Li's face contorts as he shouts.
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At the Pub, Rafe and Jada ask Sloan to come to the station for questioning about Paulina’s trashed office. They lead her outside, past Nicole, who takes delight in the scene.

Outside the Pub, Rafe side-eyes Nicole, who faces Sloan and Jada.

In the Square, Paulina gets riled up talking about Sloan with Chanel and Talia. She starts patting her chest and gets short of breath. She sits, assuming she’s having a heart attack. Talia tends to Paulina and leads her through breathing exercises. Paulina steadies herself and Talia explains she had a panic attack. After Paulina learns Talia’s a doctor, she wonders why the hell she’s working in a bakery.

Talia gets Paulina camomile tea and explains she just needed a change from medicine. She suggests Paulina follow up with her physician and see a therapist for her stress. Paulina says all her anxiety will melt away once Sloan is behind bars. Talia presses the therapist suggestion, urging her not to pretend to be strong all the time.

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In the Square, Paulina leans toward Chanel with a stressed expression. Chanel crosses her arms and looks skyward. Talia watches.

Trask bursts into the interrogation room, demanding to know what’s going on. Sloan tells her Rafe and Jada are railroading her for a crime she didn’t commit. Trask leads Rafe to the squad room, where he tells her about Paulina’s ransacked office. She tells him Sloan has been a thorn in her side, so if he sends her this case to prosecute, it better be ironclad. It can’t look like she’s using her office to go after a professional rival.

In Li’s apartment, EJ gives him a Salem Inn card for room 312. “You’ll find your wife in my brother’s bed,” he says.

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Stefan breaks away from kissing Gabi in the hotel room, assuming EJ and Nicole set them up. Gabi can’t believe she didn’t see through Nicole, but suggests they can still enjoy the room. Stefan says there’s too much at stake. She wonders what’s next. Wait for Li to charge in? Stefan has a better idea.

After Trask gets called away, Rafe returns to Sloan in the interrogation room. They ask if she can verify her whereabouts when Paulina’s office was broken into. She tells them she was home alone, but points out they don’t have any evidence against her. They let her go, but not before warning her to stay away from Paulina. She issues her own threats regarding their perceived harassment and stalks out.

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In the interrogation room Rafe sits across the table from Sloan. Jada stands behind Rafe with her hands on her hips.

At the Pub, Eric leaves a message for Justin. He notices Nicole, who snarks how romantic it is that he called a lawyer for his criminal gal pal. Eric reminds her she has a rap sheet just as long as her boyfriend, EJ’s. Nicole brings up his change in morals, leading Eric to remind her of all his recent losses — including the woman he loved. EJ enters. After exchanging words with EJ, Eric gets a text from Sloan and leaves.

Nicole stares after Eric until EJ slaps her behind to jolt her out of it. Later, they toast with beers (which EJ grimaces over) to Li, finding Gabi and Stefan together.

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At the Pub, EJ and Nicole sit at a table with draft beers. Nicole wears an unsettled expression while EJ glares.

Li enters the hotel room and finds Stefan in bed with a dark-haired woman whose back is to the door. Li yells at Stefan to get the hell away from his wife. Stefan jumps up and dresses as Li yells for Gabi to face him. Melinda Trask rolls over and says, “Happy now?” Stefan smirks and says, “Whoops.”

Melinda puts on a robe as a confused Li wonders what’s going on. They remind him he’s the one breaking into hotel rooms expecting to find Gabi. But, Stefan says he’s moving on since he can’t have Gabi, and, well, Melinda has needs and likes powerful men. After Li leaves, Melinda saunters to the bathroom. She glances back at Stefan and says, “You’re welcome.”

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At the Salem Inn, Melinda holds a sheet to her bare chest. She looks up with a smirk.

Li comes home to Gabi, who thinks he looks like he’s seen a ghost. He says he didn’t expect to see her and asks about her dinner with Nicole. She tells him Nicole tried to set her up to get caught with Stefan, but she’d never risk losing Li’s DiMera shares for a roll in the hay. She leaves him looking rattled.

Back at the Inn, Stefan flashes to telling Gabi that Melinda hates EJ as much as anyone and that she has a crush on him. In the present, Melinda tells Stefan she enjoyed tapping into her theatre roots, especially if it meant bringing harm to EJ. He deserves to suffer after helping Kristen evade justice. Trask will call in the favor, though, once Stefan and Gabi are in control of DiMera. Stefan says whatever she wants is hers. She paws at him and warns him to be careful about what he promises. She wasn’t lying to Li when she said she’s had her eye on him for some time. He reminds her his heart and body belong to Gabi. If things don’t work out, she says, “You know where to find me.”

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In the Square, Chanel and Talia look up from a table at Paulina, who talks on the phone.

In the Square, Paulina gets riled up again upon learning Sloan was released. Talia reminds her to breathe. Paulina thanks Talia for her help and leaves for her office. Chanel shares her worry for Paulina. She doesn’t know how much more her mother can take.

Sloan returns home to find Eric already there. She rants over getting hauled to the station. He asks if she’s guilty. She insists she’s innocent. He says he believes her, but his expression suggests otherwise as they hug.

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Eric's brow furrows as he holds an emotional Sloan at her apartment.

Back at the station, Rafe and Jada share their sad meal plans for the evening. They awkwardly chuckle and Jada leaves. His gaze follows her out.

At her office, Paulina tears down the crime scene tape and surveys the mess. She finds an envelope addressed to her on the desk. She opens a piece of paper containing pasted cutout letters. The message reads, “This isn’t over, bitch.”

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