EJ and Nicole put their ears to a closed door in the DiMera mansion.
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Nicole finds Stefan making a drink in the DiMera living room. She asks how his night with Gabi went. He tells her it was great — until Li walked in. Stefan sends a text as Nicole feigns concern over Gabi losing her DiMera shares. A steely-eyed Stefan assures her that all is well because Li caught him in bed with someone else. Nicole asks who, just as Melinda enters. Stefan pulls her into a smoldering kiss. Nicole cringes.

As Stefan and Melinda make out, Nicole questions them about their so-called relationship. Also, what about Gabi? Stefan tells her Gabi got cold feet and didn’t want to lose her shares. After putting on more of a show for Nicole, Stefan leads Melinda to his room to show her his stamp collection.

Sitting on a couch, Stefan wraps an arm around Melinda, who brings her lips to his ear. Stefan grins.

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In the park, EJ meets Li, eager to discover what happened in Gabi and Stefan’s hotel room. Li reports he found Stefan with Melinda Trask. EJ reels, but realizes Stefan played them. Li explodes over looking like an idiot, but EJ says they just need to be more creative about catching them. Li doesn’t want to humiliate Gabi and torpedo their deal. All he wants is her. EJ shouts that Li doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting her back. After brainwashing and almost killing the love of Gabi’s life, the shares are the only thing he can salvage from that trainwreck of a marriage. Li doesn’t give a damn about the shares. He warns EJ to stay away from his marriage.

In the park at night, Li points a finger at EJ's chest.

Wendy comes home to find Gabi sketching designs for Saxtons. Wendy tells her Lady Whistleblower is saying that Stefan is sleeping with D.A. Trask. Gabi brushes it off and then asks about her love life — specifically Tripp. Wendy insists they’re just friends, but Gabi has seen how he looks at her. Wendy admits they flirt, but it’s just a game. “Not from where I’m sitting,” Gabi says with a smirk.

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In a hospital exam room, Paulina lies to Abe on the phone that she’s cleaning up her office. When Tripp enters, Paulina explains that she doesn’t want Abe to worry about her. Tripp assures her she doesn’t have to explain. He’s there to do her initial workup for another doctor. Paulina details how Chanel’s new employee deduced she had a panic attack. Tripp says it seems that way, but the other doctor will make his own determination upon reviewing her results.

Paulina wears a hospital gown while sitting on an exam table. She talks on the phone as Tripp enters, wearing a lab coat and stethoscope.

Paulina brings up Chanel and how hard the last year has been for her. She wants Tripp to ask her out on a date. When he hedges, Paulina forces him to admit that he likes Wendy, but she’s seeing Johnny. She advises him to tell her how he feels, or he might regret it. Tripp wonders if she ever takes advice herself and suggests she tell Abe what’s happening. She begrudgingly agrees. Paulina calls Tripp a good doctor and a good friend.

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In the Square, Abe runs into Jada, and they chat about her job with Rafe. He leaves as Talia exits Sweet Bits for the night. She brags about a strudel she just made, leading Jada to scoff over a doctor raising cholesterol levels. After more disdain from Jada, Talia asks about her sister’s love life — specifically her hunky boss.

Rafe and Abe exchange grave expressions in front of a framed map of Illinois.

Abe comes to Rafe’s office and asks about Jada. Rafe’s glowing review leads the mayor to ask if anything personal is going on between them. Rafe knows fraternizing is against policy. Abe needs to hear him say it. Rafe declares he is not seeing Jada. However, he recalls that he and Hope were involved while being each other’s superiors, and no one ever said a word. Abe points out they were equals. He would change the rule for him, especially after Nicole, but his hands are tied.

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Sitting at a Brady Pub table, Talia leans her chin on her hands. She grins across the table at a glowering Jada.

In the Square, Jada tells Talia she and Rafe could lose their jobs if they so much as go to a movie together. Talia notes Jada didn’t deny being interested. A defensive Jada says even if she were interested, neither one is ready to jump into the dating pool. She gets riled up explaining the circumstances around her and Rafe’s failed relationships with Eric and Nicole. She stalks off for dinner.

As the sisters eat at the Pub, Rafe enters. Talia grins and waves him over. Rafe balks at joining them, but Talia points out there are three of them. What could possibly happen with Jada’s sister watching? Rafe grabs his carryout order and sits with them. Talia conveniently has a phone call to make and steps away with her food.

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A grinning Rafe stands at Talia and Jada's Brady Pub table. Jada purses her lips at Talia, who raises her brow.

Li comes home as Gabi gets a text. She says it’s from David Saxton and leaves to meet him. Li fumes and then leaves as well.

EJ returns to the mansion. He tells Nicole he already knows about Stefan and Melinda pretending to be involved. Nicole isn’t so sure it’s pretend and details what she just witnessed.

Tripp comes home as Wendy’s about to meet Johnny in the Square. He stops her as she heads for the door. “I have feelings for you,” he spits out.

Paulina meets Abe in the Square. She tells him she lied to him. She wasn’t at the office — but at the hospital.

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A fully dressed Melinda sits on a bed with a wooden headboard. She furrows her brow and purses her lips while looking at playing cards.

At the mansion, Nicole and EJ put their ears to Stefan’s bedroom door. They hear Melinda’s cries of ecstasy. Inside, the D.A. sits fully dressed on the bed, playing cards. Meanwhile, Stefan sneaks into the tunnels.

Li rushes into The Bistro and looks around with a furrowed brow. Back in the wine cellar, Stefan lights candles and sprinkles the bed with rose petals. Gabi arrives, and they rush into each other’s arms.

Next on Days of Our Lives: EJ’s confident he’s got the upper hand, and Eric confides in Abe.

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