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As we get into the Secret DiMera Lab: Location Unknown, Kate, Kayla and Marlena are all in stasis pods, asleep, once again. Megan stalks into the room and declares that it’s time for them to wake once more. “We have so much to do…”

Kayla and Marlena wake up to discover Kate missing — because she’s bound and gagged to a chair in another room with Megan. “Phase 2 is finally about to begin.” Kate demands to know what’s going on. (After Megan removes the gag.) Megan, though, tells her hostage she should probably just try her best not to tick her off. Kate’s participation in Phase 2 is non-negotiable. Her and the other women are just pawns in a game they don’t know about.

Megan then trots out the orchid. She used it to counter Orpheus’ poisoning and saved their lives — but the flower can heal a lot more than just that one toxin. “I needed to remedy my own condition and that of someone who is very dear to me.” Kate tells Megan she’s not looking so great. Maybe she’s still sick. Kate keeps making fun of her, so Megan gleefully tells her Kate’s going to be her guinea pig to test her new serum on in case it’s, you know, deadly.

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Back in the pod room, Kayla wonders if Kate ran off to save herself, but Marlena doubts it and wonders if Kate was part of Megan’s mysterious “plan.” She then spots the curtain in the back and opens it to reveal… Bo’s empty pod! Marlena declares she’s not an expert, then makes an expert assessment that the pod is “a lot older” than theirs. They then think back to the prism and wonder who was in the tube that Megan was trying to revive.

“Oh, God,” Kayla sighs, “I think I know.” (Doubtful.) Kayla guesses Stefano, then figures that he’d be an empty shell because his soul was in a microchip that got burned, so it couldn’t be him. Sure. It doesn’t matter anyway. Megan has Kate and they need to start getting smart about getting out.

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Over in Washington, D.C., Andrew gets a visit from Uncle Steve at ISA headquarters. “Not to seem too hostile or anything, what the hell are you doing here?” He needs help to find Megan. Andrew tells Steve she isn’t his case, but he can give him the agent in charge. Steve feels like he was getting the runaround from him, so he came to talk face-to-face.

Steve gets annoyed when Andrew tells him he and John don’t have clearance. They’ve done enough dirty work for the ISA, screw his clearance. Then Andrew says there’s “concern that you and John may have been compromised.” They were brainwashed, after all, so how can the ISA be sure they aren’t still? How can anyone be sure when the DiMeras are involved? Andrew doesn’t believe it, though.

That doesn’t mollify Steve so long as Andrew tows the company line, so he tries to storm off with an angry “Say hello to your dad for me!” Andrew pulls up the file on Megan, then casually says he’ll grab a cup of coffee for Steve.

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Off in San Francisco, John shows up on Paul’s door as he’s lifting weights, naturally. The two hug without saying a word. John apologizes for showing up out of the blue and Paul asks his dad how he’s doing with Marlena gone. Paul mentions he wished he could have stayed in Salem after the funeral, but he had his coaching job to get back to.

John fills him in about Megan and is hoping Andrew can help track her down and Paul gets upset. The two of them aren’t talking anymore. John wants to know if there was “no heat,” then goes off on Paul about not trying hard enough, long-distance or not, to make it work “with someone who could actually make you happy!” He’s clearly taking this personally… which he realizes and apologizes after almost biting his son’s head off.

Steve calls with news of Megan and Paul offers to go with him. He can tell it’s dangerous and John could use help. “No, because Steve and I are gonna — we need to do this on our own.” John apologizes again, but Paul gets it after losing Marlena. They say farewell with Paul asking John to let him know he’s OK.

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Back in Salem, meanwhile, Roman’s visiting Lucas in prison. He fills his stepson in about Megan Hathaway, but Lucas doesn’t know who she is. “You might have forgotten her because she appeared to die 40 years ago.” Roman helpfully fills Lucas in on Megan’s backstory and hot tub electrocution. Roman’s there to find out what Lucas might know. Roman’s hoping Kate mentioned something from when she and Stefano were married. She didn’t. Roman thinks Megan was after Kayla and Marlena and Kate was just collateral damage.

Those two screwed up her big plan last summer when they all went… Beyond Salem. Lucas finally asks Roman how he’s doing and he admits that he’s pretty broken, and Lucas compares losing Kate to losing Sami. He knows she’s gone forever and neither Sami nor Roman will ever forgive him. One hundred percent correct. But Roman’s trying to honor Kate’s memory because she did forgive him. With that said, it was time to leave.

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In the show’s last few moments, “Later that evening” (some new title effects in today’s show), Paul gazes longingly at a photo of Andrew and remembers their kiss — only for Andrew to show up at his door.

Kayla yanks a spring out of Bo’s pod and uses it to pick the lock. Steve taught her the trick. The door opens and they freeze at the sight.
John and Steve are searching a secret DiMera location. The ISA odds weren’t high that Megan was here, but it was the only lead they had. They find a last door and squabble over who was supposed to bring the lockpicks. But Steve improvises and they burst in to find… We’ll find out tomorrow. (As if we don’t know.)

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Megan, meanwhile, has the serum for Kate and admits she’s “not yet fully recovered from being, you know, dead,” and the serum should fix her. Unless it kills her. So it’s time to do a trial run on Kate. “If it doesn’t kill you, it could potentially have very extraordinary effects, ones you’ll thank me for later.” (Is she about to give Kate superpowers?) Megan says Kate can say some final last words — so she stands up, informs her captor the rope on her hands weren’t tight enough and punches Megan in the face. “Night, night, Golden Girl.”

She walks out and gasps to see… Bo!

And Roman chats with Kate’s fake urn.

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