In the afterlife, Nick glares over his shoulder as he lunges toward Marlena Kate and Kayla with open arms.
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Chanel comes to Allie’s apartment to return her key and get the last of her things. When Chanel sees Allie’s bags, the latter says she’s moving to New Zealand — tonight. Chanel asks why she’s doing this. Allie knows Chanel isn’t going to forgive her and she probably doesn’t want to work with her anymore. She knows she made a mess of things so it’s best of she makes a go of it somewhere else. Chanel says they’re done as a couple, but she isn’t writing her off forever. She will always love her, but if this is what’s best for her, then she should definitely go. She tears up as she says she’ll miss her. Allie cries and returns the sentiment.

After Chanel grabs her stuff, Allie shows her a photo booth strip from a club in London. They reminisce and declare their party days some of the best of their lives. She rips the strip in half so they each have memories. Allie hopes someday, in time, they can be like that again. “Horton” and “Dupree” hug and say their goodbyes. Chanel leaves, and Allie cries as she remembers their relationship. She takes one last look at the apartment and leaves.

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In prison, Lucas leans toward Roman with a creased brow. He wears his floppy hair to the side and a disconnected goatee.

In prison, Roman tells Lucas that Kate told him not to kill Orpheus. Lucas wonders if he’s drunk. Roman assures him he’s “sober as a judge” and that Kate convinced him not to do something he can’t come back from. Even if what Roman says is true, Lucas points out that John and Steve aren’t answering their phones so there’s no way to get a hold of them. Roman suggests Lucas act drunk again, but Lucas points out he’s already been cleared for drinking.

In the infirmary, Orpheus declares he can tell John and Steve who stole the orchid. He muses that person is just as guilty as he is, if not more so. John’s intrigued, but Steve tells him they have to kill him now.

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Wearing scrubs in the prison infirmary, John and Steve glower at Orpheus who lies on a gurney.

In the afterlife, Nick tells the women it’s time to go to hell. Kate refuses and throws a vase. She declares they’ll stay and fight him. Marlena points out they don’t have weapons. Kate hands them pieces of the broken vase and they point them at Nick. His eyes flash and lightning strikes, making the “bits of crockery” disappear from their hands. He waves his hand and doors fly open. He thrusts his hands at the women which makes them involuntarily move toward the doors. As he’s about to deliver their final push to the netherworld, Jake appears in all white with an outstretched arm. He yells, “Wait!”

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In the afterlife, Nick smirks at Jake with his hands on his hips. Nick wears a black shirt and striped tie, and Jake wears a white linen button down.

Kate’s aghast upon learning Jake is there from the good place. Jake explains that the “ultimate scorekeeper” decided the good he did in life outweighed the bad. As for why he’s there, Nick cheated — and Jake’s not talking about the contracts. Nick wonders why Jake cares. Jake reminds Satan’s minion that he came back from the dead and tried to bury him alive. Nick winks to Marlena and says he wasn’t exactly acting alone. Jake doesn’t care, Nick tried to end his life early, just like he’s doing with these women. “These three ladies,” Jake declares, “aren’t really dead.”

At the Pub, Anna tries to get Kate’s urn to talk to her. She shakes it like a magic eight-ball, but it doesn’t answer her question. Anna sighs, hoping Roman gets to Statesville in time. Paulina enters and asks, “In time for what?” Anna reluctantly admits she was talking to Kate, but lies that Kate is worried about Lucas’ sobriety and convinced Roman to go check on him.

Anna gets a call from Lucas, who lets her know Roman is trying to stop John and Steve. Paulina overhears the truth about Roman’s visit and doesn’t understand why he’d try to save Orpheus. Anna explains that Kate is the one who changed his mind about killing him.

Later, Paulina finds Chanel crying in the park over Allie. Back at the Pub, Anna makes martinis for herself and Kate.

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In the infirmary, Roman grabs Steve, holds a syringe to a restrained Orpheus.

In Statesville, John tells Orpheus if they’re to spare his life then they need proof of his information. When Steve protests, Orpheus tells Steve if he dies, they’ll never know who else is responsible. Steve can live with that and brings the syringe to Orpheus’ arm. Roman enters and stops him. He tells them about Kate’s warning, and John tells Roman that Orpheus knows who has the orchid. Steve points out they just lost their leverage.

John frees Orpheus from the restraints and the men start to leave. Orpheus stops them and offers up a clue. The men later meet with Lucas who says, “You mean Kristen was robbed by…” they cut him off to remark it seems fitting. Lucas then says, “But which one?” Steve says it’s still a mystery. Roman chimes in that at least they know a DiMera stole the orchid.

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In the prison infirmary, John and Steve wear scrubs as they confer with Roman, who wears a black suit. Behind them, Orpheus sits restrained to a gurney.

In the afterlife, Jake tells the stunned women Kate’s body wasn’t creamated, and Kayla and Marlena weren’t buried. He further explains that Nick plucked them from their bodies and tried to steal their souls. They don’t belong there. Marlena asks where are their bodies? “Where are we?”

In a lab containing the DiMera Enterprises logo, red, green, and yellow lights illuminate boiling liquid in beakers. The women lie with closed eyes in individual glass chambers.

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In a lab, Marlena Kayla and Kate lie with closed eyes in glass chambers.

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