In the prison infirmary, Orpheus lies on a gurney, as Steve puts on latex gloves. John stands with his back to them and preps a syringe.
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In the prison visitors’ room, Orpheus finds the empty booze bottle in the trash and realizes Lucas poured it out. Meanwhile, in the infirmary, Steve and John tell Lucas to go and they’ll handle Orpheus from there. Lucas resists, but they want him safe in his cell. The doctor comes in. Wearing scrubs, John and Steve explain they’re there to clean up. After the doctor checks out Lucas, he walks him out him, leaving John and Steve behind.

In the prison infirmary, Lucas wears a hospital gown while gaping at John, who wears scrubs.

At the Pub, Roman tells Kate’s ashes that before the day is over, Orpheus will pay for what he did to her, Kayla and Marlena. Anna comes in from the back to see how he’s holding up. He tells her he’s fine, but she heard him talking to the urn. He knows it’s not Kate, but it brings him closer to her. He’s sure Anna understands that. She does and tears up over Roman being robbed of more time with Kate. He misses her so damn much and hopes wherever she is, she’s at peace.

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At the pub, Roman stares at Kate's urn on the bar.

In the afterlife, Kate refuses to believe Nick when he says John, Steve, and Roman are planning to kill Orpheus today. Nick shows them the moment the men agreed to the plan. After Nick leaves, Kayla declares if she knew about this plan when she visited Steve, she would have stopped him, but now there’s nothing they can do. Kate muses, “Unless there is.”

In the fiery purple place, Marlena agrees to Doug’s the devil’s deal that she will stay with him for eternity if he allows Kayla and Kate to go to the good place. They shake on it, and the devil stamps the contracts. He allows her to go say goodbye to Kate and Kayla, and then Nick will escort her down, down, down to his neck of the woods. He warns the next time she sees him he’ll be in his true form. “Try not to scream,” he says, cackling.

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Surrounded by glowing purple light and standing next to a flame, Marlena pleads with the Devil who appears to her as Doug.

Kate asks Kayla how she reached Steve. Kayla was just thinking about him and missing him and then it happened. Kate wants to try to reach Roman and talk him out of killing Orpheus. Kayla reminds her Nick closed the firewall, but Kate thinks it was specific to Kayla and Steve. She yells for Roman, but Kayla thinks it’s more about concentrating and imagining he’s right there in front of her. Kate closes her eyes and gently calls for him.

At the Pub, Anna suggests Roman keep some of Kate’s ashes in a necklace, so he’ll always be able to talk to her. Roman hears Kate’s voice. He gapes at the urn as she begs him not to kill Orpheus. It’s not worth condemning his soul for all eternity. He tells Anna Kate’s talking to him right now.

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Nick returns as Kate continues urging Roman not to kill Orpheus. Nick presses buttons on his remote and Kate’s connection is broken. Nick doesn’t know what just happened but he will talk to the IT department about it. Kate tells Kayla she felt a connection. She knows Roman got her message not to kill Orpheus. Marlena returns and gets updated on what’s going on with their husbands. Marlena in turn tells them her news.

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Kate thanks Marlena for her sacrifice, but Kayla won’t allow Marlena to trade her soul for theirs. Kate doesn’t think they can talk her out of it, but Kayla insists they are stronger together. Nick gets instructions to escort them all to the bad place if Marlena backs out of the deal. Well then, Kate says, they don’t have a choice. Kayla declares if one of them goes to hell, they all go to hell. Kate rolls her eyes. Marlena appreciates Kayla’s gesture, but she’s at peace with her decision. Kayla’s not and declares they won’t be happy in heaven while she suffers in hell. Kate suggests Marlena will adjust in time. Kayla nudges her, and a resigned Kate tells Nick there’s no deal. Nick was hoping they’d say that and asks if they’re ready to go to hell.

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In the afterlife, Kate side-eyes Kayla.

After Roman loses his connection with Kate, Roman tells Anna that Kate was trying to stop him from going through with the plan. Anna asks, “What plan?” Roman fills her in, and Anna says Ghost Kate is right — they can’t go through with it. Roman asks if she believes he heard Kate. “If you live in this town long enough,” she says, “there’s not a hell of a lot you won’t believe.” She urges Roman to stop John and Steve.

Orpheus comes to the infirmary looking for Lucas, but finds Steve and John instead. He taunts them about their wives’ deaths. Steve tells the villain they found a way to ease their suffering. “We’re going to watch you die.” They restrain him to a gurney as they detail how they’re going to make it look like he overdosed. As Orpheus asks if they really want to go to hell for taking an innocent life, Roman calls Steve. He ignores it.

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Wearing scrubs in the prison infirmary, John and Steve glower at Orpheus who lies on a gurney.

Lucas paces in the visitors’ room as Roman rushes in and declares they have to stop John and Steve.

After John prepares the syringe, Steve insists he be the one who do it. Steve takes the needle, but Orpheus stops him. He knows who’s really responsible for the deaths of their wives.

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