At the hospital, Xander stands in the doorway of an exam room. Inside, Rex knits his brow as he looks at Sarah, who sits on the exam table.
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tells Alex that Victor was all set to give him the CEO position until he got a call from Leo Stark. The new gossip columnist called for comment on a story about Alex’s threesome and how his affair with Allie led to her break up with Chanel. Alex doesn’t think that has anything to do with him being CEO. Maggie calls his personal life bad optics and a liability. Alex lists all the family members Victor could have chosen, but Maggie eliminates them all. He asks, “Who else is there?” Maggie smirks and says, “Me.”

Alex laughs at the thought. What experience does she have? Maggie points out she ran several successful restaurants and has picked up a thing or two from Victor over the years. She has a lot to learn, but she hopes Alex will offer counsel when needed. Alex calls Victor to confirm the decision, but still can’t wrap his mind around Maggie being a titan of industry. She declares she’s been defying expectations her entire life, and she has great instincts. Alex asks if she has killer instincts. “How this for killer instincts,” she says. “You’re fired.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex cocks his head and squints at Maggie.

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Alex reels, but Maggie says she was just kidding. She knows many others will doubt her, but this is her family, too, and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep Titan on top. Alex knows she’s smart, but she’s not ruthless. She hears his concerns, but they need to move on. Is he on board or not?

In their Salem Inn room, Leo buzzes over their first issue of The Spectator coming out, but a sullen Gwen is distracted by thoughts of Xander. She worries his heart will always belong to Sarah. Leo thinks he’ll come to his senses and knock on that door any minute. When there is a knock at the door, it’s Jack, not Xander.

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Jack gives Gwen the keys to the paper and urges her not to turn his and Jennifer’s legacy into a cheap tabloid. Gwen will do her best to live up to the standard they set. Part of him is grateful one of his children is looking after something that has meant so much to him. He tells Gwen that he and Jennifer are going back to Boston tonight. With tears in his eyes, Jack says he will always love her and hopes it’ll be easier to love each other with some distance between them. He also hopes she finds the happiness she always wanted. Before he leaves, a teary-eyed Gwen says, “I love you too.”

Jennifer finds Julie wearing a lei at the Horton House, having just come home from vacation. Julie knows about The Spectator and asks if Jennifer and Jack lost their minds. Jennifer admits Xander and Gwen blackmailed them over the hit and run. Julie wants to get in her car, find Gwen and finish the job. Jennifer stops her. As Julie declares none of this would have happened if Jack had just kept it in his pants, Jack enters. “Oh, Julie, how I’ve missed you,” he snarks. As Jennifer and Jack say their goodbyes to Julie, she tells Jack if Gwen does anything to hurt the people she loves, she will answer to her.

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Wearing a white tank top, Xander looks over papers in his motel room, as Justin looks on.

At the motel, Justin tells Xander that a clerk misplaced the paperwork so their divorce hasn’t been processed. He reprinted the papers and needs him and Sarah to re-sign them. With a furrowed brow, Xander says he will look over the paperwork and get back to him.

As Gwen and Leo eat in the Square, Gwen worries she’s made a mistake choosing Xander over Jack. Leo is certain Xander loves her and urges her to have faith. They’ll be together as those divorce papers come through. Justin approaches and tells them the divorce papers didn’t get filed, and Xander seemed hesitant about signing them again. He snags a fry from Leo’s plate and tells them to have a lovely evening.

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Justin sits with Leo and Gwen at a table in the Square.

Justin returns to the mansion as Alex and Maggie toast to Alex accepting the job as her second in command. He assumes they’re celebrating Alex becoming CEO, but Alex and Maggie correct him.

At the hospital, Sarah tells Rex she’s pregnant. Rex thinks it’s amazing. “We’re having a baby,” he exclaims and hugs her. Sarah tells him that according to the tests, the timing indicates it’s Xander’s baby. But she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Rex tells her about the job opening at his hospital. The job is hers if she wants it. She looks it up online and agrees it sounds great, but things are complicated right now. Xander comes to the open door.

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In a hospital exam room, Rex looks over Sarah's shoulder as she studies the phone in her hand.

He asks if can talk to Sarah alone. After Rex leaves, Xander tells Sarah the divorce didn’t go through. Before they sign the new papers, he asks if it’s truly what she wants. Maybe this is a sign from the universe they should give their marriage another shot. Sarah puts her hands over her belly.

Sarah says she, too, got a sign before he walked in — Rex recommended her for a job in Chicago, and she’s going to take it. So, the universe is telling her it’s best for them to go their separate ways. She asks for the papers. He reluctantly hands them over and she signs. He follows suit. She’ll make sure the papers get filed properly before she leaves. “We did have a good run while it lasted, didn’t we?” Xander asks. Through tears, Sarah says, “Yeah, we did.” He wishes her luck in Chicago and marches out.

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An emotional Sarah peers up at Xander in a hospital room.

A sullen Xander happens by Leo and Gwen in the Square. Leo demands to know why he hasn’t signed the new divorce papers. Xander tells them he did, and Sarah is leaving town with Rex. Once their divorce is finalized, any connection they had will be gone for good.

Back at the hospital, Sarah tells Rex she’s taking the job and didn’t tell Xander about the baby. Rex wonders if she’s sure. Sarah doesn’t know what she wants to do about the baby, so this will give her a chance to think about it without Xander breathing down her neck.

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