In the park, Brady scowls at Stefan.
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At the station, Eric tells Rafe he’d like to see Dr. Rolf. The commish says too damn bad, but wonders why he’s so eager to see him. Eric retorts that he doesn’t owe him an explanation. Jada tries, but fails to smooth over the situation. Rafe assumes Eric wants to get vigilante justice for Marlena and that won’t happen on his watch. The only person he is required to allow in is Rolf’s attorney, which Eric is not. Eric lies that Sloan hired him as her paralegal and he has papers she needs Rolf to look over. Jada reminds a disdainful Rafe if he denies Rolf representation the case could get thrown out, then he can’t corroborate Gabi’s statement against Li.

In the park, Brady tells Stefan he sent the text to meet in the park, not Chloe. He spoofed her number on a burner phone because the time has come to get Chloe out of Stefan’s head once and for all. The men bicker over who is hurting Chloe more, leading Brady to declare that Stefan is really in love with Gabi, who might not wait around for him to figure it out. Stefan is confident she’ll wait as long as it takes because he is the love of her life.

Stefan doesn’t want to lose Gabi, but he doesn’t want to lose Chloe either. But even so, Rolf is in jail, so further deprogramming isn’t an option. Brady relays he’s working on it as they speak. Stefan tells him to forget about whatever plan he has in mind. He won’t let Rolf screw with his mind again. When Stefan turns to leave, Brady grabs him in a chokehold. Stefan passes out and Brady drags his body away.

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In the park, Brady puts Stefan in a choke hold. Stefan grimaces and grabs at Brady's arm.

Rafe brings Eric to the interrogation room to see Rolf. Eric produces his statement and explains Sloan instructed him not to sign it because she’s working for Li. If Rolf signs now, Eric can have him released immediately.

In the squad room, an irate Rafe is told over the phone to release Rolf, as a smug Eric saunters in. Rafe knows he isn’t really working for Sloan and asks what he’s up to. Later, Rafe uncuffs Rolf, who walks off with Eric. When Rolf declares he’s going back to his lab, Eric grabs him and says, not so fast. Meanwhile, Jada tells an irritated Rafe that despite Eric’s rouse, they got everything they wanted — Rolf signed his statement, Stefan can be deprogrammed, and they have hard evidence against Li. Rafe knows she’s right and suggests they get Li before he can hurt Gabi again.

In Eric’s room over the Pub, Stefan wakes up restrained to the bed. Eric arrives with Rolf.

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In his hotel suite, Li looks to Gabi with spread hands and an earnest expression. She scowls at him with crossed arms.

In Li’s Salem Inn room, he tells Gabi there’s one small catch to his giving her his DiMera shares — “Stay married to me.” Gabi goes off. Why would she stay in a loveless marriage, especially after what he did? Li declares that he does love her. “You and only you.” Gabi doesn’t think he knows the meaning of the word love.

Li asks for six months for him to convince her not to divorce him. During that time, she can use her DiMera shares to lay down the groundwork to get rid of EJ. If she still wants the divorce at the end of that time, she can walk away from him, and keep the shares. When she still refuses, Li threatens to drag out the divorce for a lot longer than six months. After reminding her she could be a rich woman, Gabi agrees to the deal.

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A smirking Li and a glaring Gabi shake hands in his hotel room.

When Johnny finds Stefan’s vial in the DiMera office, Wendy deduces it’s an illegal drug. He asks if anyone else was in there when she came into the office. She replies, “Just your Uncle Stefan.” When they muse over why Stefan would be using drugs, Johnny points out he’s been on top of his game — business-wise anyway. He even cleaned up his dad’s recent mess. Johnny suddenly remembers EJ’s been feeling poorly and leaked sensitive information. He wonders if his dad is using because of all his recent personal drama.

In bed, EJ and Nicole sit up wrapped in a sheet, and lean lustfully toward each other.

After a naked EJ and Nicole catch their breath in bed, EJ recounts how foggy and out of character he’s been. He then brings up Eric and asks Nicole if they’d be in bed right now had they not run into Eric on Valentine’s Day. She admits had Eric not jumped into Sloan’s bed, she probably wouldn’t be there. But if she really wanted to hurt Eric with revenge sex, she would have slept with his brother. Nicole declares she and EJ are more compatible than she and Eric are because he accepts her for who she is. EJ says because of their history, feelings are involved for him. So, if she just wants a casual fling, they should end it. Nicole seductively kisses him and suggests they enjoy the ride and see where things go. He likes that idea.

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A knock on the door prompts them to jump out of bed and throw on robes. EJ answers to Johnny who holds up the vial and asks if it’s his. EJ insists it’s not and examines the vial. A relieved Johnny believes him and leaves. Alone with EJ, Nicole wonders if Stefan could be taking drugs. EJ furrows his brow and responds, “Unless Stefan is drugging me.”

In EJ's bedroom, he and Nicole wear robes, as a clothed Johnny holds up a vial to them.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Sloan confronts Eric, and Rafe and Jada get an arrest warrant.

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