In the lab, John cocks his brow and gapes as he aims a gun.
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After docking in Annapolis, Maryland, Ben and Ciara admire their sleeping son in their hotel room. Now that they’re back in the U.S., Ciara suggests they visit family in Salem. Ben would love to see everyone, but it won’t be the same without Dr. Evans. He recounts his dream of desperately trying to save her life. He knew she’d survive and hated waking up. If it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t have Ciara or Baby Bo. When Ciara starts to feel dizzy, Ben offers to order room service. However, his talk of the hotel’s amazing seafood offerings sends Ciara running to the bathroom.

In a hotel room, Ciara looks lovingly at Ben as they stand over a crib.

At the ISA, Hope sits by Harris’ bedside as he wakes up attached to a monitor. She relays that he just had a delayed reaction to the treatment and should be okay. Harris thanks her for staying with him. Hope says seeing him passed out scared her. She says John and Steve are off looking for Megan, thanks to him. He tells her to go meet them, but Hope isn’t going anywhere.

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Hope asks what he’d like to do now that he has his life back. Harris would like his Navy career back, but assumes the feeling won’t be mutual. Hope suggests an arrangement could be made. He’s not sure even she could pull those strings. All he really knows is that he’d like them to get to know each other for real this time. But since he terrorized her family, he’ll understand if she doesn’t feel the same way. Hope assures Harris she did feel something for him and she’s not working an angle this time. “It’s just us. You and me. For real.”

In a brick walled room, a solemn Hope sits at Harris' bedside.

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In his lab, Rolf chooses Kayla as his next lab rat. He awakens her in her pod as Marlena continues to sleep. Rolf presents a new serum that he needs to try on a human. He adds that Kate was eliminated for destroying his initial batch. Kayla reels over learning Kate is dead and that Rolf has created a fountain of youth. He assures her he had excellent results on his rat. But Megan needs to be sure it’s safe for her to recapture her own youth and lost love. The only lost love Kayla is aware of is Bo — and he’s dead. Rolf averts his eyes and raises his brow. “Oh, my God,” Kayla gasps. “Is Bo alive?” Rolf accuses her of having a wild imagination.

In a lab, Bo stares off pensively. A steely eyed Megan faces him.

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In the second lab, Megan sets down the syringe as Bo continues looking through his file. He announces he’s leaving. Megan reminds him she’s given him everything he could possibly want. That’s Bo’s problem. He doesn’t know what he wants or who he is. He needs to go and find himself. She calls that self-indulgent. Bo needs to find a place to think and breathe and see the sky.

Megan blocks Bo’s path and tells him Rolf is almost done with his serum. They can have the life they could have lived if not for her mother. Bo doesn’t want to go backward, but forward — and he wants to do it right now. She can’t allow him to leave. She presents a sedative to make him more pliable for Rolf. Bo wants no part of it. Megan knows he will want her again when Rolf is finished. She advances on him with a syringe.

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On a private jet, John furrows his brow as he looks over Steve's shoulder.

On a private jet, Steve explains to John that Harris remembered a facility in the Mediterranean where Rolf and Megan first programmed him. He shows John the map on his tablet. Upon researching the islands, Steve discovers only one has the infrastructure to house the kind of facility they’re looking for. His search produces an abandoned military base with a research facility.

When Ciara returns from the hotel bathroom, Ben jokes that they traveled the world on a boat only for her to get seasick on land. She tells him she’s not seasick, she thinks she’s pregnant. After an anxious Ben rushes out for a pregnancy test, Ciara learns she is in fact pregnant. He picks her up and spins her. As they revel in their good news, Ciara calls Shawn to tell him they’re coming for a visit. Upon suggesting she call Hope to meet them, Ciara says, “Wait. Mom is where?”

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With raised guns, Steve and John case an island. They spot a facility in the distance and move forward.

As Kayla processes the possibility of Bo being alive, Rolf pulls out a syringe. Kayla grips his arm and overpowers him. She flees from the lab with Rolf in pursuit.

In the other lab, Bo grabs Megan, preventing her from injecting him. As they struggle, the needle goes into Megan and she passes out.

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Kayla runs through the facility halls. John and Steve turn a corner, just missing her. The men split up to cover more ground.

At the ISA, Hope tells Harris they’ll have to take it one step at a time. He’s okay with that and sits up. He holds her face and moves in to kiss her. Ciara bursts in. “What the hell is going on here?”

John finds the pods. His face crumples as he sees Marlena lying with her eyes closed. “Doc?” he whispers.

Bo thanks a passed-out Megan for the memories, but he’s going into the future on his own. He opens the lab door as Kayla rushes by. She stops. “Oh my God,” she says, gaping. “Bo.”

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In a doorway, Kayla gapes at Bo. She wears a hospital gown.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Steve makes his own discovery, and Ciara learns what Hope’s been up to.

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