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As we get into Salem, Leo swiped Xander’s coffee right out of his hand in the square, complaining about being tired. He then happily tells Xander that Gwen’s sex life is interfering with his beauty sleep and shoves the fact that it was Alex in Xander’s face. He then proceeds to get into details as Xander seethes. “I warned him to steer clear of Gwen, and he didn’t listen to me!” Leo tells him he had his chance, he blew it, time for work!

In Gwen’s room, she and Alex finish wake up as she assures him she has no regrets and doesn’t want to talk about Xander. They then get frisky again. After finishing, Alex finally decides he should get into work. “The old boss-lady is going to kick my ass if I’m late.”

They head outside and kiss farewell in the Square as Xander growls and walks up to go off about the “double walk of shame,” and warn Gwen about catching every STD from Alex. It gets worse from there until Alex shoves Xander and gets punched in return — only to lunge at his cousin in retaliation! Gwen pries them apart before it gets too ugly, but Xander’s taunting almost starts things again. Instead, Alex kisses Gwen in front of Xander, promises to call her later and warns his cousin that it isn’t over.

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After, Gwen demands to know what’s wrong with Xander. He made it clear he didn’t want her, so what’s his problem? “Because that playboy isn’t good enough for you, Gwen!” She throws his own words back at him as he tries apologizing. “You don’t see a future for me and that’s fine, but I’ll be damned if your Neanderthal antics prevent me from moving on.”

Over at Titan, Maggie asks her admin assistant to send Alex in, only to find he’s not around. Instead, Brady comes in with flowers, congratulating her — despite his surprise that Victor skipped Alex for the role. They trade pleasantries and she reassures him that CEO or not, it doesn’t change that she’s there for him as his AA sponsor. Brady admits he’s been struggling, what with the Chloe drama, but hasn’t been going to meetings.

He was sure once Stefan’s brain was fixed, it would all be fine, but it’s not. Rachel despises Chloe. Maggie offers to talk to the kid, but Kristen’s done too good a job in poisoning her against Chloe. As Chloe starts to leave the Inn, she answers a call from Statesville. “Hello, Chloe. It’s your old friend, Kristen.” Kristen taunts Chloe about Stefan “coming to his senses,” then Chloe fires back before trying to hang up. Kristen warns her not to hang up because she’s got something she needs to hear. Kristen lobs a few more insults then warns her to “stay the hell away from Brady.”

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Leo walks up behind Chloe and listens in as she goes off about Kristen turning Rachel against her. “Your sweet Rachel is now a little monster, and if you and Brady aren’t careful, she’s going to grow up to be just as deranged as her mother.” Ouch. That sets Kristen off and Chloe apologizes for going too far with a kid as Leo takes notes. After Chloe hangs up, Leo gleefully tells her she’s going to be on the gossip page as she begs him not to print what he heard.

As he’s trying to write in his room, Chloe comes banging on his door, asking him again not to print his column. She’s desperate. “How desperate?” She tries handing a wad of cash to Leo and tells him to “do the right thing for once” and not hurt an innocent child. She made a mistake, she regrets it, now what will it take to shut him up? He wants some threads from Basic Black’s new men’s line. One of everything from the collection in his size. Chloe storms out to call Nicole and ask for his demands.

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After getting off the phone, she sees Xander sulking on the bench and asks what happened. He tells her about what happened, and Chloe goes off about fighting over someone as sleazy as Gwen — especially as she’s friends with Leo. Xander convinces Chloe to tell her why Leo’s blackmailing her.

Brady shows up at Statesville and Kristen tells him a very one-sided version of her call with Chloe. He’s got a picture from Rachel that she drew but won’t give it to Kristen until he gets something from her. He’ll give her the drawing once she helps him convince Rachel to ease up on Chloe. Not a fair trade. Keep the picture. He then warns Kristen that he can withhold a lot more. The pictures is “just a symbol of what you could lose.” If she doesn’t help him, she’ll never see Rachel again.

Abe and Paulina meet up at the Brady Pub for breakfast, and she orders a meal fit for a queen to celebrate Belle’s success in throwing the case out. “Sloan The Devil Herself Peterson is out of our lives… Forever!”  She keeps going on about being rid of Sloan, but Abe seems distracted. He’s relieved that Sloan’s case was thrown, but he’s worried about her last threat. Paulina’s not to be deterred and gives Stephanie a call.

Up in Chad’s room, he brings Stephanie breakfast in bed to celebrate her first night sleeping over. And to thank her for forgiving him about the Leo thing. They both apologize, he for what he did, she for how she reacted and then kiss and makeup after their first fight. They both get ready, when Paulina calls and asks for her and Chad at the Pub, pronto! The foursome meet and Paulina announces that Sloan’s lawsuit was thrown out. She wants them to put out a press release announcing her victory and letting the world know that you mess with her and you’ll lose. She then tells Stephanie that they should head back to her office to re-up SJPR’s contract.

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In the show’s last few moments, Alex shows up at Maggie’s office, apologizes for being late and tells her that Xander was responsible for the black eye and blood on his shirt. Maggie sidelines him for the meeting because he looks like a hooligan, then promises a serious conversation when she gets back.

Gwen shows up after to see Alex, who’s lamenting that Maggie’s fed up with him. Gwen apologizes for it being her fault, but Alex says he let Xander under his skin. She suggests they should maybe stop the hookups, but he won’t be scared off. They should “let this ride,” and she agrees.

Leo’s already gotten his delivery and Chloe thanks Nicole for saving her from the gossip column. Xander, though, checking his phone, warns that Leo already turned in his column and Chloe freaks out. She’s going to lose Brady forever — and cries on Xander’s shoulder as he awkwardly comforts her.

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Kristen balks at Brady’s threat, but he tells her that he didn’t want it to be this way. She did this. “You’re using my daughter’s love against me! You’re no better than I am, Brady!” Fine. She’ll do what he wants.

Over at the Pub, Abe talks to Chad about Stephanie and how well things are going. Paulina, meanwhile, calls attention to “the twinkle” in Stephanie’s eye because of how well things are going with Chad. “Everything is coming up roses for me and…” Paulina enters her office to find it ransacked.

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