Steve grabs Bo's raised wrist. Bo's hand is in a fist.
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With Tripp at his apartment, Stephanie gets a distressing call. After hanging up, she tells her brother that Joey’s been in an accident. He’s in surgery to repair his broken leg. She wants to go be with him, but Tripp urges her to focus on finding her mother. He’ll go to their brother. Stephanie asks about his date with Wendy. He knows she’ll understand.

Marlena reads her book at home when Chad drops by. He had to see with his own two eyes that she was alive. He’s so happy she’s back, but tears up as he asks about Kate. All Marlena knows is that Rolf had a serum Megan wanted to test out. Kate refused to cooperate, and they heard a gunshot. She assumes the shooter was the henchman who took Kayla. Chad tells her that the henchman could be Thomas Banks. Marlena didn’t see Thomas, but she recalls someone else being there. Chad’s happy to know she and Kayla were with Kate in her final days and that she went out fighting.

As Chad heads to the door to leave, he opens it to Stephanie. She embraces Marlena and asks her to hypnotize her.

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Chad holds Marlena's hands as they look fondly at each other.

Kayla finds a letter to her mother in Victor’s wine cellar in Greece. Caroline returned it unopened. Kayla tears up upon reading Victor’s words of apology for returning to Greece. His love was too deep to keep hidden, and he didn’t want to destroy her family. He knew they couldn’t be married and have a family, but maybe they could have something of their own. He asked her to visit him in his childhood home. Even if only for a little while, they could be together. She could be his wife.

At the Greek police station, Bo shifts and darts his eyes as Steve embraces him. Steve asks how he’s alive and why he’s posing as Shane Donovan. Bo lies that he’s undercover for the ISA and needs to get evidence. He becomes agitated by Steve’s further questioning. Steve grabs him and shouts that he’s looking for Thomas Banks, who has Kayla. He adds that Hope is there and pulls out his phone to tell her Bo’s alive. Bo snatches the phone.

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Steve puts his hands on Bo's shoulders, as if he's reasoning with him. Bo wears a suit and tie and an irritated expression.

Bo tells Steve that Thomas Banks didn’t take Kayla — he did. Steve demands answers. An impatient Bo tries to leave, but Steve grabs his arm. Bo pulls a switchblade, but Steve knows Bo won’t hurt him. Bo reminds him he took his eye. He pins Steve to the wall and says, “How about I take the other.” He plunges his blade into the wall and pulls his gun. Steve doesn’t know what happened to him, but he can’t change 40 years of history. Bo will always be his closest friend. Bo tells his “friend” to shut the hell up and knocks him out.

At the taverna, the balding white-haired owner, Constantine, angrily approaches Hope and Harris with a bat. He recognizes Harris as a patron from years ago and from reports of his crimes. He assumes Harris has escaped police custody and cocks the bat. He assures Hope she’s safe now. Hope shows him the news report of Harris being cleared of all charges. Constantine stands down, apologizing.

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Hope shows Constantine Kayla’s and Thomas Banks’ photos. He only recognizes Thomas, who stayed there a few years ago but hasn’t seen him since. Constantine recalls how happy Hope and Harris were upon meeting in that very taverna. He’s especially fond of Hope, who danced and threw plates. Hope insists that never happened. Constantine wants to recreate the magic of that night.

Wendy comes home to find Tripp booking a flight over the phone. He tells her about Joey. He’s sorry he’ll miss their dinner, but Wendy knows Joey needs him. He asks for a raincheck and lightly kisses her before leaving.

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At the Greek police station, Bo drags a limp Steve to the officer. Using his fake British accent, Bo asks for the prisms. The officer hands them over, and Bo ushers Steve away.

At Marlena’s, she puts Stephanie under. Chad watches as Stephanie recounts her phone call with Kayla. She recalls Kayla saying a name through static. Chad interjects to ask, who was it? Marlena flinches, and Chad cringes. Stephanie says she can’t hear anything. Marlena brings her out of hypnosis, and Chad says he messed it up by jumping in. Stephanie says she did hear a name though — Victor Kiriakis.

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On Marlena's couch, Stephanie sits with her eyes closed. Marlena faces her on the couch, and Chad observes from a chair behind them.

As Hope and Harris eat at the taverna, the waiters dance. Harris encourages Hope to join them, but she again insists it never happened. A waiter pulls Hope out of her chair. Her stilted movements turn fluid, and she yells to Harris, “Remember this?” She throws plates. Hope pulls Harris to her, and the waiters circle them. They dance in each other’s arms and kiss.

In the wine cellar, Kayla finishes Victor’s letter, which asks Caroline to consider his request. Bo returns with the prisms — and Steve. Kayla gasps. Bo holds Steve by his collar. Blood trickles down Steve’s forehead, and his head lolls. When Bo leaves, Kayla rushes to her slumped husband. “Sweetness,” he whispers.

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In the wine cellar, an emotional Kayla leans close to Steve.

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