In her hotel room, Gwen rips open Alex's button up shirt. Holding a liquor glass, his lips part and his eyebrows raise.
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At the bar, Alex and Gwen formally introduce themselves. She then confides in him about Xander as she slurps a martini. They move on to shots as Alex bemoans his issues with Maggie. They toast to misery and Alex asks if she wants to get out of there.

At Titan, the nameplate on the desk reads, Maggie Kiriakis, CEO. She sits behind the desk with spread hands and her mouth agape.

At Titan, Xander confides in Maggie about Gwen, and potentially leaving the paper. Maggie suggests he take over for Alex at Titan. She could use a Kiriakis she can count on. Xander doesn’t think Victor would sign off on it. Maggie reiterates that she’s CEO. Victor doesn’t get a say. Not about Alex, and not about him. Xander thanks Maggie for being so loyal to him. She retorts that she might be asking for that loyalty in return pretty soon. Before Xander meets Maggie at the elevator, he texts Gwen to see if she’s doing okay.

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Soft hotel room light highlights Gwen and Alex as they seductively look at each other.

Gwen brings Alex back to her Salem Inn room. He nuzzles her hair as she pours them drinks. Gwen shuts him down and then gets a text. After checking her phone, Alex asks if she’s okay. Gwen says she’s not and suggests they change that up. Gwen rips open his shirt. Alex picks her up as they passionately kiss.

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A shirtless Alex picks Gwen off the floor and kisses her. She wraps her arms around his back and her leg around his waist.

In the apartment, Tripp angrily explains to Wendy that Johnny used his hospital ID to steal lab results. Johnny reluctantly admits it to a disappointed Wendy. She asks him to leave. He thinks once she has time to think about it, she’ll understand.

Alone, Wendy tells Tripp that Allie warned her about how selfish and impulsive Johnny can be. She’s still trying to figure out what that means. She’s sorry Johnny put Tripp in this position. Wendy takes his hand and draws close.

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After a visit to the museum, a resistant Gabi dines with Li at The Bistro. She reiterates that they aren’t going to be together at the end of six months but he’s undeterred.

Li and Gabi return to the apartment, interrupting Tripp and Wendy’s close moment. After Tripp and Wendy leave to get some air, Gabi comes out to the living room in sexy lingerie. Li’s impressed but Gabi tells him this is for the man she loves when the six months are up. She taunts Li about her having sex with Stefan and leaves him to have a good night on the couch.

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At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Stefan each flashback to switching martini glasses as they toast with Nicole and Wei. Stefan talks up a deal with Wei that EJ has no knowledge of. The brothers trade snide comments and EJ pulls Nicole to the foyer. They anticipate Stefan making a fool of himself once the drugs kick in.

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When EJ and Nicole return, EJ stumbles. Nicole admires EJ’s performance but thinks EJ might want to tone it down in front of Wei. EJ asks if it’s warm in there or if it’s just him. He then has an outburst while Stefan talks business with Wei. After EJ smooths things over with Shin, Nicole privately asks if EJ switched the correct drinks. EJ assures her he’s fine and anticipates Stefan going face-first into his bowl of soup at dinner.

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After dinner, the foursome return to the living room where Stefan drugs EJ’s coffee. EJ later switches their mugs, but Stefan switches them back. Johnny joins them and EJ eagerly talks up Johnny to Wei. EJ goes off the rails and pushes Stefan when he tries to rein EJ in. Nicole enlists Johnny’s help in getting EJ upstairs.

Stefan apologizes to Wei. He simply has no idea what’s going on. Stefan feeds into Wei’s doubts over EJ’s competency but what can he do about it? They’re equals. Perhaps not for long, Wei responds.

Nicole and Johnny help EJ to his bedroom. Johnny confesses he told Stefan he was being drugged. EJ thinks he’s ruined and falls back onto the bed.

A suited EJ lies across the width of his bed. Nicole and Johnny gape at him.

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Next on Days of Our Lives: Belle and Sloan team up, and EJ and Nicole come up with a new plan.

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