In a lab, Marlena Kayla and Kate lie in pods with their eyes open.
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At Marlena’s grave, Steve finds John trying to make sense of a DiMera stealing the orchid to ensure their wives’ deaths. Steve remarks they have to find the one who has it. John knows the obvious place to start.

Anna comes to the DiMera living room and takes the newspaper out of Tony’s hands. She can’t believe Orpheus’ death didn’t make the front page and searches through the rest of the paper. Tony teases her for believing Kate talked to Roman from the great beyond, as John and Steve enter.

The men confirm they didn’t kill Orpheus, but a DiMera ultimately killed their wives. They’re there to find out who it was, and they need Tony’s help. Tony won’t assist their witch hunt and asks them to leave. John and Steve won’t budge. If Tony doesn’t help, they’ll strip the mausoleum they call home down to its foundation.

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In the DiMera living room, John and Steve face Anna and Tony. Stefano's portrait hangs over the fireplace between them.

After ransacking EJ’s room, the foursome rules out EJ, Johnny, and Chad because of their connections to the women. They muse over Stefan’s vile past with Abigail, but Anna believes he’s changed for the better since he returned from the dead. After eliminating the DiMeras who don’t live in Salem, John and Steve note there’s one DiMera they haven’t talked about yet. Tony and Anna point out there aren’t any more living DiMeras out there. Unless the men know something they don’t. John and Steve share a knowing look.

Roman serves Paulina coffee at the Brady Pub bar. She came in to make sure he didn’t kill Orpheus. After he learns she overheard Anna talking about it, he assures her John and Steve didn’t go through it. Relieved, Paulina says it’s not what Kate would have wanted. Roman, knows because she told him from her urn. He puts the urn on the bar and leaves to tend to a delivery.

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In the afterlife, Marlena and Kayla sit in chairs, gaping at Kate. Marlena holds a bowl of oats and berries, while Kayla holds a bowl filled with a creamy white substance topped with orange fruit.

In the afterlife, a grumpy Kate holds a martini glass, as Marlena enjoys her standard muesli and Kayla raves over the ambrosia. Kayla tells Kate to lighten up, but Kate reminds them Jake said they aren’t supposed to be there. Kayla and Marlena muse that Jake could have been an illusion like Susan, Jordan, and Adrienne. Marlena opines they have a bigger issue to worry about if their husbands succeeded in killing Orpheus. They suggest Kate try to contact Roman again to find out.

Elsewhere, Jake finds Nick playing a violent video game and tells him to send the women back to earth. It’s a hard no for Nick because he loathes and despises Will. Therefore, Horton will be mourning his grandmothers and aunt for the rest of his life. Besides, Nick points out that Jake and his heavenly crew did the same thing by snatching Bo’s soul before he was all the way dead. Jake admits it was a mistake that they corrected.

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Against a purple background, Stefan eyes Nick from behind. Nick wears headphones around his neck and stares off with a steely expression.

Jake asks Nick to think about Julie, who is the only one who truly cared, and still cares, for him. Jake wonders what Julie will say when she gets to heaven and learns that even in the afterlife, Nick is a nasty little man. That everybody was right about him and she was wrong. What will that do to her? An affected Nick tries to hold on to his defenses. Jake urges him to send the women back for Julie.

Kate softly calls out to Roman, which Paulina hears while alone in the Pub. Paulina warily looks at the urn and says Roman stepped out. “Can I take a message?” Kate doesn’t know how much time she has and asks if Orpheus was killed. Paulina assures her he wasn’t. Upon Marlena and Kayla’s urging, Kate starts to ask Paulina to tell Roman they’re all alive.

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In Brady's Pub, Paulina stands with wary expression and her mouth agape.

Their connection goes out and Nick appears. Jake follows and the women ask if they’re going home. Nick explains that Jake appealed to his better nature which apparently does exist. They are going home, but they won’t remember their experience there. He clarifies that when their souls reunite with their bodies, there’s no telling what will happen. They could die and end up right back there. They’re willing to take that risk. Jake opens a door for them to walk through.

Once the women have left, Jake tells Nick this is a new beginning for the women. Hopefully, they make it back to Salem. Nick hopes they don’t wake up to a fate worse than death.

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In the afterlife, Nick stands behind Jake who motions his arm toward an open door. Kayla Marlena and Kate stand before them.

At the Pub, Paulina calls out for Kate and knocks on the urn. Roman returns, and Paulina tells him Kate was talking to her, but she was cut off.

In the DiMera mansion, Tony asks John and Steve what this new revelation is. John mentions Tony’s sister, Megan Hathaway. In a lab, Megan peers over Kate, Kayla, and Marlena in their pods. The women’s eyes open. Megan says, “Finally. The three sleeping beauties are awake.” She cackles.

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Megan Hathaway stares forward looking leased with herself.

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