Holding a document, Gabi looks at Li with a confused expression.
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Wendy comes to check on Li in his hotel room after Gabi declined his Valentine’s Day invitation. Li happily tells her they had dinner after all. He assumes she enjoyed being in the company of a man who only has eyes for her. Wendy warns it’s temporary and worries he’s setting himself up for heartbreak. Li says Gabi is worth the risk.

In his hotel room, Li smirks at Wendy.

Li asks about Wendy’s date with Johnny. She says it was fun, but her expression turns pensive. She stands to go back to work and Li brings up DiMera’s falling stock. He smirks over things going downhill since he was fired.

Brady comes to Sloan’s place to ask her some questions. A shirtless Eric answers the door, thinking he’s the pizza guy. Brady needles Eric about coming there after the funeral to “decompress,” as Sloan joins them. Brady tells the lawyer she needs to get Rolf to sign his statement implicating Li. He needs Rolf out of jail to finish Stefan’s deprogramming so Chloe will come home. Sloan says something about Trask having ulterior motives so it’s in Rolf’s best interest not to sign. She gets a call from Li and leaves.

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In Sloan's apartment, Eric looks stressed as Brady opens a manilla envelope over an open purse.

As a confused Eric and Brady eat pizza, Brady muses that Sloan was called away by her actual client — Li Shin. Over Eric’s protests, Brady digs through documents in Sloan’s bag and finds Rolf’s unsigned statement. Brady thinks it proves she’s working for Li and asks his brother if he’s going to help him divide and conquer.

When Sloan comes to Li’s room, he orders her to grind the gears of his divorce to a halt and then asks her for one more thing.

In the DiMera office, Stefan goes off on EJ for telling a TV reporter about a covert deal. EJ doesn’t know what he was thinking. Stefan flashes back to drugging his coffee earlier that morning. He then assures his brother he’s not furious, but they do need to spin it. Then, they can move forward as brothers in leadership. EJ appreciates his support.

After EJ leaves, Stefan mutters to himself that after a few more doses of the drug, EJ will be out on his loyal, pompous ass. As he’s about to drug another coffee, Jada enters. Stefan pockets the vial. The SPD is building a case against Gabi and Rolf for assaulting and deprogramming him. Would he like to testify? Stefan can’t do that because he’s in love with Gabi. As for Rolf, he has mixed feelings, but will think about it.

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After Jada’s gone, Stefan drops more of the drug into EJ’s coffee. EJ returns and Stefan hands him a mug so they can get down to strategizing. EJ passes. He’s going home and they’ll have a fresh start tomorrow. After EJ leaves, Stefan throws the vial against the wall in a fit of rage.

Later, Wendy comes to the office to work on antivirus software. Stefan leaves her to it because he just got a text from Chloe who wants to see him. Wendy asks about Gabi. Stefan loves both women, but Chloe is the one who reached out.

In the DiMera living room, Nicole peers over Johnny's shoulder as he sits at the desk. He rubs his chin as they look at his tablet.

Nicole finds Johnny in the DiMera mansion. He relays the company’s stock dropped because EJ leaked sensitive information. They can’t believe EJ of all people let it happen. Nicole notes he wasn’t feeling well last night. Johnny grins, “Or maybe he didn’t get enough sleep?” He relays he saw her come out of EJ’s room this morning.

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Nicole awkwardly admits they have become closer and then asks Johnny about his date with Wendy. He relays they had a good date, but things have gotten complicated. EJ shuffles in. He tells them he’s going upstairs to change and forget this day ever happened.

Later, Nicole finds EJ sitting slumped on his bed. He admits he’s been distracted lately and assumes it has to do with his guilt over betraying Stefan. She urges him to forgive himself. Besides, the one thing he’s good at is raising stock prices. Well, she coyly adds, after last night, there are two things he’s good at. They agree it was wonderful and they’re glad it happened. Nicole would be glad if it happened again. They kiss and fall back onto the bed.

In Rafe’s office, Gabi tells her brother about Ari going to New Zealand. She doesn’t love it, but it was Ari’s decision and she’ll visit whenever she can. As for the reason she’s there — what’s going on with Rolf? He asks her not to yell at him again, but Rolf still hasn’t signed his statement. He moves on to happier subjects, as in her Valentine’s Day with Stefan. She tells him what happened.

Rafe grows outraged upon hearing Gabi spent the evening with Li after Stefan called her Chloe. Gabi knows Li hurt her, but he would never call her by another woman’s name. Li wants her and no one else. Rafe recounts the diabolical lengths he’s gone to make her feel that way. He knows she’s hurting, but she can’t go back to Li. Gabi says she just didn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone like he did.

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Rafe glares across his desk at Gabi and points over his shoulder.

Rafe informs Gabi he was with Jada. Gabi’s eyes light up and asks for details. Rafe tells her it was no big deal, he just ran into her at the Pub. Jada is his friend and colleague and that’s it. Gabi asks if he’s sure about that. He reminds her he’s her boss. Gabi counters they are consenting adults and happily leaves them alone when Jada comes to the office.

Jada tells Rafe that Stefan is taking testifying against Rolf under advisement. Rafe worries about Gabi getting drawn back to Li. Jada starts to leave to put together an ironclad case together against Li and Rolf. He offers to order food and help. Eric comes in asking to see Rolf.

Gabi comes to Li’s room when he calls that she left her scarf there. Along with the scarf, Li informs her he’s signing his DiMera shares over to her. They’re worth a fortune and will give her a vote on future matters. She wonders why he’d do this. “To show you how much I love you,” he replies. She calls it amazing, but asks what’s the catch.

Stefan arrives at the park to meet Chloe, but finds a glowering Brady instead.

Johnny comes to the DiMera office with hot chocolate for Wendy. As he walks toward the desk he steps on Stefan’s vial. He studies it and says, “What the heck is this?”

With a furrowed brow, Johnny holds up a vial and studies it.

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