Kayla wears a plaid button down shirt and glares at Bo. He leans in, while making a point.
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John brings Marlena home, and they kiss. John can’t believe she’s there. Marlena can’t imagine what he’s gone through. John mentions how tough it was for the kids, and Marlena suggests they share the good news.

After John calls Belle and Eric, they meet up at John and Marlena’s place. They bicker about Sloan until John tells them to knock it off. He tells them they found Megan. The siblings are relieved she’ll finally pay for killing their mother. John says she can’t, actually. When they demand to know why not, Marlena walks out. “Because I’m alive.”

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Wearing a suit and tie at the ISA facility, Andrew faces his square jaw offscreen.

At the ISA, Hope finds Harris handcuffed to his bed. She tells him the doctors are still determining if he’s too dangerous to be set free. However, she’s confident he’s been completely deprogrammed. Harris knows it’s a gamble for the ISA to let him loose. The safest move is to make him disappear. Hope won’t let that happen.

Andrew enters. He tells them Megan is in custody and that Kayla and Marlena are alive. However, Kayla has been abducted. Hope thinks she can get Megan to talk.

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On an island, Bo brings Kayla to a home with stucco walls and drop cloths over furniture. Dirty and angry, she demands to know where exactly they are. After she yells at him for the rough terrain they traveled to get there, he explains this is where Victor Kiriakis grew up. “Welcome to Greece!” Bo details that after growing up poor, Victor bought the house and left it exactly as is to remind him of where he came from. It’s where Victor began his dreams of building his empire. Now, Bo will build one too.

Kayla advises that they return to Salem, where Bo can get his head on straight. Bo has never felt more clear in his life. He has a clean slate and can go down the path he was destined for. She declares the Kiriakis empire is a crime syndicate and that Victor is a vengeful, ruthless man — which makes him impoverished. Meanwhile, the Bradys are rich in love. Bo counters his childhood was full of lies, not love. He’s done being controlled by other people. He decides who he is. She reminds him of his children and his family, but he states this is his family.

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In a darkened room, Steve wears a black leather jacket and holds his phone to his ear.

In the Square, Chad tries to talk shop, but Stephanie’s distracted. She hasn’t heard from her dad since he left, and he won’t answer her calls. Chad urges her to try again.

Steve visits Megan, who is locked in a glass cell. He orders her to stop stonewalling and tell him where he can find Kayla. She doesn’t know. He asks who has her. Before she can answer, his phone rings. Steve steps away to answer to Stephanie. He tells her Megan is in ISA custody and that Kayla’s alive. Stunned, Stephanie asks to talk to her. Steve explains that she was abducted, but he won’t rest until he finds her.

After hanging up with Stephanie, Steve returns to Megan. She’ll tell him who has Kayla if she gets full immunity. Steve passes on the deal. Megan asks to be transferred to Statesville then. She refuses to live out her days in a black site where she’ll cease to exist. She orders him to make it happen, or he’ll never see his Sweetness again.

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Back in the Square, Stephanie can’t believe she’ll finally be able to tell her mother everything she’s wanted to. She grows emotional and apologizes to Chad. His family has suffered a terrible loss while her family has been given a miracle. Chad tells her to stop that. He’s thrilled that her mother is alive. She says Marlena is alive too. He asks about Kate. Stephanie says she’s so sorry.

At John and Marlena’s, Belle and Eric tearfully embrace their mother. Marlena asks about the raised voices she heard. They apologize, but all she wants is for them to make up and be at peace. “Do you think you can do that for me?” They agree to put their differences aside, at least for today. Marlena will accept that.

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In Greece, Bo blocks Kayla from leaving. He needs her help. He pulls the orchid and Rolf’s notes from a crate. They discuss Rolf’s serum to reverse the aging process, but it’s still in the testing phase. Bo needs someone who’s brilliant and who knows science and medicine. Someone he can trust. Kayla mockingly says, “So, you’re planning to build an empire on a flower?”

At the ISA, Hope visits Megan in her cell. Hope says Harris has been deprogrammed and is back to the heroic man he was before she brainwashed him. Megan detects that Hope is falling for him, but cryptically wonders if he’s truly the man for her. Is she really ready to give up on everyone else to give her heart to Harris?

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Behind a glass wall, Megan raises her brow and purses her lips at Steve and Hope.

Steve returns. Shane signed off the deal with Megan. She’ll get twenty years in Statesville, with no possibility of parole, provided her information leads to Kayla’s safe return. She signs. Steve says, “Now, tell us who has Kayla.”

In Harris’ room, Andrew thanks him for helping to apprehend Megan. They are all in his debt. Harris just wants his life and career back, but he’s pretty sure that’s not in the cards. Andrew declares if his tests prove he’s no longer under Megan’s control, he might walk out of there a free man.

In Greece, Bo makes soup, leaving Kayla alone to page through Rolf’s notes. She also finds a flip phone in Bo’s bag. She calls Steve, but the call doesn’t go through. She dials another number.

In the Square, Stephanie answers a call from an unknown caller. Kayla exclaims, “Stephanie!” Stephanie says, “Oh my God. Mom?”

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