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As we get into San Francisco, Paul wants to know what Andrew’s doing at his door. “I came to see you.” They settle in with some beers on the couch (seems to be the big thing to do over there) and Paul tries bringing up John, Steve and Megan. Andrew tries to deflect, saying he can’t talk about it. But he promises the ISA is doing everything it can to get justice. “Do you trust me on that?” Paul nods, so Andrew says he wants to talk about “us.”

Paul does a whole lot of talking without saying much, then Andrew says he’s missed him. Last time didn’t work… but he still couldn’t stop thinking about last summer. Luckily, we all know what they did last summer. (If not, it’s in Beyond Salem: Chapter 2.) Neither of them could stop thinking about it. Paul reaches out to grab Andrew’s hand as they decide maybe they could go back to that moment again. They kiss.

Paul pulls away, though, unsure if this is a good idea. They should probably stop before they get in too deep. There’s a good chance it won’t work, Andrew agrees. But he wants to take the chance that it might. They kiss again.

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Down in the secret lab, Kayla and Marlena open their door, as John and Steve get theirs unlocked. They are not the same door. The ladies find Dr. Rolf on the other side of theirs while the fellas run into Hope.

Rolf charges in, shuts the door and asks if they were going somewhere. They’re not surprised to see him, but, as he says, he “serves at the pleasure of the DiMera family.” And he’ll do anything Megan asks him to. They demand to know where Kate is, and Rolf tells them she’s being honored by being Megan’s test subject. She’s getting his new serum! But he doesn’t want to tell them about it. All he can say is that it’ll be life-changing.

They pepper him with questions, then wonder if it has anything to do with whoever was in the pod in the back. Dr. Rolf proudly says he was able to keep the subject in deep freeze for nearly a decade. Which is a lot longer than Bo was gone…

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It doesn’t take long for John, Steve and Hope to establish that they’re all looking for Megan and then hug in joy. They quiz each other on how they found their way there. They all had their secret ways — and they’re all determined to take Megan down. They tell Hope that Stefano’s evil daughter is responsible for Kate, Kayla and Marlena dying and she’s horrified. “All these years, she’s still causing so much destruction and pain to the people I love.”

Hope explains Megan’s obsession and Steve’s flabbergasted that this all “goes back to Megan and Bo going steady in high school.” But the important thing is finding Megan. Unfortunately, they hit a dead end. Hope has a burst of inspiration after Steve says, “There’s got to be a way to figure out where Megan went!” Which seems pretty broad.

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Kate, meanwhile, escapes Megan only to run into Bo. All she can gasp out is, “Bo? Is that you?” “Yeah,” he practically shrugs. “Long time, no see.” Kate wants to know how he’s still alive, but then realizes that Megan used the prisms. He’s acting funny, though, and dances around Kate saying he must’ve been imprisoned here for ages. He seems to have trouble remembering/caring about his own sister, Kayla.

And then when Kate says they need to free Marlena and Kayla and escape, Bo stops her. She explains that she socked Megan good, but she could wake up at any time, so they need to go. Bo insists they have to back to Megan, though. “Don’t have a choice.”

He lackadaisically tells her that all the doors lock automatically, then makes a joke about a door being ajar, then tells Kate they need to get Megan’s keys. Fine! They go back in. He goes over and gently tries to wake Megan and tells Kate to shut up and stay where she is. Megan wakes with a smile to see her Bo, who in turn figures that Kate’s finally “figuring out that she got played.”

Megan gets up and cracks that Kate’s stunned silent, then Bo rolls his eyes that she wouldn’t shut up before — and pulls a gun on her. Kate tries to get through to him, but he cocks the gun instead. She insists they were family, but nothing gets through to him. Megan tells her it won’t work, Phase 2 is going forward and Kate should be grateful for being saved and getting the new serum. “Oh relax! It might not kill you, but it’s got to be tested.”

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Back in Salem, Belle walks in as Shawn tries to get a hold of his mom. He’s concerned because he can’t reach her.  They rehash Megan’s vindictiveness, but at least Black Patch is on the case. Belle’s still struggling with her grief but finding Megan won’t bring Marlena back. They then start talking about Shawn missing Bo too. “They should both be with us,” Belle says, “your dad and my mom.” (Well, good news, folks…)

Shawn comforts Belle, telling her he knows what she’s going through and how he gets through missing his dad. They declare their love for each other and reiterate that they’ll always have each other. And they have an incredible daughter and a huge family to lean on.

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In the show’s final moments Andrew and Paul catch their breath after some reunion sex, only for Andrew to get a call. It’s Hope. She wants a favor from him. “I need to get in to see Harris Michaels.”

In the pod room, Kayla and Marlena muse that they knew Stefan was kept on ice for four years, but a decade? They ponder who it might possibly be who was in the back pod, making jokes about whether it’s a famous person or an athlete before heading back to the idea that it’s someone they all knew from Salem. Dr. Rolf won’t confirm or deny, but they keep pushing and demand answers.

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Cut to Bo demanding the vial of serum from Kate that she picked up off the floor. Megan warns Kate that she won’t get through to Bo, so behave. Kate shrugs and drops the vial on the floor, crushing it. Megan congratulates her for making an idiotic and ignorant decision. That was the only reason Kate was still alive. “No point in drawing this out any further. Might as well go ahead and kill her.”

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