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Since his black eye has healed, Alex returns to the office. Maggie asks if he’s ready for the board meeting. He opts to sit out because he has a huge deal in the works.

Tripp comes home and immediately sprawls out on Li’s bed the couch. A knock at the door forces him up. He answers to Stephanie, who has been trying to reach him all night. He just got off a shift at the hospital and forgot to charge his phone. She tells him Kayla’s alive, but missing. She wishes she could hear their conversation all over again for a clue on her whereabouts. Tripp suggests she try hypnosis.

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In Greece, Harris carries Hope’s bag into her hotel room. His room is down the hall. She thanks him for coming with her to find Kayla. He suggests they hang out and appreciate the country’s beauty after they complete their mission. She’d like that. They move in close to kiss, but Steve’s knock at the door interrupts them. Rolf has been spotted in the city, but he evaded authorities and left the island. Steve wants to go to the station to see what the authorities found on him. It’s their only connection to finding Thomas Banks. Harris says maybe not. He knows Thomas stayed above a taverna when they were originally looking for the prisms. He and Hope plan to go there to ask around. Steve heads to the police station.

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In the squad room, Shawn sits on a desk, facing a standing Andrew.

At the Salem PD, Andrew tells Shawn that Hope is in Greece trying to find their aunt Kayla. Also, he’s there to transfer custody of Megan on her way to Statesville. They head into the interrogation room. Megan marvels over Shawn, who reminds her of his father. It’s as if she succeeded in turning back the clock and made Bo young again. Shawn asks what she means by that. His father has been dead for years. She covers and then taunts Shawn about his mother being with Harris. Shawn yells for her to shut her damn mouth. Andrew pulls Shawn away. After Shawn calms down, they sit to question Megan. She wants a phone to call her lawyer.

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In Greece, Kayla opens the front door to Bo.

In Victor’s childhood home, Kayla mutters about going home to the people she loves. She opens the front door to a frowning Bo. “Going somewhere?” he asks. She says she was going to get fresh air. He offers to crack a window and asks when the serum will be ready. Kayla tells her brother that she can’t replicate the youth serum without the prisms. Bo doesn’t know where Rolf is now, but he may have left them where he was. Bo locks Kayla in a wine cellar and leaves.

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In front of wine barrels, Bo points a finger in Kayla's chest. She glares while holding a leather bound notebook.

From the Titan office, Alex calls a police officer in Greece. He’s ready to transfer the funds if he has the three prisms. The officer gives him the go-ahead. As Alex cues up the transfer, Maggie returns from the board meeting. He tells her he’s about to secure the prisms for Titan. The authorities found them in Rolf’s hotel room, and an officer agreed to sell them to him. He’s quite pleased with himself, but Maggie calls paying off a police officer amazingly stupid. He counters it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Titan could be at the forefront of medical marvels. Maggie points out he’s talking about bribery and smuggling. So, he needs to tell the dirty cop the deal is off.

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At the apartment, Tripp offers to cancel his plans to help Stephanie. She assumes his plans are with Wendy and that it’s his chance to convince her to be with him instead of Johnny. While it’s a little pressuring, she thinks being clear about his intentions is a good thing. He asks if he’s being like Alex. She says Alex tried to manipulate and control her. Unlike Tripp, he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants no matter how wrong it is. Stephanie tells Tripp to go on his date. She’ll keep him updated. Her phone rings. She answers, thinking it could be her mom.

In the Taverna, Harris and Hope sit at a table to get the lay of the land. Harris recalls the first time he saw her there. He had a photo from Megan, but it didn’t do her justice. They kiss and then set out to ask about Thomas.

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In a darkened room, Kayla reaches for bottles on top of a wine cabinet.

While fuming in the wine cellar, Kayla finds a lock box. She pries it open and finds papers.

Alone in the interrogation room, Megan calls Thomas. She warns him that a lot of people are looking for him. She asks him to find Bo and to shoot anyone who gets in his way.

At the police station, the officer Alex talked with meets with Bo, who says he’s Shane Donovan. Donning a British accent, Bo asks about the prisms they found in Rolf’s hotel room. The officer asks for paperwork. As the “director of the ISA” Bo doesn’t need paperwork. The cop steps away to take a call from Alex, who squashes their deal. The cop returns to “Shane” and tells him he’ll get the prisms for him.

As Bo waits in the officer’s office, Steve comes to the station. He tells the cop he’s working for the ISA and needs to see evidence collected from Rolf’s hotel room. The officer tells him Director Donovan is in his office. Steve enters the office and says, “Shane?” Bo turns around to a gobsmacked Steve.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Hope and Harris encounter a problem, and Tripp cancels on Wendy.

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