At a Brady Pub table, a distraught Chloe leans into Xander's shoulder.
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At home, Marlena soaks in her bubble bath. John sits on the edge of the tub and kisses her. He falls in. After a good laugh and John’s body part check (which he assures her are all working just fine, wink, wink), they make out.

Later in bed, Marlena talks with Carrie on the phone. She extends her condolences to Austin before hanging up. Marlena is so happy to be home. It’s like the whole thing never happened. She just wishes Eric and Belle were getting along better. John is hopeful things will turn around for Eric now that Marlena is back.

Later still, John tries to feed Marlena strawberries and whipped cream, but drops the cream bowl. She tells him not to worry about it because she’s pretty much over their tradition. But she’s not quite over him. They make out some more.

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At a Brady Pub table, Brady scowls and Chloe glares at Rachel. In a chair, Rachel sits on her knees with folded arms.

At Brady’s Pub, Brady tells Rachel that Marlena is alive. Chloe enters and overhears the stunning news. Chloe sits with them to celebrate. Brady suggests they share three scoops of ice cream with all the toppings. Rachel says, “Over my dead body.” Rachel doesn’t mind sharing with her daddy, but she doesn’t want to share with Chloe. Brady reminds Rachel that Kristen wants her to be nice to Chloe. Rachel retorts that Kristen only wrote that letter because Brady made her. Brady says, “She told you?” “No,” Rachel responds, “but you just did.”

Chloe tries to make peace and gives Rachel a present. Rachel eagerly opens it to stickers. Chloe remembered how proud she is of her collection. Rachel was, but then she grew out of it. She crumples them up and yells that she doesn’t take bribes. Rachel shouts, “You hate me as much as I hate you!” Chloe explodes. “You’re right! I do hate you!” Chloe quickly apologizes. Brady says they’ll talk about it later and leads Rachel to the door. Rachel looks back and smirks at Chloe.

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Leo races into his room at the Salem Inn as Gwen and Alex are having sex. They yell at him for not knocking, but he has news about Xander. Alex gets dressed while Leo sexually harasses him.

After Alex leaves, Leo tells Gwen he thinks Xander is hooking up with Chloe. He shows her his photo of Xander hugging Chloe outside the Pub. Gwen doesn’t believe it and orders him not to put it in his column. Leo has no other story, though. Gwen reminds him people are possessed by the devil and come back from the dead all the time; he’ll think of something.

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In the Square, Xander overhears Chanel making a doctor’s appointment with a cardiologist. He asks if everything is okay. Chanel relays that the appointment is for Paulina, who had a panic attack. They sit with coffee as Chanel fills Xander in on Sloan’s threats and Paulina’s office getting ransacked.

When Xander expresses genuine concern for Paulina, Chanel notes there was no love loss between him and his former mother-in-law. Xander sighs that it wasn’t his finest hour and apologizes for whatever he put her through. Chanel brushes it off, reminding him he was still in love with Sarah. She’s sorry things didn’t work out for them. Xander echoes the sentiment regarding her and Johnny, and her and Johnny’s twin sister. He was rooting for her and Allie and was surprised to hear she had suddenly left town. Chanel growls, “Yep. Right after she slept with Alex Kiriakis.” Xander grimaces.

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Xander rants over his cousin’s conquests, which now include Gwen. Xander growls over Alex throwing it in his face at every opportunity. Alex walks by, tucking in his shirt. Alex says another opportunity has presented itself. Xander stands and threatens to give his cousin a matching black eye. Alex whips off his glasses. Chanel stops their barb slinging, but makes clear she is not on Alex’s side. Alex vows to make things right with Chanel. As for Xander, Alex says he already broke Gwen’s heart once. He needs to get out of the way and let her be with someone else.

After Eric tells Sloan his mother is alive, Paulina bangs on the lawyer’s apartment door. Paulina accuses her of sending her the threatening note with cutout letters. Sloan points out there’s no proof it was her. Plus, a comma is missing. She’d never make that punctuation travesty. When Eric defends Sloan, Paulina exclaims that Marlena would be rolling over in her grave. Eric informs her that his mother is alive. A shocked Paulina makes more disparaging remarks about Sloan, who orders her out. To quote her letter, Paulina declares, “This isn’t over, comma, bitch,” and leaves.

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At John and Marlena's, Brady glowers down at Rachel who yells at him.

In the Square, Paulina comes upon Chanel playing referee with Xander and Alex. The men leave, and Paulina shows Chanel the threatening note. Chanel informs her of her doctor’s appointment. She’ll handle the note while Paulina goes to get checked out.

Brady brings Rachel home and orders her to her room. Rachel wonders why she’s being punished when he should be mad at Chloe.

At the Pub, Xander finds Chloe slouched over the bar, drinking martinis. She glumly tells him what happened with Rachel. Xander shares his own terrible day. She invites him to sit with her for a drink. They move to a table where Chloe cries over ruining things with Brady. Xander holds her, as Gwen walks in.

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Sitting at the Brady Pub bar, Chloe leans her head on her hand. She glares up at Xander.

As Leo contemplates his next column, Chanel drops by his room. “Do I have a scoop for you, Lady Whistleblower,” she says. She hands him the threatening letter.

At Sloan’s, she assumes Eric is wondering if she sent that note to Paulina. Eric believes her, but points out she did vow revenge. Sloan declares when she comes for them, they will damn well know it’s her. She picks up her laptop from a stack of magazines and scissors. Eric’s eyes narrow.

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