In the Spectator offices, Gwen holds a coffee mug while facing Xander.
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After Wendy welcomes Wei into her apartment, he learns Li and Gabi both moved in. When he notices someone is sleeping on the couch, Wendy tells him Tripp also lives there. She explains he’s just a friend and that she’s actually seeing Johnny DiMera. Wei congratulates her on cementing their family’s connection to DiMera Enterprises. He’s so proud of her. A disdainful Wendy tells him Johnny isn’t interested in the family business, but Wei doesn’t care. Johnny’s still the heir apparent.

Nicole comes to the mansion and tells EJ that Johnny and Wendy suspect he is the one drugging Stefan. He is aghast his son would think such a thing of him but also worries Johnny could derail his plans. He details his latest switcharoo of drugged drinks with Stefan, who now has a second opportunity to make a fool of himself at DiMera.

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In the DiMera living room, Nicole grins, with her hands on EJ's chest.

Stefan arrives in time for cocktail hour and stumbles. EJ assumes Stefan is experiencing after-effects of the brainwashing. Stefan leaves to lie down. Nicole says if no one sees Stefan like this then it’s all for nothing. That gives EJ a scathingly brilliant idea. He calls Wei and invites him to dinner with his co-CEOs.

At the hospital, Tripp wears scrubs and a lab coat as he talks to Steve on the phone. He tells his dad he wants to make Kayla proud. Johnny strolls off the elevator as Tripp hangs up. Johnny asks if he can get a copy of EJ’s recent test results. Tripp denies his request and heads off. Johnny spots Tripp’s ID badge on the counter.

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Johnny comes to Wendy’s apartment as Wei leaves. He pulls out his phone to show her a copy of EJ’s test results. She asks how he got it. He says he has his ways but needs her input because he has no idea what he’s looking at. She searches the dark web and discovers the vial EJ had tested contained a medical-grade drug that induces euphoria and has a host of nasty side effects. They realize EJ lied about it being a recreational drug Stefan was taking.

Wendy wonders if EJ is planning to drug Stefan so he makes a fool of himself in front of her father. Johnny won’t wait to find out. He calls Stefan and tells him someone might be drugging him. He can’t give him more information but urges him to be careful about what he eats and drinks. After hanging up, Stefan scoffs and says, “EJ.”

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At Titan, the nameplate on the desk reads, Maggie Kiriakis, CEO. She sits behind the desk with spread hands and her mouth agape.

On the phone at Titan, Alex asks Victor to listen to his input before making any major decisions about Bella Magazine. Later, a thrilled Alex says he knew Uncle Vic would see things his way. He hangs up, as Maggie returns. She hopes Alex will respect her decision about Bella. Of course, he smugly says. She’s the CEO now. The only person above her is Uncle Vic, who calls Maggie’s cell phone.

After Maggie hangs up, she tells Alex that Victor fully supports her decision to shutter the magazine. She also knows that Alex went behind her back. She reminds him she is the boss. If he can’t accept that, he is free to resign — now. Alex has no interest in leaving the company. He just has strong feelings about Bella and the staff there. She suggests he deliver the news to them then. In the meantime, she wants to review all the accounts he’s in charge of. And if he ever goes behind her back again she will fire him.

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At the Spectator, Gwen and Xander face Leo. A coat drapes over Xander's arm. Gwen tilts her head and brings her hand to her chin.

At The Spectator, Xander tells Gwen he can’t consider a romantic relationship with her until he knows his divorce is final. He’ll understand if she’s not okay with that. Gwen is willing to wait because she loves him. Leo enters. He was sniffing around for dirt at the county clerk’s office and got a hold of Xander’s finalized divorce decree. Now, Xander can move on with Gwen.

Alone, Xander tells Gwen he knows she’s done a great deal for him, but he still loves Sarah — even if their divorce is final. She deserves someone who loves her with their whole heart. He’s sorry but he doesn’t think they can be together. At least, not right now.

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When Wei comes to the DiMera mansion, EJ says Stefan doesn’t seem to be himself lately. Wei hasn’t heard anything negative about his work but he’s heard plenty about EJ’s. EJ assures him he’s recovered from “the flu” that affected him at the press conference. However, Stefan might have permanent brain damage.

Stefan charges in and pours drinks while dosing one martini glass. After he passes them out, Nicole points out he forgot the olives. Stefan turns back to the wet bar, allowing EJ to switch glasses. Stefan says they’re fresh out of olives. EJ takes a look, allowing Stefan to switch the glasses back. Stefan toasts to the future of DiMera Enterprises and they all drink.

At the apartment, Johnny marvels to Wendy about EJ expecting to get away with something so underhanded. Tripp comes home and says, “Like what you did to me?”

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Back at the paper, a teary-eyed Gwen yells at Xander for using her for illicit dealings and a romp in the hay to thank her. But she’s never the one he would take home to his mother. Xander retorts his mother is dead. At least to him anyway. The point Gwen is making is that he’d never commit to her. He reminds her he was going to marry her until she drugged Sarah. She retorts that he killed Susan. He responds that she killed Laura. She shouts that he is no better than her and he never will be. Gwen accuses him of putting Sarah on a pedestal, believing Gwen will never measure up. Isn’t that right, she furiously asks. Through clenched teeth, Xander admits it.

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Gwen doesn’t know how she’s going to come to work every day when all she wants is to claw his eyes out. Whether he meant to lead her on or not, it’s what he did. He knows he has to make things easier for her. It’s her dad’s paper and she’ll do a bang-up job without him. He says goodbye and leaves. Gwen sinks to a chair.

Xander comes to see Maggie at Titan. He tells her he took her advice and had a candid conversation with Gwen about their future — and it couldn’t have gone worse.

At the bar, Alex finds Gwen drinking alone. He sits down with her to commiserate about their terrible days.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Alex and Gwen toss back drinks, and Wendy is none too happy with Johnny.

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