Two side by side photos. Bo stares with parted lips and a furrowed brow. An emotional Hope gapes.
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At night, John eats a sandwich and looks through a file at home. A returning Roman knocks on his door. John updates him about Megan. Then, just as he’s about to tell him about Marlena, she walks out. Marlena and John help a stunned Roman to the couch. Once he processes, Roman enthusiastically embraces Marlena and asks about Kate.

Roman holds out his hands, gaping at Marlena. Behind him, John rests his hands on Roman's shoulders.

In Greece, Stephanie has a nightmare that Steve and Kayla were killed during a rescue attempt. Chad holds her. He truly believes they’ll find them alive. Stephanie relays that he said that in her nightmare too. She couldn’t get through this without him.

A distressed Harris lies in his bed, recalling the deal he made to keep quiet about Bo being alive. Hope comes to his room. She wonders why Megan would lie about Thomas taking Kayla. Harris has something to tell her.

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In the wine cellar, Steve stands between an aimed handgun and Kayla. Kayla grips Steve's arm and shoulder.

Steve and Kayla wake up in each other’s arms in the wine cellar. Steve says once Bo brings them the equipment for the serum, they’ll be able to arm themselves with chemicals. Then, they can disarm Bo and get out of there. Bo enters and tells Kayla they’re leaving. He found a Titan research lab with everything she needs for the serum. Steve declares that Kayla leaves over his dead body. Bo cocks his gun and chuckles. “That can be arranged.”

At Statesville, a guard brings Megan to the visitors’ room, where Andrew awaits. He tells her their deal is off since she lied about who took Kayla. Megan sticks to her story, but Andrew reports that Thomas was at a sex club when Kate was killed and Kayla disappeared. There’s an orgy full of people who can verify his whereabouts. He threatens to send her to a black site unless she tells him who really took Kayla.

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In the dimly lit visitors' room, Megan and Andrew glare across the table at each other.

Chad and Stephanie discuss her parents’ kidnapper. Chad points out he hasn’t made any ransom demands and let Kayla get to a phone. Which means he isn’t a great criminal. He also muses that he probably isn’t taking orders from Megan because she’s in prison. Stephanie wonders when he got his detective badge. Chad quips her dad taught her to pick locks, his was a master criminal. He thinks their best clue is Kayla saying Victor’s name. He’s sure she’s at one of his properties.

Bo tells Steve and Kayla that separating them gives Kayla incentive to do what he says. Once Bo gets the serum, they’ll get their lives back. Steve wonders what happens if someone comes looking for them. Bo is confident that won’t happen. Someone already came by, and they won’t be coming back. They demand to know who it was. Bo angrily says it doesn’t matter and ushers Kayla out. Steve shouts and pounds on the door.

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Harris tells Hope how much he cares about her. He’s sorry for the role he played in what her family is going through. She knows he’s doing all he can to help them. She’s hopeful the sketch artist will give them a lead off Kostas’ description. Chad and Stephanie check-in before searching the rest of the properties on their list. Guilt eats at Harris.

Marlena tells Roman that Kate was alive, but was killed on the island. He reels, wondering whose ashes he had. Marlena then tells him Steve went looking for Kayla. Roman wants to go choke the truth out of Megan. As they talk Roman down, John relays that Hope and Harris are searching for Kayla right now. Roman wonders if Harris can truly be trusted.

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Kayla grips Bo's jacket. He stares at her with a knit brow and downturned mouth.

Kayla starts to get through to her brother at the lab, but an emotional Bo collects himself. He tells her once he has the serum, he will sell it to the highest bidder. Then, everyone will know his name. Hers, too, if she wants. She doesn’t. Bo says that’s the Brady way — humble and quiet. He was never those things. He storms out and locks her in.

When Hope tells Harris they should go to the police station, he says there’s no need. He lied when he told her he didn’t find anything at Victor’s childhood home. But she has to go find out what that is for herself. It’s something she has to do on her own. After apologizing, he kisses her. She leaves, and a solemn Harris whispers, “Goodbye Hope.”

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Hope casts a look of concern onto an anguished Harris.

From prison, Megan calls Harris. She says if he wants a chance with Hope, he’ll take her far away. He responds that it’s too late — for both of them.

In a building’s corridor, Chad finds a locked door. In her lab, Kayla arms herself with a metal tray as the door handle jiggles. In the hall, Stephanie picks the lock. Behind the door, Kayla raises the tray over her head as Chad and Stephanie enter. Kayla drops the tray and embraces Stephanie.

Stephanie stands behind Chad as he opens a lab's door. Kayla stands behind the door, raising a metal tray over her head.

Andrew comes to John and Marlena’s. He tells them and Roman that Megan changed her story. The person who took Kayla was Uncle Bo.

Hope raises her weapon as she gingerly looks around Victor’s childhood home. Someone enters behind her. She whirls around, aiming her gun. Bo walks in. “Oh dear God,” she whispers.

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Wide-eyed, Hope aims a handgun.

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