Sitting at a table in the Pub, Eric and Sloan look up with furrowed brows.
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As Eric showers in his room at the Pub, and Nicole showers in her room at the mansion, they fantasize about each other.

Nicole gets out of the shower as Anna stops by. She’s looking for aspirin after having too many pinot grigios at mahjong. Nicole’s hungover, too — from biscuits. She fills Anna in about the drugging, including how she and Eric ended up in bed together. Anna asks if there’s a chance for them to be together. Nicole insists it was a one-time drug-infused slip-up.

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Sitting on her bed, Nicole spreads her hands while explaining to Anna.

EJ rushes into the DiMera living room and gulps down Tony’s martini. He vents about Nicole keeping a secret from him. Tony suggests she is planning a surprise, but EJ wants to confront her. Tony urges him to take a breath. He opines that keeping some secrets is good for a relationship. All he wants to know from Anna is that she’s happy. What matters is that EJ and Nicole want to be together and enjoy each other’s company. The rest can be thrown away.

Upstairs, Anna asks about Nicole’s feelings for EJ. After all of EJ’s recent plotting, Nicole feels more like a co-conspirator than a love interest. But he’s trying to course correct, and she doesn’t want Eric to mess things up. She asks if Anna will keep this between them. Of course, Anna will. She thinks Nicole is really good for EJ. Nicole wonders if she should tell EJ the truth. Anna advises her not to rock the boat. “What our men don’t know can’t hurt them.” EJ comes to the room to bring Nicole down for dinner.

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In her room, Nicole places her hands on EJ's chest. He gives her a faint smile. Behind them, Anna beams.

Eric joins Sloan downstairs in the Pub. He’s hoping they can pick up where they left off. She retorts, “You mean hot sex, no strings?” Eric wouldn’t use those exact words. Sloan says whatever words he uses, it doesn’t work for her anymore. She was really hurt when she saw him with Nicole. He’s the only one who trusts and believes her.  She doesn’t want to be his booty call anymore. She wants to be his girlfriend.

Before Eric can respond, Paulina bursts into the Pub. Sloan reminds Paulina that she has a court order against her. Paulina retorts that her husband, the mayor, put the kibosh on that. Paulina accuses her of spiking the biscuits. When Eric tries to diffuse the situation, Paulina warns that Sloan will take him down with her. Eric defends Sloan, causing Paulina to stalk off.

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Stefan and Gabi passionately kiss at the hospital.

At the hospital, Stefan impatiently waits for the elevator. The doors open to Gabi. She’s there to check on him since it’s taking so long for him to visit Melinda. Stefan senses she’s jealous. She tries to deny, but eventually admits it. She knows how into him Melinda is. Stefan assures Gabi his heart belongs to her and only her. As for Gabi, she tells him Li let her out of their arrangement. She’s free to be with the man she loves. They passionately kiss.

After basking in their reunion, Gabi declares she wants more. EJ stole the company from both of them. They’re going to team up and get it back. Stefan’s all in, but first he wants alone time with her. She would love that, but points out they have no place to live. He invites her home with him.

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In the apartment, Li holds a beer and smirks at Johnny. Johnny folds his arms, peering up at him.

Johnny comes to the apartment looking for Wendy, but only finds a glum Li. Johnny tells him Wendy’s not answering her phone. Li wonders what he did to make his sister so angry. After hearing about Johnny’s drugged proposal to Chanel, an amused Li grows serious. He asks if Johnny is truly serious about Wendy. Johnny thinks Wendy is amazing. What he feels for her is real. He wants to prove that to her. Li offers to give her a call to smooth things over. He pulls out his phone and sees a text from Wendy — she’s in Seattle.

In Seattle, Tripp tells Joey over the phone that he’ll pick him up from the hospital tomorrow and will stay as long as he needs. After hanging up, he answers the door to Wendy. She’s there because she was disappointed they didn’t get to go on their date. Tripp thinks there must be something more going on. Did something happen in Salem? Not much, Wendy responds. Just Johnny and Chanel getting married again.

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After Johnny begs him, Li calls Wendy. He tells her she should hear Johnny out. She has nothing to talk to him about, but wishes Johnny and Chanel all the happiness in the world. She hangs up. Johnny urges Li to try again, but the call goes to voicemail. Johnny paces, worried he’s about to lose Wendy to another guy. Li isn’t in the mood for his drama, so Johnny leaves.

In Seattle, Wendy tells Tripp they should have that dinner he promised her. Tripp makes them pasta and pours white wine. They drink to old friends and new possibilities.

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Alone in the apartment, a solemn Li regards Gabi’s diamond ring on a table. He places his wedding band next to it and heads out.

In the Square, Johnny books a flight to Seattle.

Back at the Pub, Sloan asks if Paulina changed Eric’s mind about her. Eric did change his mind. Listening to Sloan made him realize what they’re doing needs to end — because he wants more too. He’d love for her to be his girlfriend. They kiss. She breaks away to make clear she’s not about to start liking his family’s chowder. He chuckles and says, “More for me.”

Downstairs at the DiMera mansion, Nicole kisses EJ. She appreciates the effort he’s put in to make her feel like a priority. Tony pours them red wine and the foursome toast. Stefan and Gabi waltz in. EJ demands to know what they’re doing there. A smug Stefan announces they’ve decided to make this place their home.

Holding glasses of red wine, Nicole EJ Tony and Anna stare at a smug Stefan and Gabi.

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