawn processes the fact that his father is alive, Harris warns that Bo isn’t the man he remembers. He may have killed Kate. Shawn refuses to believe it. Harris knows firsthand what Megan’s brainwashing can do. Shawn asks if he thinks Bo would hurt Hope. Harris doesn’t know, but if anyone can bring Bo out of this, it’s Hope. Shawn shouts at him for sending Hope out there alone. Harris gets an S.O.S. message from Stephanie in the lab. He races out for the lab, while Shawn heads for his mother.

In Victor’s house, Bo explains to Hope that he assumed Harris wouldn’t want him as competition. Hope admits to being involved with Harris, but Bo is the love of her life. The only one she wants. “Yeah, well, I don’t want you,” Bo spits back. Shaking him, Hope asks what’s wrong with him. She cries over the years she’s spent grieving him. Bo exclaims he’s no longer that man. Thanks to Rolf, he’s reborn. He is Victor Kiriakis’ son. He’ll make something of himself, just like his father did.

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Holding Bo's arms, Hope peers up at him with a mixture of love and concern.

Hope says Bo is already a wonderful man. Bo grows angry when Hope invokes his friends and family. He accuses her of being just like Steve and Kayla. Hope asks if they’re there. Bo says Kayla is taking care of something, and Steve is locked in the wine cellar. She grabs her gun to go free him. He aims his weapon, ordering her to put hers down. She does as she’s told.

After digging through the wall, Steve reaches his arm through the hole. He unlocks the bolt and frees himself. “Here I come, Sweetness.”

Bo brings Hope to a cliff overlooking the sea. It’s the end of the line. He can’t be the man he’s meant to be with her in the world. Hope wonders what that means. Everyone keeps trying to pull him back to his old life, to his old love. He holds his head as he gets flashes of his life with Hope. The only way he can be the man he’s meant to be is to get rid of her. He aims his gun at Hope.

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A straining Harris pulls Thomas backward in a choke hold.

In the lab, Thomas warns he could shoot off Chad’s babymaker instead of his ear. Harris bursts in and puts Thomas in a headlock. Thomas passes out.

At Victor’s house, Steve comes upstairs and finds Hope’s gun. He heads out with it.

On the cliff, Hope calmly tells Bo he’s the best man she knows. The love of her life. That will never change. They love each other to the very depths of their soul. Bo has more flashbacks. His eyes well with tears, and his face twists. Hope says his heart is the truest part of him, and it knows he belongs with her — his Fancy Face. A montage plays of Bo and Hope’s love story.

A trembling Bo shifts his gun’s aim off Hope. “Fancy Face,” he chokes out. A gunshot fires, and Bo crumples to the ground. Behind him, Shawn stands stunned, holding a gun. Steve rushes to him, while Hope cries over Bo’s motionless body.

On a cliff with the blue sea as a backdrop, a gaping Shawn aims a gun. Hope faces him with her hand spread out.

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