In his room, a shirtless Eric holds a banana to his eyes.
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Outside the Pub, Nicole’s vision blurs as she sees Eric in a priest’s collar. She asks if he went back to the church without telling her. Why would he do that, he wonders. She tells him he shouldn’t be dressed like a priest then. He suddenly sees himself as a priest and freaks out. She follows him to his room so he can change.

In Eric’s room, he removes his clothes and imagines Nicole in a bikini. She sees it too. He’s reminded of when she modeled for Bella magazine. He uses a banana as a camera while pretending to take pictures of her. They start making out but stop when Nicole asks about Sloan. He tells her she dumped him and asks Nicole about EJ. She calls him boring because all he wants to do is plot against his undead brother. Being with Eric is so much more fun. They resume kissing and fall back onto the bed.

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A half naked Eric and Nicole deeply kiss, wrapped in each others arms.

In his office, Rafe devours Sweet Bits biscuits as Jada enters. She eyes him as he acts hyper and goofy. She just wanted to make sure things weren’t awkward between them after their conversation. His vision blurs, and he sees her in a revealing outfit with gold thigh-high boots. He rants about how ridiculous the department rules are. Screw the policy. Jada asks if he’s okay. Rafe just doesn’t think they should let “the man” dictate their lives. He imagines Jada seductively waving him over. Rafe sits on his desk and tells her how great she looks dressed like that. She backs away, but Rafe pulls her into a kiss.

Jada pushes Rafe away as Sloan enters. She’s there to turn her phone in, but insists they won’t find evidence against her. Rafe suddenly sees Sloan as Duke and tries to hug her. He whispers to “Duke” that he’s cramping his style on his date. The room spins, and Rafe passes out.

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Jada peeks her head into Rafe's office. He sits at his desk, digging into a pastry box.

In the Square, Wendy’s face falls as she watches Johnny and Chanel get engaged. She demands to know what’s going on. They giggle as Johnny reminds her she’s seeing Tripp. But hey, they can go on a date after the wedding. Wendy thought they had something special. She just wanted to clarify her feelings for Tripp before committing to him. She never thought Johnny would do something so stupid in response. “We’re done,” she spits and storms off in tears. Johnny asks Chanel where they should go on their honeymoon.

Through blurred vision in their apartment, Gabi sees Li as Stefan, who angrily tells her they’re over. Gabi counters that they’re just getting started. Li doesn’t appreciate being mocked and made to feel foolish. He shouts that he wants to end their sham of a marriage with dignity. She worries he forgot their love and begs “Stefan” to remember. Li’s confused as to why she’s calling him Stefan, but then plays along as she asks him to take her to bed.

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In Gabi’s bedroom, Li kisses her, but then backs off. He can’t do this. Gabi persists and tells Stefan they can finally be together. As Li yells that he’s not Stefan, she starts to see clearly. Relieved, Li asks if she took something. She insists she doesn’t ever take drugs. He says someone clearly drugged her. She throws up on him.

Wrapped in a towel, Melinda eyes a grinning and fully dressed Stefan.

Through blurry vision in his room, Stefan sees Melinda as Gabi. He tells the confused D.A. that she’s the most beautiful sight he’s ever seen. She says it’s not nice to tease a girl, but he says he adores her. They passionately kiss. In bed, he tells her he can’t wait to make love to her. He suddenly jumps up, realizing she’s actually Melinda. He asks what happened to Gabi. Melinda rants at him for humiliating her, and then her vision blurs. She sees Stefan laughing at her. Practically growling, she yells she’s going to kill him and lunges. He fends her off. She throws up and passes out.

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In the Square, Talia emerges from Sweet Bits with more biscuits. Johnny introduces himself and tells her he and Chanel are getting married. Chanel balks. She’s not sure why she accepted his proposal. Johnny leaves to take a nap.

In bed, a naked Nicole and Eric lie wrapped in sheets. Nicole giggles and says, “What did we just do?” Sloan knocks on the door. Eric holds a pillow over himself as he opens it. Sloan apologizes for overreacting during their fight. He says he’ll call her later, but she barges in. Nicole exclaims, “Howdy, Sloaney Baloney. How’s tricks?”

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At the hospital, Jada paces hoping Rafe will be okay. Stefan finds her and accuses EJ of poisoning his and Melinda’s breakfast biscuits. Melinda’s in the ER right now. Jada says EJ might not be responsible for this. Later, Stefan sees Gabi and Li get off the elevator. She rushes to his arms.

In Eric’s room, he tells Sloan he doesn’t know how this happened. Nicole and Eric confirm they definitely had sex, but wonder where their bikini and priest collar are. Sloan realizes they’re seeing things and says it sounds like they were drugged.

In Sweet Bits’ kitchen, Talia gets Chanel a glass of water. Jada enters and asks Chanel if someone could have spiked the biscuits. Chanel accuses Sloan of doing it in retaliation for her being Lady Whistleblower’s source. Who else would do something that twisted? A guilty-looking Talia flashes back to dosing the biscuits. Jada doesn’t know if Sloan is behind this, but she vows to bring whoever drugged the citizens of Salem to justice.

In Sweet Bits's kitchen, Talia tips a vial over a bowl. She wears a hoodie pulled tight around her face and white latex gloves.

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