Marlena wears all white while standing on a staircase next to Nick in all black. Purple light glows in the background.
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John finds Steve crying at Kayla’s grave. They express how beautiful, yet overwhelming all three funerals were. When John remarks how hard it is accept they’ll never see their wives again, Steve says he saw Kayla last night. John calls it a nice vision, but Steve insists he touched her and that they kissed. He relays Kayla’s plea for help and says it was so real. When John expresses concern for him, Steve admits he’s not okay. He’ll carry this grief with him the rest of his life. John can understand that, which is why they’re going after Orpheus.

Wearing all black in front of a wall of shrubbery, Steve faces John and puts a hand on his shoulder.

At the empty Pub, Roman talks to Lucas on the phone. They have to put their in action today. Lucas is ready to do it for his mom. Allie walks in and Roman lies that Lucas called about the funeral. She gets on the phone and worries that her father has no outlet for his grief. Lucas tells her not to worry. Just take care of herself and Henry. He says he loves her more than she’ll ever know and hangs up.

At the pub, Roman, who wears all black, solemnly watches Allie as she holds a phone to her ear.

After Allie leaves, John and Steve come to see Roman, who says Lucas is all set. Roman asks if they’re ready. Steve responds that Orpheus won’t know what hit him. Roman wishes he was going with them, but they note it’s better to have him on the outside in case things go sideways.

In the Square, Will tells Sonny he can’t put New Zealand off any longer. He hates that he has to say goodbye to him already. Sonny tells him he’s going with him. He can’t spend another six months apart from him. He’s along for the ride and there’s nothing Will can do to stop him. Will brings up Titan and Ari. Sonny explains Gabi already agreed to let them take their daughter. As for Titan, Alex can take over again and he’ll work remotely. Sonny has it all figured out. The only problem seems to be Will. Doesn’t he want to do this every day, Sonny asks, and kisses him. Will marvels over Sonny’s sacrifice and promises to return the favor someday.

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Will holds Sonny's face as he kisses him in Horton Square.

Allie walks up and learns the marrieds are leaving together. Allie notes it couldn’t have been an easy decision for Sonny. He says when he realized being happy is the only thing that matters… Allie finishes his thought and says, “Everything else just falls into place.” She grins and proposes that she and Henry come along. She knows it sounds impulsive, but hearing about the women’s fearless lives at the funerals inspired her. Since she’s a single mom with no job and they just buried their grandmothers, she could use something positive in her life. The men are thrilled to have her along.

Allie wraps her arms around both Will and Sonny in Horton Square.

Back at the prison, a stumbling Lucas instructs the guard to tell Orpheus he wants to see him ASAP. When Orpheus finds Lucas, he asks if he’s drunk. Lucas gives him an empty liquor bottle, declaring he’s not drunk enough. Today was his mother’s funeral and he missed it. He needs more liquor to make it through the day. Lucas grabs Orpheus and then takes a swing, but misses. Orpheus tells him to stay put and he’ll be back.

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In prison, Lucas grabs Orpheus by his jacket.

Later, Orpheus returns with a new bottle and suggests they have a toast to Kate together. He orders Lucas to go first. As a reluctant Lucas is about to take a sip, the guard enters to take Orpheus to group therapy. After Orpheus leaves, Lucas dabs some of the booze on his face and then dumps the rest in the garbage.

The guard returns to a fake drunk Lucas who grows upset over needing more booze. He lunges for the guard who throws him into a table. Lucas goes down and the guard calls for assistance to send Lucas to the infirmary. Lucas smiles.

When the nurse leaves Lucas alone in the infirmary, he opens the door to John and Steve in scrubs.

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In the infirmary, Lucas wears a hospital gown while sitting on an exam table. His head lies back and his eyes are closed.

In the afterlife, Nick informs the women the devil is granting them an audience. Or rather, Satan agreed to see Marlena, and only Marlena. Nick leads her down a staircase and then disappears. Marlena descends into a fiery space surrounded by dark purple light. Vines and bones travel up barren trees. Behind a tree she finds Satan in the form of Doug. He thought presenting a familiar face might make her more comfortable. Besides, if she saw his real face, hers would melt away.

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Satan produces the contracts the women signed, as Marlena tries to bargain with him. She calls Nick’s games beneath him. There can’t be satisfaction in tricking mortals. Doesn’t he want to prove once and for all that he’s stronger than she is — without cheating? Satan is willing to tear up the contracts if Marlena stays by his side throughout all eternity.

As Kate and Kayla worry about Marlena, Nick returns and tells them how sappy their funerals were. He brings up Steve and knowingly says to Kayla, “You paid him a visit last night didn’t you?” When Kate presses her, Kayla reluctantly admits she talked to Steve, but she doesn’t know how. Nick assures them the firewall that Kayla circumvented has been plugged up and it won’t happen again. A gleeful Nick then teases that Steve, John and Roman are avenging their deaths by killing Orpheus today.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Marlena makes a deal with the devil, and Kate tries to contact Roman.

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