Chad raises his brow and holds up his left hand. In his right hand, he raises a folded white handkerchief.
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Chloe sits on the bench outside the Pub with a Sweet Bits biscuit. Xander comes by and slaps it out of her hand. “What the hell?!” she exclaims. He informs her someone drugged the biscuits. She shouldn’t eat it unless she wants to take a trip to the hospital. He offers to treat her to lunch instead.

On the bench outside the Pub, a scowling Chloe holds a Sweet Bits out to Xander.

After they eat chowder inside the Pub, Xander and Chloe play darts. Chloe gets another bullseye. She closes her eyes as she throws again. Xander yelps. Chloe opens her eyes to see the dart stuck in Xander’s chest. Chloe panics over not knowing what to do. A wincing Xander suggests they go to the hospital after all.

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A dart sticks out of Xander's chest. He grimaces at a panicked Chloe, who spreads her hands.

At home, Brady answers a call from Kristen. She tells him she met Megan and isn’t convinced Thomas was the henchman who took Kayla. Brady asks who she thinks did it. Kristen flashes back to talking about Bo with Megan. She tells Brady he’ll find out when he brings Rachel to see her. An aghast Brady isn’t sure he can even trust her. Kristen assures him the news is explosive and will change people’s lives.

In the warehouse in Greece, Thomas Banks aims a gun at Chad and Stephanie. Stephanie accuses him of kidnapping Kayla, but Thomas denies it. He explains he followed them from the hotel for their list of Victor’s properties. Stephanie steps aside to pull the list from her purse as Chad distracts Thomas with news of Susan’s death. Chad takes out a handkerchief as Thomas tears up. Chad throws it over Thomas’ face, and they grapple for the gun. It goes off.

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In a darkened warehouse, Thomas Banks aims a gun at Chad, who holds up his hands. Stephanie digs into the purse slung across her chest.

At the Greek police station, Hope learns the officer, Kostas, gave the prisms to the Shane Donovan imposter. She shows him a photo of Thomas, but Kostas doesn’t recognize him. She asks for a description of the man claiming to be Shane. Kostas says he was an average middle-aged, brown-haired guy. Since that’s no help, she asks to see security camera footage, but it’s been erased. Kostas admits that Steve mumbled something as “Shane” escorted him out, but he can’t remember what it was. Hope gives him her number if he remembers.

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In Victor’s childhood home, Bo opens the door to Harris. A surprised Harris recognizes him as Hope’s late husband. Thanks to Megan, Bo recognizes Harris as well. Harris realizes Megan used the prisms to revive him in the cryogenic chamber. He also assumes that Bo took Kayla. Bo denies it. Harris asks to take a look around. Bo pulls his gun and orders him to go home. Harris declares he’s going straight to Hope to tell her he’s alive. Bo warns that will nip his romance with Hope in the bud. “Are you ready to lose her?”

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Wearing blue denim shirts, Kristen emphatically leans toward Megan at an octagon table. Megan purses her lips while glaring at her. A magazine sits on the table near Kristen.

Megan joins Kristen in the prison visitors’ room. She chastises her for calling Brady about Bo. Kristen admits it. She’ll play any card she has to be with Rachel. Megan reminds her she never confirmed that Bo was alive. Besides, if Megan gets shipped out of Statesville for lying about who kidnapped Kayla, that won’t exactly help Kristen. Megan suggests they work together to get out of there. What sounds better? One measly visit with her daughter, or spending the rest of her life with Rachel on the outside? But also, who’d believe a dead man kidnapped his sister?

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At the hospital, a shirtless Xander sits on an exam table. Tape secures a bandage over his left peck. he looks at Chloe with an amused expression.

At the hospital, a shirtless Xander sits with a bandage over his pec. He tells Chloe the dart just pierced a muscle. He’ll be fine. He asks if this was retaliation for the non-consensual kiss last night. Though it annoyed her, that didn’t warrant a dart assault. Chloe makes him promise never to do it again, though. He’d cross his heart, but it’s a bit tender. As Xander puts on his shirt, he asks for a rematch, handing her the dart from his chest. She’s surprised he’d want to risk it. Grinning, he says she may be dangerous, but she makes up for it with charm.

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In the warehouse, Chad gets control of the gun as a screaming Thomas holds his bleeding ear. Chad promises to patch him up on the way to the police station. Later, Chad and Stephanie bring Thomas to Kostas.

In Victor’s house, a confused Harris asks if Bo wants him to be with Hope. Bo confirms. He’s starting a whole new life without her. He’s sick of people trying to drag him back to his old life. Besides, Hope’s moved on. What good what it do to break her heart? It’s win-win for everyone if Harris stays quiet about seeing him. Do they have a deal?

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In the prison visitor's room, Brady crosses his arms as he glares at Kristen. A sign on the wall reads, Do not spit on the floor. To do so may spread disease.

When Brady visits Kristen in prison, she tells him she was wrong about her information. Megan was telling the truth — Thomas did kidnap Kayla. Eavesdropping around a corner, Megan smirks.

Hope returns to Harris’ hotel room. After filling him in on what she learned at the station, she asks if he had any luck. He flashes back to making a deal with Bo to keep quiet about finding him alive. Harris tells Hope he found nothing at Victor’s childhood home. The place was deserted.

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