With an irate Stefan tied to a bed, Rolf fiddles with wires connected to a crock pot and a blender. Sitting on the end of the bed with crossed arms, Brady glances over his shoulder at Stefan.
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Wei barges into the DiMera office shouting, “What the hell is wrong with you EJ?” Wendy spins around in the desk chair with a grin and tells him EJ is at home. Wei calls EJ a coward for scurrying off after tanking their stock. Just like Li, who was his eyes and ears until he fell in love. Wendy reminds him that she’s there because she has a good work ethic, but she knows that doesn’t matter because she’s a woman. Wei doesn’t have time to stroke her ego and demands to talk to Stefan. Wendy tells a frustrated Wei that he’s not there either. Wei assures Wendy he does care about how she’s doing, but it has to wait until he deals with this mess. He leaves to find Li to yell at him for failing him. Wei takes off to warn Li first.

Wearing robes, Nicole puts her hands on EJ's chest as they seductively look at each other.

In his bedroom, EJ details his theory to Nicole that Stefan drugged him because he didn’t actually forgive him for keeping his brainwashing a secret. He then realizes the mimosa Nicole drank was spiked as well. Nicole knew she wasn’t that much of a lightweight. When she wants to go confront Stefan, EJ stops her. They need sufficient proof first. He promises that when he makes his move, Stefan won’t see him coming. Nicole corrects him, “He’ll never see us coming.”

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A grinning Li puts Gabi's wedding ring on her finger. Her tense features look upward.

At the Salem Inn, a thrilled Li suggests he and Gabi seal their deal with a kiss. Gabi reminds him their deal is strictly business and signs the paperwork he had drawn up. He slips her wedding ring back on her finger and hands her the packet of stock certificates. Now, all she has to do is pack. Since living together is a stipulation of the deal, he’ll find a cozy place for them.

Eric brings Rolf to his room where Brady has Stefan tied to the bed. When Brady orders Rolf to get started on the deprogramming, Rolf declares he can’t do it because he has no equipment. Brady and Eric appeal to the great Dr. Rolf’s ego, assuming he can overcome any obstacle.

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Downstairs in the Pub, Rolf gathers supplies which include a waffle iron and hand mixer. When Eric asks if this will really work, Rolf replies it most likely will. He grabs more random Pub items and orders Eric to get him some chowder.

Alone with an irate Stefan, Brady assures his prisoner that he’ll be thanking him when this is all over. Once Chloe’s out of his life, Stefan will realize it’s what he wanted all along. Stefan wonders if he gets a say in any of this. Brady declares he will be with Chloe and to hell with what Stefan wants.

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As Sloan leaves a message for Eric to call her, she gets an alert on her phone that Rolf was freed. She storms out.

At the SPD, Rafe fumes over Eric fooling them to get Rolf to sign his statement. On the bright side, Jada says they can use it to get their arrest warrant. Maybe it will put a smile on his face. She hasn’t seen one in a while and she misses it.

As Rafe and Jada wait for the warrant to come through, Sloan marches in demanding answers about Rolf. Rafe informs the lawyer that Rolf signed his confession, which freed him, per his plea deal. Sloan discovers her copy of his confession missing from her bag. She assumes Brady stole it, but Rafe and Jada smugly tell her it was Eric, who claimed he was her paralegal.

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Eric brings Rolf chowder but says he can only have it after he’s done with Stefan. As they turn to go upstairs, Sloan bursts in. “You sonofabitch!” she yells. After firing Sloan, Rolf heads upstairs with the container of chowder and a box of kitchen gadgets. Sloan rants at Eric for betraying her and warns that he won’t get away with this. He thinks that sounds like a threat and warns her to be careful — if she enjoys having a law license. Sloan tells him they’re through and leaves.

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Outside the Salem Inn, Wendy runs into Gabi. After Wendy fails to get Li on the phone, Gabi tells her she’s not divorcing Li. She explains to a confused Wendy that L loves her with all his heart and muses they might be kindred spirits after all.

A stern looking Wei extends his hand to a tense Li, who holds a phone.

As Li talks on the phone with a realtor, Wei comes to his room. Wei rails at his son for EJ tanking the stock. Now that Li’s out of DiMera he has no one to do damage control. Li assures him he’ll be back in the company very soon. His lawyer is keeping Rolf from signing his confession so his worries are unfounded. He’s even getting back with Gabi. When he tells Wei he signed his DiMera shares over to her, Wei slaps him. Li recoils with a tearful, childlike expression. Wei continues to rail at him and then gets an alert that Rolf has been released. As Li tries to get ahold of Sloan, Rafe and Jada show up with a warrant for his arrest.

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Wei stands in Li's hotel room doorway with a dour expression.

Upstairs at the Pub, Rolf puts together a contraption with a crockpot and blender. Stefan yanks at his restraints begging him not to go through with this. Brady urges Rolf to fix the extraordinary work he started. Rolf tells Brady to connect the photos on his phone to a projector that just so happens to be in Eric’s room. As Rolf prepares his kitchen appliance contraption, the lights flicker. Brady plays photos of Chloe on the wall and Stefan whispers, “I don’t want to lose you.” Rolf comes at Stefan with rigged tongs and electricity crackles.

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