A shirtless Li stands behind Gabi in the apartment doorway. He narrows his eyes with a slight grin at Stefan.
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Johnny strolls by the bakery as Chanel puts up a Help Wanted sign in Sweet Bits’ window. She explains she’s short-staffed since Allie left, and tells him about his sister sleeping with Alex, and moving to New Zealand with Will. Johnny exclaims, “Allie did what?!”

They go to the Pub where Johnny takes a shot, and rants over Allie moving without even telling him. He takes another shot and gets them drinks as Chanel points out she’s the one with the broken heart. Johnny calms down and suggests it’s for the best. Chanel deserves to be happy and with someone who is as amazing and special as she is. He is sure one day, very soon, she will be. Chanel is tired of being mopey, so they toast to happiness and hope and no more heartbreak.

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At the Pub, Chanel glares at Johnny who leans against the bar. Two shot glasses sit in front of him.

At the apartment, Wendy tells Li and Gabi that Tripp is moving in too. Tripp offers to stay with his dad and leaves the Shins to hash things out. Since Gabi refuses to share a bed with him, Li declares Tripp will have to bunk on the couch. Wendy won’t hear of that because she made an agreement with Tripp first. She allows them to stay — as long Tripp is okay with it — but Li will be the one taking the sofa. Scoffing, Li says they’ll find somewhere else to live, but Gabi grabs her bag to unpack.

In the apartment, Li eyes Gabi, who pulls a wry face and crosses her arms.

Nicole comes home to EJ who got his lab results back. He was right, Stefan has been drugging him. He also had the vial dusted for prints, which revealed Stefan’s. Going forward, EJ will let Stefan think he’s drugging him, but he will switch the drinks, so that Stefan drugs himself. When Stefan starts acting erratically, he’ll be the one thrown out on his ass. Nicole offers to be his accomplice/drinking buddy.

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Stefan comes to Chloe’s hotel room and tells her that Brady kidnapped him. He rubs his temple and says he came straight there to see her. He pauses and says at least he thought he wanted to see her. Chloe tells him she had time to think and decided she can’t be with a man who loves two women. He assures her he won’t be bugging her anymore because his feelings for her are gone.

Chloe reels, but admits she never really felt like his feelings were genuine. Stefan’s sorry, but he is grateful for the time they spent together. Now, he wants to be with Gabi. She’s happy for him. He points out she can be with Brady now… at some point. She says maybe.

Sitting on a Salem Inn bed, Stefan faces an emotional Chloe, who faces straight ahead.

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Tripp finds Joey in the Square texting his girlfriend. He tells his brother that he’s thinking of moving in with Wendy. Joey’s thrilled to hear it, but Tripp declares it’s a platonic situation since she’s dating Johnny. As Tripp explains that Li and Gabi will be living there too, Stefan overhears and rushes off.

Joey urges his brother to admit that he has feelings for Wendy, as she appears. Wendy tells Tripp that Li will be sleeping on the couch so Tripp can have the third bedroom. Tripp wonders if it’d be easier if he lived elsewhere, but Wendy wants him to stay. Joey suggests they go to the Pub to celebrate.

At the Pub, Wendy stares ahead, gaping. Behind her Joey narrows his eyes, and Tripp raises his brow while holding a to-go coffee.

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As they enter the Pub, Wendy’s face falls at Johnny and Chanel. Johnny assures her this isn’t what it looks like. Wendy knows they’re just friends. Just like her and Tripp, she coolly states. Johnny having drinks with Chanel doesn’t mean anything more than Tripp moving in with her.

Back at the mansion, EJ pours drinks as Nicole tells him about her run-in with Eric. She assures him their conversation was more awkward than romantic. He even stomped off when EJ texted. She thinks he just wanted to ask her about the orchid that was stolen from the basement. EJ tenses. He asks if their relationship is really what she wants. He thinks they feel right, but he doesn’t want to stand in her way. Nicole appreciates that, but this feels good and right to her too. She and Eric are done. This is exactly where she wants to be.

At the mansion, EJ and Nicole clink crystal glasses.

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Chloe visits Brady in the interrogation room. He defends his actions and she tells him the procedure worked. Stefan is over her. Brady’s thrilled and says they can move on now. Chloe responds that it’s not that simple. She tearfully admits she’s in love with him, but she can’t get over what he did. Plus, Rachel hates her. Brady knows his daughter will eventually come around. Chloe wonders if Rachel will understand that Brady went to prison for kidnapping a man.

In the interrogation room, an emotional Brady looks across the table at Chloe.

After Gabi snacks on chips and spreads crumbs over Li’s bed the couch, he leaves to take a shower. Stefan comes to the apartment door. She tries to shut it in his face, but he explains the deprogramming worked. “You are the love of my life,” he declares. “The only one that I want.” He hugs a gobsmacked Gabi and says there’s nothing stopping them now.

Li comes out in a towel and shouts, “Get your hands off my wife!” He smugly informs Stefan that Gabi agreed to stay married to him for six months. Stefan demands to know why Gabi would do that. An emotional Gabi has trouble forming words. Li grins and slams the door in Stefan’s face.

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