In the park, Gabi gapes at Stefan, who holds his neck. They both dark black overcoats.
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In the Square, Brady tells Chloe he’s out on bail, and she takes him to task for what he did to Stefan. Brady says he would have done a lot worse to make sure they found their way back to each other. Everyone else is glad he did it, how about her? Chloe knows he was just trying to undo what Kristen and Li did, but Rachel still hates her. So this isn’t exactly happily ever after. Brady thinks it’s a new start because Kristen isn’t around to poison Rachel against her.

Brady and Chloe glare at each other over a table in Horton Square. He holds a coffee cup in one hand, and raises his other hand as if making a point.

John brings Rachel to the Square. As Brady hugs his daughter, Rachel spits it’s all Chloe’s fault her daddy was in jail. As Rachel yells at Chloe, John scolds his granddaughter. He leads her to the bench and explains that her father knows all about not wanting someone to replace their mother. John tears up and says Rachel’s Grandma Marlena could explain the story so much better than he could. Rachel misses her too. Brady crouches down and says he also misses her because even though she wasn’t his mom, she loved him like she was. Rachel points out that Marlena was Grandma and Chloe is not. She’ll never love her and she wants her gone.

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On the Horton Square bench, John leans toward Rachel, who peers up at him.

After John leaves to meet with Steve, Brady suggests to Rachel they all have lunch and talk. The little girl yells that she’s not going anywhere with Chloe. She sits on the ground and pouts. Chloe tells Brady that Rachel has been through too much and needs to feel she’s that she comes first with him. She leaves.

In Horton Square, Rachel sits crossed legged with folded arms on the ground. Brady stands with his hands on his hips and looks skyward. Behind him, Chloe wears a fed up expression.

Sloan comes to Eric’s cell and offers to be his lawyer. She shows him Leo’s gossip column that claims she was having the best sex of her life. She admits she is still furious with him, but maybe she ended things too quickly. She’s missing all the fun they had together — and not the good clean kind. If he misses it, too, they can work out a deal. Eric doesn’t have a job, so he can’t afford her. Sloan offers to take it out in trade and eyes him up and down.

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through jail cell bars, Eric reaches out to Sloan's tablet, displaying a Spectator article.

In the DiMera living room, EJ reiterates to Nicole that he’s going to dose Stefan into getting him booted out of the company. Johnny walks in and overhears the last part. EJ explains that the vial Johnny found was Stefan’s. He worries his brother is on drugs but asks him to keep the secret while he investigates it. Johnny agrees and leaves. EJ muses to Nicole that since Johnny is so fond of his uncle, he will be the perfect eyewitness to Stefan’s “sad decline.”

In the DiMera living room, Nicole grins, with her hands on EJ's chest.

Stefan gets dizzy in the park but chalks it up to Gabi having that effect on him. They sit on the bench and he tells her how thrilled he is that they’re back together. She reminds him that she is still married to Li and details the terms. A woozy Stefan steadies himself as Gabi explains she only signed the contract because she was feeling rejected by him. Now that Stefan is back to himself, she’ll tell Li to stick his shares where the sun doesn’t shine.

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Stefan assures Gabi he wants to be with her, but in order for her to be his CEO, they’ll need board approval. He blames Dr. Rolf for his feeling so fuzzy and then states they don’t have enough votes without Li’s shares. She says even if she gives Li his shares back, it will revert to status quo. Stefan grins and says not if EJ is incapacitated.

An enraged Li throws his phone in the apartment, barely missing Wendy. Li apologizes and explains Gabi lied to him about where she was going. He tracked her phone to the park — and he knows exactly who she’s with. Wendy accuses Li of stalking his wife, but he insists he loves her, more than he thought he could love anyone. She wonders if he really wants a wife who is in love with another man.

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In the squad room, Sloan thanks Trask on the phone for agreeing to a hearing and then gets a call from Li. He’s having second thoughts about the contract with Gabi. She retorts that he has her right where he wants her. If she does anything, including cheating on him, she’ll lose her shares. That’s news to Li, who calls Sloan a genius and races out the door.

Johnny comes to see Wendy at work and the topic of the vial comes up. Based on Johnny’s reluctance to discuss what EJ told him, Wendy deduces it was Stefan’s. However, she wonders if EJ was telling Johnny the truth. Johnny defends EJ, but the more details he relays to Wendy, the more he realizes she’s right to be skeptical. “What if my dad is the one drugging Stefan,” he wonders as EJ enters. EJ asks what the co-conspirators are up to this time.

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Sloan returns to Eric and announces a guard will be by to let him go soon. She says they’ll talk about her retainer later and flounces away.

Later, Nicole runs into Eric outside the Pub and learns Sloan got Eric released on bail. Sloan walks up and makes a display of kissing Eric.

Back in the park, Stefan tells Gabi he’s been drugging EJ, but Li’s shares are their insurance policy — and that’s why she needs to stay married to him. That’s not exactly the response she was expecting from him. He tells her they can have it all and that he loves her. She says, “Right back at ya,” and they kiss. He’s so sorry for how he treated her. She says all that matters is that they’re together now, finally. Li arrives and says, “What the hell’s going on here?”

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Outside Brady Pub, Sloan drapes her arm around Eric's neck as they kiss. Nicole cocks her head and smirks.

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