Brady glowers at Belle through jail cell bars. Near bunk beds behind him, Eric scowls.
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Gabi wakes up to Li making breakfast, but she says she’s not hungry. He interjects some Spanish as he says he understands her upset over Stefan but he is her husband and she should live in the present. She snarks that his bad attempt at Spanish is condescending and hurts her ears. He pledges to show her over the next six months that he is the man she belongs with. Li serves Chilaquiles, using a bad French accent this time. She reluctantly eats and allows that they’re okay.

Li suggests they go outside and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Gabi refuses. He knows she has room in her heart for forgiveness. He wants to help her find it. She relents but makes him promise no hand-holding or bad attempts at any other languages. He’s just happy to spend the day with her, no matter what the rules.

After they change, Li finds Gabi on the phone. She tells him Ari’s school is having trouble transferring her records to New Zealand and she has to go sort it out.

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Wearing a robe, Gabi sits at the kitchen table with a plate that includes eggs and avocado. She glares, and slides a fork out of her mouth.

Shawn runs into Chloe in the Square. She shows him a Spectator article about Brady and Eric’s arrest. The headline reads, “The Brothers Grim.” Shawn tells her there’s a sliver of hope in all this because Belle is on the case — Brady’s case anyway. They discuss how Eric’s fallen to the dark side, and then Shawn asks if she’ll reunite with Brady. She says their biggest problem isn’t Stefan, but Rachel.

Belle comes to see her brothers in their jail cell. Considering Eric’s recent fall from grace she’s not surprised to see him there, but why would Brady do something so stupid? Brady says Stefan didn’t give him a choice because of his obsession with Chloe. Belle understands his motivation but his actions are indefensible. She turns to Eric and says, “What about you bro? What’s your excuse?”

Eric declares he helped Brady do what needed to be done. She coldly says his family loyalty runs deep when it comes to his brother, but not so much when it comes to her. Eric can’t believe she’s making this about her. She reminds him he made it about her when he assaulted her husband and questioned her professional judgment.

When Eric assumes Belle will represent him, Belle declares he blew up every bridge between them. So, while she’ll represent Brady, Eric is on his own. Brady intervenes when Eric goes off on Belle. He urges her to help their brother. Belle refuses and yells for the guard to release Brady for his arraignment.

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Holding a bottled water, Stefan flashes a smug smile at EJ and Nicole in the mansion.

EJ finds Nicole reading the article about Brady and Eric in the DiMera living room. He says what they did to Stefan is old news. Right now, they need to focus on what they’re going to do to his brother. As they gleefully plot, Stefan enters. They feign concern and outrage for what “The Brothers Grim” did to him, but Stefan thinks they did him a favor. He now knows he loves Gabi and only Gabi. He catches them up, including the fact that Gabi decided to stay with her husband.

EJ suggests they discuss it over coffee. EJ whispers to Nicole, “Let the games begin,” as Stefan not-so-secretly drugs one of the mugs. After Nicole sips, she tells Stefan the cream is bad. EJ switches his mug for Stefan’s, as the latter gets Nicole a new cup. Stefan suggests EJ handle their call with the bank on his own, but EJ thinks it’s best they demonstrate their unwavering unity as co-CEOs. Stefan agrees but then gets a call from Gabi to meet at the park. He gulps his coffee and leaves EJ to stew.

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On the couch in front of the DiMera fireplace, Nicole and EJ raise coffee mugs to each other.

Sloan finds Trask at the police station. After the women snipe at each other, Sloan says the D.A. needs to throw the book at Eric Brady. Trask wonders, “If I put Eric in three hots and a cot, who’s going to make you hot in your cot?” Sloan asks who blabbed about her and Eric. “Lady Whistleblower,” Trask responds. “Who else?” When Sloan expresses confusion, Trask clarifies The Spectator’s hot new gossip columnist is her former client, Leo Stark. Sloan reads the column that details the “best sex of her life.”

As Sloan fumes, Belle waltzes in with a handcuffed Brady. She urges Trask not to oppose his release. She points out there’s no victim statement from Stefan, so he might not be too upset about what Brady did.

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Later, Brady finds Chloe alone in the Square.

Sloan shows up at Eric’s cell and says, “Looks like you need a lawyer.”

After EJ’s call with the bank, he and Nicole toast to their continued dosing of Stefan until he screws up so badly, he’ll be old news.

Li calls Ari’s school and learns there are no issues with her records. Meanwhile, Stefan shows up to see Gabi in the park. As he eagerly steps to her, Stefan pauses, closes his eyes, and feels for his head.

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In the park, Gabi gapes at Stefan, who holds his neck. They both wear black overcoats.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Rachel thwarts Brady and Chloe’s reunion, and someone figures out what EJ’s up to.

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