In the Square, Chanel whacks Sloan over the head with a bouquet of flowers. Sloan's long blonde hair whips over her face.
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Eric comes to Sloan’s place with groceries and finds the door open. He rushes in, calling her name. Jada comes out wearing blue latex gloves. The super let her in because she has a warrant. She didn’t find anything, except that Eric has his own drawer there now. He gets defensive, but she assures him she just wants him to be happy. No matter who he’s with. He feels the same and asks if there’s anyone new in her life. Jada is just focused on work right now. She asks Eric to remind Sloan to come to the SPD to turn in her phone.

Wearing blue latex gloves in Sloan's apartment, Jada faces Eric.

Talia stops by Rafe’s office looking for Jada. She learns her sister is on a call and asks if he and Jada enjoyed their dinner. Abe walks in and asks, “What dinner?” Rafe assures Abe it was platonic. Rafe introduces Talia to Abe, who recognizes her as Chanel’s employee who helped Paulina. Talia hopes she’s feeling better. Abe admits the situation with Sloan is getting to her. Rafe vows to get to the bottom of it.

After Abe leaves, Rafe asks Talia to stop trying to push him and Jada together. She assumes he’d be making a move if it weren’t for that stupid policy. Rafe avoids the question, but Talia knows they’re attracted to each other.

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Rafe stands at his desk smirking, as Talia and Abe shake hands.

Chanel comes home to Paulina, who shows her Lady Whistleblower’s latest column. The  headline asks, “Is Salem’s top legal eagle a total psycho?” Chanel knows this will hurt Sloan where it hurts since her law practice is the only thing she cares about — aside from destroying them. Paulina also shows her the text she received that reads, “Your husband can’t save you.” She reveals she had another panic attack while arguing with Sloan, who walked away before knowing she was okay. Chanel explodes, but Paulina is confident Sloan will get hers, one way or another.

Leo opens his hotel room door to Sloan, furious over his article. She orders him to retract it, Leo refuses. What he can do is print her side of the story. Sloan insists she’s innocent, so there is no story. When he presses for gossip, she threatens to sue his ass if he doesn’t print a retraction.

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Chanel and Paulina share a tense look across Paulina's living room table.

In the Pub, Gwen lashes out at Xander and Chloe, assuming they’re a couple. They insist nothing is going on, but Gwen shows them the picture Leo took of them. They reiterate their stance. Xander wonders why she cares anyway. Gwen doesn’t like being lied to. Exasperated, Xander says she’s right; he’s in love with Chloe. He pulls Chloe into a deep kiss. Gwen calls Xander a pig and storms out. Chloe says Gwen’s right. He is a pig. She slaps him.

After Chanel leaves to pick up dinner at The Bistro, Abe comes home. He suggests he and Paulina leave Salem until the Sloan situation is under control. Paulina won’t leave Chanel to deal with her alone. Abe not only wants to get away from Sloan, but he’d also like to spend alone time with her. She vows they’ll go to Paris when Sloan is behind bars.

Leaving the Salem Inn, Sloan charges toward Chanel in the Square. The women argue, leading Chanel to slap her. Sloan lunges for her, and they grapple around the Square. Chanel hits Sloan with a flower bouquet, until Talia breaks them up. Sloan declares she’ll file a restraining order against Chanel and stalks off. Talia realizes Chanel’s arm is bleeding and leads her to the bakery.

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Three bystanders stare at Sloan, who is mid-yell in the Square. Chanel holds a bouquet of flowers in the air, as if she about to throw them. Talia stands between them. One hand grips Chanel's wrist, the other extends toward Sloan.

Jada comes to Rafe’s office to relay she didn’t find anything in Sloan’s apartment — except her bad taste in music, more handcuffs than the department has, and Eric. She says it was good running into him because it made her realize she is over him. Rafe tells her about Talia’s visit. Jada is mortified and assures him she never said anything to her sister. She knows he has no interest in her that way. Rafe says the problem is he does. If he weren’t her boss, he’d ask her out. Jada would say yes. They agree nothing can happen, though because of the department regulations. They say an awkward good night, and Jada leaves.

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Gwen bursts into her Salem Inn room and tells Leo what happened with Chloe and Xander. Leo is positive Xander is using Chloe to make her jealous. Gwen counters he could have real feelings for her. Leo hadn’t thought of that.

Back at the Pub, Chloe yells at Xander for assaulting her to get back at his ex. She also fears Leo will write a column when he finds out, and Brady will read it. Xander sincerely apologizes. He’d really like it if they could be friends and asks for another chance. She has actually enjoyed hanging out with him. She quips that they’re good as long as he keeps his dirty paws away from her.

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At home, Sloan glares at Eric as she holds out her phone to him.

Sloan arrives home to Eric tidying up her place after Jada’s search. He tells her she needs to go to the station with her phone. She doesn’t have anything to hide. She holds it out to Eric so he can see it for himself. Eric doesn’t need to see it. He believes her. Depleted from the day, she goes to take a shower. A pensive Eric picks up her phone.

In Sweet Bits’ kitchen, Talia cleans Chanel’s scratch. Chanel is grateful Talia showed up in her life after Allie left. She thanks her for everything. They lock eyes as Talia rubs Chanel’s shoulder. Chanel gets a text from Paulina about dinner. Chanel invites Talia to join them, and they leave.

Hours later, someone wearing latex gloves sneaks into Sweet Bits’ kitchen. They dump liquid from a vial onto raw dough in a bowl.

In the Sweet Bits kitchen, Talia presses a towel to Chanel's arm.

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