In the DiMera wine cellar, Stefan and Gabi stand in each other's arms. Lit candles sit on a table.
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At the apartment, Wendy tells Tripp she thought he was over her. He did too, but then he talked to Paulina and realized that wasn’t the case. While she and Johnny aren’t exclusive, Wendy doesn’t know what to say. He suggests they stop talking and kisses her. Wendy pulls away. She knows something is happening between them, but she cares about Johnny too. Tripp asks her on a real date. If she’s not feeling it after that, they’ll return to being just friends.

Wendy and Tripp kiss.

Johnny finds Li at The Bistro. Li relays that Gabi’s supposed to be having a business meeting there. Johnny glibly asks if he’s worried she’s hooking up with Stefan. Li orders him to mind his own business. Johnny will if Li promises to stop taunting him about Wendy and Tripp. Li suggests they bury the hatchet for Wendy’s sake. He adds that Wendy and Tripp seem to be just friends.

As they sit for a drink, Johnny says he plans to bring Wendy to dinner there tomorrow night. Li wants him to remember that Wendy isn’t as experienced as he is. Johnny says it’s different with Wendy. He hasn’t felt this way about anyone since his divorce. Li wishes them nothing but the best.

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At the Bistro, Johnny and Li sit at the bar. Johnny raises a glass of red wine and Li raises a glass of neat brown liquor.

In the Square, Paulina tells Abe she went to the hospital because she had a panic attack. She fills him in on the threatening note, which she is confident came from Sloan. Furious, Abe tells Paulina to go home and rest. It’s time he handles Sloan himself.

At her place, Sloan fills out a request for a restraining order. Eric wonders if that’s necessary. Sloan insists it is after Paulina accused her of sending a note made with cutout magazine letters. Eric eyes a pair of scissors atop a stack of magazines. Sloan leaves to drop the request off to a judge. Alone, Eric looks through the magazines, but doesn’t find anything cut out.

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Eric sits at a desk and looks at magazine covers.

An irate Abe bangs on Sloan’s door. Eric answers and defends Sloan, when Abe accuses her of harassing Paulina. He asks if Eric truly believes she’s innocent. Eric’s expression indicates doubt. Abe wonders if Eric is really going to stay neutral when Sloan is coming after his loved ones. Eric calls Abe family, but he barely knows Chanel and Paulina. Eric explains that he empathized with Sloan when he thought Marlena died because her loss was greater than his. Abe declares that the Eric Brady he watched grow up would never be taken in by a woman like Sloan Peterson.

Paulina bumps into Sloan in the Square and learns about the restraining order. A crowd gathers as the women bicker. After Sloan taunts her about Lani being in prison, Paulina has trouble breathing. Sloan scoffs as Paulina tries to catch her breath. Sloan yells at her some more and walks off.

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Abe's eyes bulge as he glares at Eric.

In the wine cellar, Stefan and Gabi make out. They revel in finally being together where no one can find them. They sit for a meal the DiMera chef prepared. Stefan shares that Nicole and EJ think he’s upstairs with Melinda. Gabi worries about what the D.A. will want in return. He assures Gabi he made it clear she is the only woman for him. Gabi can’t lose him again. Stefan vows she won’t, but Gabi recalls he said that before and ended up in the morgue. Also, he could have picked a better spot for romance. He reminds her this is where they first got real about their feelings. Gabi remembers and is grateful for the journey that led her into his arms.

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In the wine cellar, Stefan and Gabi sit at a candle lit table. Covered dishes sit in front of them.

Upstairs, a disbelieving EJ charges into the DiMera living room, ranting about Stefan and Melinda. Nicole interrupts him, suggesting they focus on their own love life. He pours them drinks and rubs her feet. He thought she was enjoying their plotting. She was, but being a co-conspirator isn’t enough for her anymore. EJ assures her she’s more than that. She’s the woman he wants to be with, and it’s high time he showed her. He promises no more talk about Stefan and Gabi and heads to the wine cellar for vintage champagne.

In the cellar, Stefan and Gabi grow passionate as they dance. They tear at each other’s clothes and end up in bed. After sex, Stefan wonders how he’ll stay away from her for four more months. They go for another round. EJ happens by their opened door and sees them. Unnoticed, he snaps a photo with his phone.

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EJ stands in the doorway of ajar metal door. He holds up his phone and smirks.

EJ races upstairs to tell Nicole what he just saw. He finds she’s changed into a sparkly, low-cut mini dress. She kisses him and suggests they go upstairs. EJ taps at his phone and follows her.

Back at the apartment, Tripp asks Wendy if they are on for a date tomorrow. Johnny comes to the door before she can answer. He informs her he made plans for them tomorrow night at The Bistro. Wendy tells him she already has plans. She’s going out with Tripp.

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As Li walks through the Square, he gets a text from EJ. He opens it to a photo of Gabi and Stefan in bed together. Meanwhile, Gabi assures Stefan that in four months, they will be running DiMera Enterprises just as they were meant to.

Sloan returns home to Eric, who tells her Abe was just there. He glowers as she texts her friend, who clerks for the judge. She needs the restraining order processed right away because it’s time someone taught Paulina a lesson.

Paulina comes home to Abe and tells him about her run-in with Sloan. He thinks he might have gotten through to Eric, where she’s concerned. Paulina gets a text that reads, “Your husband can’t save you.”

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