Gabi stands in the apartment's doorway behind Li. Li faces away from her with a solemn expression.
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At the hospital, Rafe fills Abe in on the drugged biscuits. He also admits to kissing Jada while hallucinating. Abe understands the circumstances, but it will have to documented. While he’d like it handled discreetly, Rafe warns that Sloan witnessed it. Abe notes Sloan is the most likely suspect in the drugging.

Abe sits on Rafe's hospital bed. He narrows his eyes as he regards the patient.

At Sweet Bits, Jada and the CSI team collect evidence from the kitchen. Chanel declares they already know Sloan is the culprit. Talia flashes back to drugging the dough. As the team dusts for fingerprints, Jada questions Talia about her recipe. Talia’s face falls when Jada relays the drugging sent victims to the hospital.

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At home, Eric flashes back to his drug-enhanced night with Nicole. Outside his door, Sloan paces before knocking. She’s there for a scarf she thought she left there. She acts coldly toward him as she half-heartedly searches. Eric asks why she thought he and Nicole were drugged.

Nicole comes to the DiMera living room and recalls her night with Eric. She startles when EJ comes in. He tells her about the drugged biscuits wreaking havoc all over Salem. EJ reveals that his hallucinations led him to photocopy his backside. He tried to send the image out company-wide, but couldn’t figure out his email password. He asks if she did anything crazy while under the influence. She admits she did.

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From her hospital bed, Melinda cocks her head and raises her brow at Stefan.

Stefan brings Melinda flowers to the hospital. He asks if anything hurts. She replies the only thing hurting is her pride. He explains they were both out of their minds because they went on a trip they hadn’t planned. When they joke about her trying to attack him, he promises not to press charges. She asks if EJ is the culprit. For once, Stefan thinks his brother is innocent.

Gabi returns home to Li. She tells him the hospital took some blood, but the test results haven’t come back yet. She’s feeling better after being hooked up to an I.V. He notes she was in good hands with Stefan there. She recalls begging Li to make love to her when she thought he was Stefan. Why didn’t he?

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In the apartment, Gabi somberly faces Li.

Li admits he was tempted, but he loves Gabi too much to take advantage of her like that. He doesn’t just want her in his bed, he wants her heart. The way she looked at him when she thought he was Stefan made him realize that won’t happen. Not today, not ever. He’s giving up on chasing after her. She’s free from their agreement and their marriage. He regrets hurting her, but he really did love her. Gabi knows that and admits to hurting him too. She returns her ring.

At the mansion, Nicole lies to EJ that, while hallucinating, she cut off all the collars of Basic Black’s summer line because they looked like something a priest would wear. When Stefan’s mentioned, she notes the brothers declared war again. He confirms, stating he will decisively win this time. But for now, she has his full attention. He kisses her, but Nicole pulls away. She says she’s still feeling loopy from the biscuits and goes upstairs to shower.

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In the Sweet Bits kitchen, Chanel looks at her phone. Talia peers over her shoulder with a furrowed brow. A few feet away, Jada looks on with pursed lips.

At Sweet Bits, Jada grows defensive when Talia asks how Rafe is doing. Chanel asks what he did while under the influence. Jada flashes to him kissing her. Talia notes she looks a little warm. Jada shakes it off and notices the security cameras. Chanel pulls up the app on her phone, but there’s no footage from last night. Talia must have forgotten to turn them on when they left. Jada orders the women to stay away from Sloan while she brings whoever did this to justice.

At Eric’s, Sloan explains she deduced Eric and Nicole were drugged based on their behavior. She adds that half the town got sick on Sweet Bits’ biscuits. When Eric notes she didn’t eat them, she accuses him of suspecting her. Eric believes she’s innocent. He’s just glad that she’s okay.

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Sloan lashes out at Eric about Nicole. He insists what happened was a one-time thing. They can barely tolerate each other. “Whatever,” Sloan says. “It’s not like I’m your girlfriend.” “So you keep saying,” Eric retorts with a grin. After clearing the air, Eric invites her to dinner, and they’ll see where things take them.

At the hospital, Melinda admits she wasn’t honest about her feelings when they started their ruse. Stefan, in turn, says it was insensitive of him to ask her to help in that way. She says for a DiMera, he’s a pretty nice guy. Stefan credits her as being she’s cool and fun and attractive. Some guy will be very lucky to have her in his life. Melinda tells Stefan be with the woman he loves, but reminds him that he and Gabi both owe her. She has every intention of collecting that debt.

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Melinda wears a hospital gown in a hospital bed. She looks up at Stefan with a stern expression.

Gabi returns to the living room with her suitcase. She texted her lawyer who is drawing up divorce papers. Li promises it will be a smooth process. Since she’d like to fondly look back on their time together, she asks if he’d consider letting her keep his DiMera shares. Li smirks. “Hell no.” “Worth a shot,” she says and leaves. Li’s face contorts, and his eyes grow misty.

Jada comes to see Rafe at the hospital. She tells him and Abe that the lab called. The drug is a strong hallucinogen they haven’t seen before. Needless to say, Chanel didn’t put it in her own biscuits. Which means someone is trying to destroy Chanel and her bakery.

In the kitchen, Chanel hugs Talia, vowing to make whoever did this pay. Talia smirks.

After Sloan leaves to wait for Eric in the Pub, Eric gets a call from Nicole. From the upstairs DiMera hallway, Nicole says she wanted to make sure they were on the same page about what happened. Also, she didn’t tell EJ, so it has to be their secret. Eric agrees. They share an awkward silence before hanging up. Nicole enters her bedroom. EJ emerges from another doorway, scowling.

In a wooded doorway, EJ cocks a brow, scowling.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Nicole confides in Anna, and Gabi and Stefan officially reunite.

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