Megan smirks at Kristen in prison.
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Marlena beams upon entering her office to “Welcome Back” signs and cards. Alex knocks on her door. After formally introducing themselves, he asks if she has any news about Kayla. She doesn’t. A fidgeting Alex hopes they find her, especially since it could mean his redemption. Upon further confession, Marlena concludes he’s hoping for a second chance with Stephanie. Alex admits it. He marvels over how much this is helping, but insists he doesn’t need to continue therapy. Marlena hands him her card in case he changes his mind. He tells her how great it was to meet the famous Dr. Evans. “I know,” she says, smirking. He grins and leaves.

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At Statesville, Kristen calls Brady, who declines the call. Kristen explodes. A voice behind her says, “Take it easy, sister.” Kristen turns to Megan. Kristen remarks Megan looks pretty good for someone who died ten years before Kristen even stepped foot in Salem. Megan credits cryogenic chamber fluid as being wonderful for the skin.

Megan fills her sister in on the crimes that led her there. When Kristen deduces Megan lied about Thomas, she queries who took Kayla. Megan’s silence leads Kristen to believe she’s protecting someone she cares about. Kristen rules out Stefano and Bo since they’re both dead. Upon Megan’s cryptic comment about her own resurrection, Kristen asks if Bo Brady is alive. Megan doesn’t quite trust her yet, so she leaves to get settled in.

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When John comes home, Brady tells him Stephanie mentioned Victor while under hypnosis. John relays that Victor swore he does not know about Kayla’s kidnapping, but Chad and Stephanie flew to Greece to check out his properties. Brady hopes they’re not walking into a trap. John would love to be on the search, but he can’t be away from Marlena after he just got her back.

Brady understands and brings up Chloe. He vents about having no clue how to fix the rift Kristen created between her and Rachel. John suggests freezing Kristen out will only cause Rachel to dig in more. He’s not sure their bond can be broken.

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In Greece, Chad and Stephanie enter the hotel lobby. Stephanie leaves a message for Steve and worries about not hearing from him. She gets everyone’s room numbers from the desk clerk, and they head to their own room. Someone watches them.

In Victor’s childhood home, Bo deletes Stephanie’s message to Steve.

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In Harris’ hotel room, Hope worries about not hearing from Steve. She gets a text from him. It says he’s with Stephanie, who is upset about Kayla. She texts back about their search for Thomas. Harris and Hope discuss their dance at the Taverna and kiss until a knock at the door interrupts them. Harris goes to change, and Hope opens the door to Chad and Stephanie.

In Victor’s home, Bo winces as he reads the text he just sent to Hope as Steve. He then brings Kayla and Steve fish stew in the cellar. He orders Kayla to get to work on the prisms. Since Stephanie’s on the island and Hope is searching, the clock’s ticking. Steve throws the stew on Bo, and they grapple over Bo’s gun.

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In Harris’ hotel room, Hope mentions Steve just texted her that he was with Stephanie. Stephanie says they haven’t heard from him since they left Salem. Harris suggests they go to the police department since that’s Steve’s last known whereabouts. Chad reveals they have another lead — the list of Victor’s properties. Hope says she’ll go to the police station while Chad and Harris split up the property list to search. After Chad and Stephanie leave together, Hope thanks Harris for helping her family. He just hopes he can repay her for giving him his life back.

In the cellar, Bo gets the upper hand on Steve and aims the gun at him. Steve shouts for him to pull the trigger. Bo complies. Red splashes on his face, but it’s just wine. Bo warns next time, it’ll be his brain. Steve yells at him for trying to be a corrupt Kiriakis. To prove he has what it takes, Bo declares he put a bullet into Kate. Steve and Kayla invoke Bo’s children and grandchildren — with one on the way —to try and get through to him. Bo says they make what he’s doing all the more important. He orders Kayla back to work, but she needs a lab and equipment. Bo furiously says he’ll get what she needs and leaves.

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Alone, Steve tells Kayla the fact Bo didn’t shoot him proves he’s not as dangerous as he pretends to be. Steve knows Hope and Harris will find them.

In the hotel lobby, Stephanie worries this is too dangerous for Chad, considering he has kids. Chad assures her nothing will happen to him. He won’t let her do this alone. They’re spied on as they leave.

After John comes to Marlena’s office with flowers, she gets a call from Alex. He’d like to make an appointment.

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At home, Brady gets another call from Statesville. This time he accepts. Kristen has something of the utmost importance to tell him.

Chad and Stephanie come to a warehouse. They hear a noise and turn. Stephanie gapes and says, “Oh my God.”

At the police station, Hope shows the police officer Steve’s photo. He says the director of the ISA took him into custody. Hope shows the officer Shane’s photo, but the officer says that’s not him. Hope wonders who took Steve then.

At Victor’s house, Bo opens the front door to Harris.

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