Side by side at the Pub, Xander and Chloe look over their shoulders. Xander has a creased brow, and Chloe's eyes are wide. She holds a beer glass.
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Alex comes to Gwen’s hotel room to vent about Maggie killing his deal for the prisms. He muses that she’ll replace him any minute. Gwen wonders who would even want such a thankless job. Alex gives her a hint. “It starts with an X.” He insults Xander, but quickly apologizes. Gwen insists she doesn’t care. She assumes he’s cozying up to Chloe as they speak. She shows him Leo’s photo of them hugging and asks if it looks platonic. Alex studies it and says, “Maybe?” She thinks she should have let Leo run with the story then, especially since she saw them in each other’s arms.

Alex and Gwen exchange fraught looks while sitting fully clothed on a Salem Inn bed.

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At the Pub, Xander and Chloe drink and play darts. Brady enters as they celebrate Chloe’s bullseye. Chloe profusely apologizes to Brady for what she said about Rachel. Xander is sure Brady understands, but Brady tells him to stay out of it. Xander points out that his daughter has been horrible to Chloe. Brady tells him to shut up. He wonders who even told him about this. Off Chloe’s chagrined expression, Brady calls it a stupid question. Chloe apologizes. She was upset and needed someone to talk to. Brady can’t believe she chose Xander for that. The men exchange heated words until Chloe breaks them up. Brady asks if he and Chloe can talk.

At a table, Brady says he wants to fix this. Chloe cries over being horrible to Rachel, which she understands could be a deal breaker. She loves Rachel and wishes she didn’t see her as the enemy. Brady says he’ll talk to her. Chloe thinks it will take a miracle for Rachel to forgive her. He asks if she’s giving up. Xander walks over with beers and asks if Chloe is ready for a rematch. An emotional Brady regards an even more distraught Chloe. His voice catches as he tells them to have at it.

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Xander and Chloe avert their gaping expressions from Brady at the Pub.

After Brady leaves, Xander tries to distract Chloe with darts, but she’s not distractable anymore. Speaking from experience, Xander says there comes a point of no return in a failing relationship. It doesn’t help to cling to what was. She asks if she and Brady are at that point. Xander turns the question back on her. She doesn’t know how she and Brady can come back from this, but she’s loved Brady for so long. He points out there are many other available men to move on to. She rolls her eyes and says, “Like who?” Xander exclaims, “What am I? Chopped haggis?” She chuckles and reminds him he left her in the clutches of a Mexican drug lord. He admits he’s behaved abominably at times, but rattles off a list of ways he’s better than Brady. Chloe scoffs. Xander quips that she still can’t let that left-you-to-die stuff go. She confirms, grinning.

In the wine cellar in Greece, Steve cries as he strokes Kayla’s hair. “Is it really you?” She assures him she’s real and kisses him. After reveling in their reunion, Steve expresses his shock at finding Bo alive and then being treated as the enemy. As they get caught up, Kayla reveals that Megan brainwashed Bo and lied about Thomas Banks kidnapping her. Also, Bo wants her to use the prisms to create Rolf’s serum. She fears they’ll never get out of there because she doesn’t know how to do that. Steve assures her it’s only a matter of time before they’re found.

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In the Greek wine cellar, Steve holds Kayla's face as he kisses her. She grips his black leather jacket.

Brady returns home to Marlena reading her book. He’s so grateful she’s there and asks about Kayla. She tells him about the Victor lead. Marlena mentions Rachel’s been in her room all day. Brady explains that she’s grounded. He expresses frustration in not knowing what to do about Rachel and Chloe. Marlena had the same trouble with Sami and John. Brady adds, “And me.” He asks her to talk to Rachel.

After talking with her granddaughter, Marlena reports that Rachel wasn’t very receptive. She’ll try again. Brady doesn’t think he has time. Chloe is slipping through his fingers as they speak.

After Stephanie’s hypnosis, Chad and Stephanie visit Maggie at work. When they learn Victor is out of town, Chad states that Kayla is in Greece and mentioned Victor. She agrees to give them a list of Victor’s properties there.

As Kayla tends to Steve’s headwound, she tells him how Bo dismissed being a Brady to focus on building an empire. It’s all about being Victor’s son — or maybe his clone. Steve recalls that love got him and John through their brainwashing ordeal. The same will be true for Bo. He’ll return to them, just like Steve returned to Kayla.

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In the Square, an earnest Alex faces Stephanie and Chad.

After Maggie sends over the list of Victor’s properties, Chad assures Stephanie they’ll find her mom. Alex overhears as he leaves the Salem Inn. He asks what Chad means by that. Stephanie tells him her mother is alive. Alex is happy for her. He’s also relieved he didn’t deprive her of saying goodbye to Kayla after all.

At the Pub, Chloe throws another bullseye. She delights in her newfound skill and clinks glasses with Xander. He toasts to them letting go of the past and getting on with their lives. A scowling Gwen enters. It looks like Leo was right that they are Salem’s newest hot couple.

In Greece, Kayla tells Steve about the love letter she found to her mother. She inexplicably feels bad for Victor. There’s something tragic about him pining after all these years. Steve compares it to finding Emily and Gideon’s letters. She recalls fearing they wouldn’t get their happily ever after. “But they did,” he says. “And we will too, baby.” He pulls her to his lap, and they cling to each other.

Sitting at a table in Victor's wine cellar, Kayla rests her hand on her chin, studying a letter. Steve sits next to her, observing her.

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