In a hospital room, Sarah wears street clothes as she sits on an exam table. Her shoulders hunch and her eyebrows raise. Rex looks at her with a knit brow.
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A furious Sarah drops by as Xander does pushups in his motel room. “What have I done this time to deserve your righteous indignation,” he wonders. She yells at him for stealing The Spectator. He tries to play it off, but Sarah knows better. When she won’t let up, he shouts, “Fine!” and admits to blackmailing Jack and Jennifer, but he won’t tell her with what. It makes her sick that he did that to his best friend and runs to the bathroom to throw up.

Sarah returns, assuming she ate something bad, and rants over Xander being the same low-life thug he’s always been. She’s so glad she signed the divorce papers. Now, she doesn’t have to listen to her husband rattle off excuses for why he committed yet another crime against the people she loves. “I’m done,” she says, tearing up. “For good.”

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At the Salem Inn, Gwen sits in front of her laptop, holding a ripped piece of paper. Leo sits across a round table from her with a furrowed brow.

Rex comes to the Kiriakis mansion looking for Sarah, but only finds Maggie. She heard from Henderson that he left Sarah’s bedroom the other day and demands to know what his intentions are. Rex knows Sarah isn’t ready to jump into a relationship and declares they’re just friends. Maggie wonders why he needs to see her then. He’s going back to Chicago and wants Sarah to work at his hospital.

Leo giddily returns to his Salem Inn room with his first Lady Whistleblower gossip column. Gwen’s eyes bulge as she reads that Sonny contracted scabies after a gay orgy attended by his father. Gwen rips it up. She can’t print it because it’s not true. Leo rolls his eyes. “The truth is so 2015,” he says. She declares the paper has standards set by her father and her late sister. She will uphold them to prove she is every bit as good an editor as they were. Gwen doesn’t care who Leo goes after, but he has to find dirt she can actually print.

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In his motel room, Xander wears a white tank top, as he leans his forearms on a glass table across from Gwen.

Gwen comes by to see Xander as he drinks. She’s excited over putting out their first issue of the paper, but detects his dour mood. He tells her Sarah found out they blackmailed Jack and Jennifer. She can tell by the look on his face that he’s still in love with her and wonders where that leaves them. Xander cares about her a great deal, but he is still coming to terms with the end of his marriage. He’s not ready to think about the future. Gwen suggests that until he is, they should keep things professional. He agrees. She leaves and cries against the door in the hallway.

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Chad and Sonny lean towards each other over a Brady Pub table.

Sonny hangs up with Will as Chad comes into the Pub. As they sit at a table, Sonny tells Chad he’s moving to New Zealand. Chad is happy for him. When Sonny mentions Alex taking over as CEO, Chad remarks that Stephanie will be reporting directly to him. Sonny assures him there’s nothing to worry about, but Chad isn’t comforted. He never thought he’d feel this way again and is desperate not to lose her. But, he is grateful that she’s in his and his kids’ lives. Justin enters and joins Sonny and Chad for beers. The men rib Sonny for “selfishly” moving halfway around the world.

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At Titan, Alex and Stephanie grin while linking pinky fingers.

In the Titan office, Alex looks at Sonny’s CEO nameplate. He says he’ll miss him, but he could get used to this. He kicks his feet up on the desk, as Stephanie enters. Alex tells her it’s not official yet, but he’s the obvious choice for the next CEO. He moves in close and asks if she will she be okay working closely with him. The tension builds, as she responds that as long as they stay focused and mindful of each other’s boundaries, they should get along just fine. They shake on it and stare into each other’s eyes.

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Leo holds out a recorder to Alex and Stephanie, who glower.

Leo bounces in with his recorder to ask Alex if he broke up, “Salem’s favorite bisexual bakers.” Alex denies it, but Leo details his night of sucking lemons with Allie before a night of raunchy sex. Stephanie’s eyes bulge, as she then hears Chanel found them the next morning. When Leo brings up their threesome, Alex smashes Leo’s recorder. Leo tells him to pick up a copy of tomorrow’s paper because it will be a must-read. Leo prances away, leaving Alex to try and explain. Stephanie says what he does has nothing to do with her and leaves.

Alex enters the Pub and tenses when he sees Chad. Sonny asks him to play nice and Alex obliges. He sits as Sonny predicts Alex will kill it as CEO. Justin agrees because he’s the most like Victor. Chad chuckles and says, “He wishes.” Sonny scolds him. Alex hugs his brother and they exchange “I love yous.” Alex heads for the door, ignoring Chad’s extended hand.

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Sonny intently looks at Alex while sitting at a Brady pub table with Justin and Chad. Beer bottles sit in front of them.

As Stephanie enters to say goodbye to Sonny, Justin hugs his son and leaves to see a client. Stephanie thanks Sonny for taking a chance on her PR company. He tells Stephanie and Chad to take care of each other and embraces Chad. “I love you guys,” he says before leaving to catch his flight. Alone, Chad notes to Stephanie that she’ll have a new boss.

Alex meets Maggie at home to discuss Titan business. She tells him Victor is out of town and asked her to relay that Alex is not the new CEO. Victor is giving the job to another Kiriakis.

At the hospital, a nurse notices Sarah looking a little queasy. Sarah assumes it’s food poisoning, but the woman suggests Sarah run a few tests.

Justin comes to see Xander and tells him there’s a problem with the divorce. Meanwhile, Rex finds Sarah in an exam room at the hospital. He has something he needs to talk to her about. She does too — “I’m pregnant.”

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In his motel room, Xander wears a white tank top and a grave expression. Justin wears a suit and overcoat, while casting a dubious expression at Xander.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Rex has a solution for Sarah, and Maggie surprises Alex.

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