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As we get into the Secret DiMera lab, Kayla’s demanding to know who was in the mystery chamber from Dr. Rolf. “I never said it wasn’t Stefano.” They point out he implied it wasn’t, then play on his pride as a scientist to get him to brag about his “great success.”

Megan, meanwhile, orders Bo to kill Kate, but she tries calming the two down. “I’ll do what you want, just give me a second chance.” Bo hesitates, which worries Megan until he says it’ll be too messy for the lab. He wants to kill her outside. Kate tries to appeal to Bo once Megan’s gone, but he just shoves her to move.

Back in the lab, Rolf is about to tell them who it is when Megan sneaks up and makes him shut it. Elsewhere, Hope gets off the phone with Andrew and tells John and Steve that she can get in to see Harris. But they need to go back to Salem. “This is something I need to do on my own.”

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“Hours later,” in Salem, Roman’s still talking to the urn wondering what it’ll take to hear from Kate again. He closes the pub and Steve and John show up to update him on what’s going on. Andrew, Hope, Harris — the whole shebang. Roman wonders if Hope risking her life is worth it. The others insist Megan’s a threat who needs to be stopped, no matter what. Roman still can’t believe that Megan is alive, and their wives aren’t. He feels like he’s going crazy. They get back to the urn talking and Kayla appearing to Steve and Roman wants to know if John heard from Marlena.

Hope arrives at the facility holding Harris, who’s locked in a high tech Plexiglas cage that would make Hannibal Lector proud. Hope comments on how tight he’s locked up and learns he’s been “quite uncooperative.” Hope wants into the cage with him. Alone. Agent Rose tells Hope he’s too dangerous, so Hope pulls out the “I’m happy to call Shane and tell on you” bit.

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She enters and Harris greets her. “Hello, Hope. It’s been a long time.” He wants to know why she’d even want to talk to him after everything. Hope says she got him help with Megan’s brainwashing, but he’s been fighting it every step of the way. He’s still under Megan’s control, and Hope only sees the real him when they’re alone. She came to remind him of what they had.

“What we had was a con,” he insists. Hope says that’s not true. Something grew between them before she realized he just wanted the prism, even if he won’t admit it. “You felt something for me, and you still do.” Harris wants the truth from Hope, and she admits that there were moments she felt something, even when she didn’t want to. She goes to kiss him, and he stops her.

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He puts his hand around her neck and says not to play him. “I could snap your neck in an instant.” She says he won’t do that, he’s Megan’s victim like she is. He lowers his hand and she appeals to him to help make Megan pay. Hope tells him about everyone else she’s supposedly killed. “Why should that matter to me?” She says that Harris was a hero before Megan got hold of him. The brainwashing made him a killer. It’s not him. He can get his life back and she can help him.

Alone, Kayla and Marlena try figuring out Megan’s plan and wonder at Kate’s fate. Marlena assures Kayla that Kate’s resourceful enough to talk her way out of any situation. Stroking Rolf’s ego almost got them somewhere. If whoever was in the chamber was friendly, the person could help them escape.

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Outside, Bo’s ready to kill Kate. Nothing’s getting through to Bo, so Kate tries telling him to think of Hope. Bo points out that she’s his ex-wife, while Kate tells him she’s still his one, true love. Bo could care less, so Kate offers him her wedding ring, asking him to return it to Roman. Bo mentions they’d split and Kate recounts their reunion, her death, her showing up here. Kate says she, Bo and Roman are all survivors.

Roman loves her and if Bo kills her, does Bo really want his friend to be devastated? Bo points out that Roman already thinks she’s dead, so what difference does it make? Kate says the truth always comes out and she thinks she struck a chord in Bo, then starts listing through the family who would be devastated, bringing up Bo’s daughter, Chelsea. A parent’s love for their child is unshakable. “You are not going to break Chelsea’s heart by killing her grandmother. You are not going to pull that trigger.”

He tells her his relationship with Chelsea is complicated, she killed one of his kids. Kate says he got over it, he loves her, he loves all his kids and they’re all happy now. Everyone is, except for Hope.

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Rolf cleans up the broken vial and suggests to Megan that it was shortsighted to order Bo to kill Kate. She snaps at Rolf to get to work at remaking the serum. She’s tired of waiting.

We flash back to July and Bo waking up to a jubilant Megan. “Bo, my love. It’s me, Megan! My darling!” She asks him to speak, and he asks, “Where’s Hope?” Flash forward a bit to Bo demanding to be let out so he can find Hope. Outside his door, Rolf arrives, upset to be taken from Stefan and Megan demands that he “cure” Bo of Hope Brady.

In the present, Rolf says he did what she wanted, but Megan says it didn’t turn out as she expected.

We flash back to September now, with Bo waking up with his head bandaged. Megan tells him he’s been through a “procedure on your brain.” She holds up a photo of Hope and he crumples it up. Megan giggles. Later, she shows him their yearbook when they were voted best couple and Bo’s unimpressed.

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Back in the present, Megan laments that he no longer wanted Hope and he was loyal, but the “spark between us” was gone. Rolf warned her that he couldn’t create “romantic feelings out of nothing,” and Megan says his new serum better work. If it does, Rolf says, they can go back and start at the beginning.

Now we go to November, and Megan explaining to Rolf that the spark between her and Bo is gone. She mentions the orchid with “magical healing properties.” She wonders if he can use it to help her and Bo to turn back time and reverse the aging process. She and Bo can be high school sweethearts again. Rolf is intrigued and knows where the orchid is.

In December, Bo sneaks out of the DiMera mansion with the orchid. He was the thief! By January, Megan is reading the news that the three ladies died. She apologizes, saying that she didn’t know they’d get sick again, but she needed the orchid. In February, the women are in their pods when Bo enters to gaze at them. Megan comes in and asks what he’s doing, and he wants to know why they’re all there. Megan says that with their help, they’ll get their lost time back and live happily ever after.

Back in the present, “When we’re young again, like when we first met, I know he’ll love me.” She doesn’t want a soldier, she wants his love. Megan rehashes how Rolf got here, made the serum and will make more so she can get everything she wants and deserves.

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In the show’s last few minutes, Marlena tells Kayla that she keeps trying to reach out to John and her family somehow, but only pictures their pain. Kayla remembers grieving for Steve when she thought she lost him. The pain will motivate them to leave. The three of them are going to escape.

John, Steve and Roman go their separate ways only to exit the pub in a brewing storm. Roman closes the door and goes back to his urn. John hears Marlena whisper “Don’t give up on me, John” but assumes it’s the wind.

Hope tells Agent Rose that Harris has agreed to another session.

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Bo tells Kate he’s nobody’s lapdog, but Kate says it doesn’t seem that way to her. He’s Megan’s “glorified errand boy.” Bo wonders if it’s the best time to insult him, but she keeps going. Where is Rebel Bo who would have come in and blown it all up. That Bo Brady would think this one is “disgusting.” Kate says if Bo really wants her dead, “pull that trigger, shoot me.”

A gunshot rings out, heard by everyone inside and Megan orders Rolf to make more serum. “We will finally have our happily ever after!” Bo comes back in and tells her it’s done. She’s proud of him, and he tells her he doesn’t take orders from her and storms off. “It’s over.”

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