With a sorrowful expression, Megan presses her cheek and hand to a stand up chamber pod.
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Above the Pub, Eric leaves his room to sounds of zapping, and asks to be updated about Stefan’s deprogramming. In the hall, he runs into Roman, who wonders why the lights are flickering. Eric suggests they check the circuit breaker.

Downstairs, Eric calls the flickering a fluke. Roman says, “Or Kate,” and tells his son he’s been hearing her voice through the urn. Eric scoffs, but Roman won’t hear that from someone who has been performing exorcisms. Roman tells his son that a DiMera has the orchid, and thinks Nicole might have seen something. He asks Eric to talk to her. Eric doesn’t think it’s a good idea because they aren’t exactly getting along.

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At the Pub, Eric leans over the bar, drinking from a coffee cup. Behind the bar, Roman regards him with folded arms.

Roman points out this isn’t just a bad breakup. He and Nicole have been part of each other’s lives for years. Eric points out, 25 years, in fact. He tells his dad about their run-in on Valentine’s Day, which Roman calls a sign. Whatever is between them never goes away. Eric counters whatever is between them never works. Roman urges him to try again because he won’t want to look back on his life and regret wasting time being “right.” Eric gets a message from Brady that Rolf’s taking a break. He leaves for a run.

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A young Jensen Ackles, as Eric, folds his hands on a table and looks up at Nicole.

Paulina meets Abe in the Square and tells him Steve and John had a chat with Orpheus. She confirms he’s still alive, but Roman told her that a DiMera has the orchid. Nicole happens upon them and Abe invites her to join them. Abe brings up the funerals, leading Paulina to mention how highly regarded all three women were. Nicole deadpans, “Not all of them,” and recalls her and Kate’s complicated relationship.

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A younger Nicole poses in a one piece bathing near the ocean. She lies on a towel holding an ice cube. Eric, played by Jensen Ackles, kneels in the sand and takes her picture.

As Paulina peppers her with questions, Nicole recalls giving up Eric when Kate offered her 25 million dollars to marry Lucas. She often wonders what would have happened if they married way back when. She recalls their first meeting at the Java Café, noting how young they were — almost like different people. She then remembers their first photo shoot, Eric becoming a priest, and then getting engaged again. Nicole has no doubt Eric has moved on, though, just like she’s going to.

Nicole goes to the park and recalls her wedding to Eric, who appears.

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A clean shaven, brown haired Eric wears a formal suit with a boutonniere. He faces Nicole, who wears a white dress.

In the DiMera mansion, John and Steve tell Tony and Anna that Stefano kept Megan alive in a cryogenic state until she could be healed. Also, Megan brainwashed them last summer so they could steal the prism. Now, she’s out there somewhere with all three prisms. Steve explains they didn’t tell Tony because the ISA swore them to secrecy since it’s an ongoing investigation. They won’t stay quiet anymore, though, since she’s probably the one who took the orchid. If it proves true, she won’t get away with killing their wives.

John asks if there’s anything Tony can remember that could help find Megan. Tony didn’t even know Megan was his sister until after she died, but Anna recalls Stefano kept a box of her things. While Tony looks for it, John says he’ll call Andrew Donovan, who’s heading up the investigation for the ISA.

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In a lab, Marlena Kayla and Kate lie in pods with their eyes open.

Megan comes to the DiMera lab as Marlena, Kayla and Kate open their eyes in their individual pods. Megan opens the pods and injects them with a syringe. Marlena sits up and tells Megan the last thing she remembers is being on the roof with John. Megan explains she snuck something into Marlena’s IV to make it appear as if she died. Then, she switched her body with one of Stefano’s Marlena lookalikes in the morgue.

Kayla sits up and learns everyone thinks they’re dead. Megan remarks she didn’t have a lookalike body so she improvised. She then confirms her actions are partly to avenge Stefano, but their deaths are vital to her bigger plans. Kate is next to rise and gets caught up. Megan notes her death was the easiest to fake since Kate wanted to be cremated. Now, Roman is talking to the remains of a goat.

In a lab, Marlena and Kayla sit up in chamber pods, wearing hospital gowns. They stare at Megan who wears a crimson red dress.

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Marlena asks if this has anything to do with the prisms. When Kate asks, Kayla fills Kate in on their dealings with Megan last summer. Megan gives them another injection to put them out because they’re going to need strength for what comes next. “Phase two will begin very shortly.”

As they look through the box in the mansion, Anna points out that Megan wanted all three prisms because they cured all sorts of things, including Stefano’s brain tumor. Maybe, she’s collecting them again to bring Stefano back from the dead. Or even worse, what if she already has? Tony dismisses the theory. Anna wonders, if not Stefano, then who is she trying to cure?

John and Steve enter the Pub and tell Roman they think Megan is the DiMera they’re looking for.

In another part of the lab, Megan wistfully caresses a hazy chamber with glowing lights.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chloe returns to Salem, and Nicole and Eric make an admission to each other.

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