Against an iron headboard, Stefan's eyes bulge and his teeth clench. White gauze secures tongs around his head, and a hand holds a small ice cream scooper hear his face. A red light flashes.
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In the park, Nicole tells Eric it’s funny running into him today, because it was exactly 25 years ago that they met. He remembers and has been thinking about her too — a lot. In fact, he was talking to his dad, who is rooting for them to get back together. Nicole finds that surprising for many reasons, but mostly because of Sloan. Eric informs her they are no longer seeing each other because he betrayed her trust. Nicole remarks, “So… you’re available.” He retorts, “And you aren’t.”

Eric and Nicole sit on a park bench.

Nicole asks why he told her Roman is rooting for them. Eric just found it interesting that he had a change of heart. She asks if Eric has as well. Eric hasn’t thought much about what’s in his heart, he just wants it to stop hurting and to make peace with losing his mom. He mentions Roman’s regrets over not having more time with Kate. Nicole ignores a call and asks if Eric has any regrets. “You know I do,” he says. She gets an urgent message from EJ, and thinks it could be about Holly. Eric coldly quips that they’re one big happy family. Before she leaves, Eric asks if Nicole has heard anything about the orchid. She assures him she would have told him if she had. He says it was a long shot and leaves her with tears in her eyes.

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At the apartment, Wendy wears an off the shoulder low-cut top, as she sits on the couch with Tripp. A taped cardboard box sits behind them.

Tripp comes to see Wendy at the apartment. They discuss the funerals and Li’s arrest over Stefan’s brainwashing. Wendy notes it’s like there’s a virus making people think they’re in love with two different people. She points to Stefan and Allie. Tripp asks, who else? Wendy shifts uncomfortably and says she probably overstated it. As for her living situation, she says she can’t afford to live there alone. Since he’s staying in Salem for his parents, Tripp suggests he move in. Wendy will still need a third roommate to afford it. But after assuring him that Johnny won’t mind — because she and Tripp are just friends — she accepts his offer to move in.

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Rafe sits across from Li in the interrogation room. Sloan stands next to Li, glaring at Rafe with her hand on her hip.

As Li sits handcuffed in the interrogation room, he tells Rafe he did everything he did because he loves Gabi so much. In fact, he’s confident Gabi will forgive him. Rafe scoffs. There is no grudge too small that his sister won’t hold on to. And Trask is exactly the same way. After Li skated out the first time, she will make sure her charges stick. Especially after Rolf rolled on him. Rafe hands him paper and a pen to write his confession.

Sloan enters declaring Li won’t sign anything. She demands he be released into her custody. Rafe refuses and then gets a text. A gloating Sloan assumes it’s from Trask, who she just came from. The D.A. is furious with Rafe and Jada over letting Eric lie his way into releasing Rolf. Rafe uncuffs Li, but warns he’ll just get Rolf to sign a new statement so he shouldn’t take off.

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In the Square, Gabi runs into Chloe, returning from visiting Parker. Chloe assures her she hasn’t talked to Stefan. Gabi, in turn, tells her Stefan called her Chloe’s name. So, if she still wants him, he’s all hers. She’s going back to Li for his stock, which she only agreed to, knowing Rafe would throw him in prison. A smug Li walks up.

After Chloe leaves the newlyweds alone, Li confirms to Gabi that he’s out for good. He reminds her they made a deal, which means, they’ll be living together. Gabi points out he gave up his room at the Salem Inn. Li knows of the perfect place for them.

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In Eric’s room above the Pub, images of Chloe play on the wall, as Stefan sits tied to the bed. His head lolls and his eyes droop. Brady returns and tells Rolf his chowder is in the hall with three bags of oyster crackers. But he needs to get this done first. Rolf warns if he amps up his contraption, the west side of Salem will go dark and he doesn’t want another visit from Roman. Brady assures him Roman thinks the lights are a message from Kate. Rolf laughs. No one can bring Kate back. Well, no one other than himself.

A groggy Stefan urges Brady to stop and compares him to Li. But not even the thought of Chloe finding out what he’s doing stops Brady from his mission. Rolf secures the rigged tongs over Stefan’s head and Brady presses an ice cream scooper to send volts into Stefan’s brain. Stefan’s whole body shakes as he watches Chloe’s photos cycle through on the wall.

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Propped against a wrought iron headboard, Stefan's head lolls and his eyes are closed. Two hands press against his chest, in position for CPR compressions.

Stefan passes out and Rolf urges Brady to turn off the ice cream scooper. Rolf listens to Stefan’s heart and tells Brady he killed him. Brady checks, but he can’t find a pulse. He orders Rolf out and starts CPR. As he performs mouth-to-mouth, Stefan opens his eyes and screams, as Rafe pounds on the door.

In the hall, Rafe yells that he needs to talk to Eric about Rolf, who hides around the corner. When Stefan yells for Rafe, he kicks in the door. Rafe frees Stefan who tells him what Brady, Eric, and Rolf did. In the hallway, Rolf makes off with the chowder. Stefan bolts from the room and Rafe arrests Brady. Eric shows up, and Rafe says he’s next.

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Eric enters his room above the Pub, as Rafe arrests Brady.

Outside the Pub, Rolf runs into Sloan. She tells him the police are looking for him, and offers him a lab courtesy of Li. They walk off together.

At the Salem Inn, Chloe opens her door to Stefan.

At the apartment, Tripp makes a Vitale family pasta recipe. Wendy thinks having him as a roommate will be awesome. As they eat, Gabi and Li come to the door. Li says, “Mrs. Shin and I are moving in.” He rolls in two bags.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Stefan has a realization, while EJ plans his move against him.

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