Stefan nuzzles Trask's neck. Wearing a robe, she throws back her head in delight, while holding a biscuit.
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The morning after Sweet Bits’ dough is drugged, Chanel and Talia sell biscuits in the Square. Chanel tries one and tells Talia how amazing it is.

Eric returns to Sloan’s place with coffee and breakfast from Sweet Bits. Sloan is aghast that he went to Chanel’s place. He wanted to help her get over it. Sloan spits back that her mother isn’t coming back from the dead. Eric thinks her need for revenge isn’t healthy and urges her to back off.

Johnny enters the DiMera living room as Nicole and EJ kiss.At the DiMera mansion, Nicole brings EJ biscuits from Sweet Bits. He says they smell delicious, but she won’t let him taste them until he shows proper gratitude. He kisses her as Johnny walks in. Johnny remarks how poorly he slept due to noises that sounded like they were coming from a wild animal park. EJ tells him those noises came from Stefan and Melinda — but it’s all a ruse. Johnny leaves to get coffee in the Square. Nicole bites into a biscuit.

In his room, Stefan emerges from the bathroom in just a towel. He wonders why Melinda is undressed under the covers. She was hoping he wouldn’t mind getting dirty again — in as dirty a way as possible. He passes, but promises to platonically repay her for helping him. She asks how long he’s going to drag this out. Until EJ blinks, Stefan responds.

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Li coldly stares at the photo of Gabi in bed with Stefan, as Gabi comes to the kitchen. She wonders where breakfast is. She’s gotten used to his amazing creations. He says he has an issue he needs to deal with, so she’s on her own. He asks about her meeting with David Saxton. “I trust it ended with everyone feeling… satisfied,” he deadpans. Gabi flashes to her steamy rendezvous with Stefan. “Satisfied doesn’t begin to describe it,” she responds. She runs out for breakfast, and he throws his phone at the door.

When Wendy comes to the living room, Li confides that Gabi slept with Stefan. He didn’t confront her because he can’t stop loving her. He still believes she belongs with him — not Stefan. He thought Gabi would remember how great they were together. Teary-eyed, he says, “What’s happened to me?” Wendy hates to see him hurting like this and urges him to see things for what they really are. After she leaves, Li looks at the photo and sends a text.

Wearing a robe, Melinda bounds into the DiMera living room with a suited Stefan. They put on a flirtatious show for a cringing EJ and Nicole. Stefan grabs biscuits for him and Melinda to indulge in. Privately, EJ seethes over Li not doing anything yet. Nicole suggests they go for a walk. Instead, EJ explodes at Stefan for having an affair with Gabi, not “this civil servant.” Stefan and Melinda share a look. “Told ya he’d blink,” Stefan quips. EJ reveals that Li has pictures of him and Gabi in bed. So, they lost. After Melinda leaves to shower, Stefan and EJ exchange heated words. When EJ and Nicole exit, Stefan makes a call.

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In front of EJ in the DiMera living room, Melinda wraps her arms around Stefan's waist. Stefan drapes his arm around her shoulders. EJ and Stefan wear suits, while Melinda wears a robe.

At Sloan’s, Eric eats a biscuit as he tries convincing Sloan to back off Chanel and Paulina. She asks if he thinks she’s guilty of terrorizing them. He admits to thinking it. She throws him out and then trashes the box of biscuits.

Gabi rushes into the Square and accepts a free biscuit. Upon tasting it, Gabi exclaims that Chanel outdid herself. Chanel corrects her — it’s all Talia’s recipe. After Chanel introduces the women, they bond over believing Rafe and Jada belong together.

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Johnny comes to the Square and receives a biscuit from Chanel. As he enjoys it, he confides his worry that Wendy will dump him for Tripp, who has way more to offer. Chanel assures him he has as much to offer as Tripp. He is all that and so much more. Would she have married him otherwise? He knows it wasn’t pretty how they ended, but how it began… Chanel says, “Was magical, spontaneous, and way crazy.” They start to feel weird as they reminisce about Italy.

As Gabi and Talia confer over their siblings, Gabi receives a call and a text. She answers the call, and Talia returns to the Sweet Bits stand. Over the phone, Stefan tells Gabi that Li knows they were together. She tells him to pack his things and move in after she and Li have it out. Stefan gets dizzy, but offers to be there when she talks to Li. She says she has to do it herself. She saunters away, eating a biscuit.

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Talia tells Chanel she’s starting another batch of biscuits. As Johnny looks at Chanel, his vision blurs, and he sees her in the red dress she wore in Italy. He gets on one knee and asks her to marry him — just as Wendy strolls by.

Gabi comes home to Li, who has something to say. She looks at him through blurry vision and sees Stefan. She lovingly looks at him.

Stefan comes to his room as a towel-clad Melinda exits the bathroom. A blurry Stefan sees Gabi in her place. “How did you get here so fast?” he marvels. “Huh?” Melinda responds. Stefan embraces her.

Nicole and EJ stroll outside the Pub. He leaves for work as she hangs back and takes a call. Her vision blurs, and she sees Eric in his priest collar.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Rafe reacts to the biscuits, and Nicole and Eric heat up.

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