Steve sits on his couch and faces Kayla, who stands near the open door in a white dress.
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After Nicole assures EJ she’s fine staying at The Bistro with Eric and Sloan there, the hostess seats them at a table next to them. Nicole and Eric spend their meals distracted by each other, while EJ and Sloan grow annoyed. When Nicole gets up to get EJ aspirin for his headache, and Eric heads out to get his glasses in his car, they run into each other. They make awkward small talk and return to their respective tables. Sloan’s had enough and asks to go home while EJ suggests he and Nicole do the same. They’ll have a proper dinner date another night.

At her place, Sloan tells Eric she understands if he wants to call it an evening since tonight was so awkward and his mother’s funeral is tomorrow. But if he wants to tear off all her clothes and forget about the rest of the world, she’s up for that too. Eric wants all that and passionately kisses her.

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After finishing off another glass of wine, Li glumly opens his Salem Inn door to Wendy. He tells her Gabi turned down his dinner invitation. She suggests he be her friend before inviting her to a Valentine’s Day dinner. Li doesn’t want to be friends. Gabi is still his wife. Only legally, Wendy points out, reminding him that Gabi wants Stefan. Li wonders why Gabi would waste her time on a man who loves someone else. Wendy says if she’s anything like her, Gabi is trying to prove he loves her more. Li quips that he wasn’t talking about her and Johnny. When he learns she has a date with the DiMera, he encourages her to go. At least one of them will have a happy Valentine’s Day.

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In the Square, Wendy faces Johnny and Tripp. Johnny purses his lips and raises a brow, while Tripp lightly smiles.

Johnny and Tripp bump into each other in the Square. Tripp learns the flowers Johnny’s holding are for Wendy and says it’s great they worked things out. He apologizes for Joey screwing up their date by trying to matchmake for him. Johnny asks if he’s interested in Wendy. Tripp hedges as he starts to answer, but Wendy walks up. Tripp says he’s happy Wendy and Johnny made up and leaves them to their date.

At the mansion, Gabi yells at Stefan for calling her Chloe, but he insists he did no such thing. But if he did, it’s because he’s been worried about her. She won’t return his messages. Gabi wonders if Chloe had picked up, would she even be there tonight? He promises he was going to call her regardless. Gabi snarks, “Were you hoping for a threesome?” He says no, but then asks if she’s into that sort of thing. Gabi exclaims she’s not, calls him a pig, and throws wine on him. Stefan tells her he really does love her. Gabi tells him to call her when she’s the only one he loves.

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A scowling Gabi throws a glass of red wine at Stefan. He raises his arms, as if he's jumping back from the stream of wine making contact with his white button down.

After Gabi storms out, Johnny and Wendy find Stefan scrubbing his wine-stained shirt. When they hear what happened, they suggest Rolf can make his feelings for Chloe disappear when he’s released. Stefan isn’t sure he wants him to. He doesn’t feel brainwashed, and besides, who says you can’t have feelings for two people? Stefan later scoffs when he hears his nephew plans to watch Evil Dead 2 for a Valentine’s Day date. Johnny quips he’s doing better than him. When Stefan leaves, Johnny suggests his uncle is right and they should do something else. But Wendy just wants to be with him.

Upstairs, EJ turns on the charm with Nicole and they kiss. When they pull apart, EJ says, goodnight. Nicole says, “Oh, what the hell,” and lunges for another kiss. After making sure this is what she wants, he opens his bedroom door for her. She yanks him in by his tie.

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Near EJ's bedroom doorway, Nicole and EJ flirtatiously grin, as she rests a hand on his chest. He wears a suit and tie, and she wears a sparkly deep red dress with a low back.

Gabi comes to Li’s room to ask if the dinner invitation is still open. She thought they could talk about the divorce. He flashes to Sloan, declaring she’ll drag the divorce out in court, and tells Gabi he’ll ask his lawyer to get the ball rolling. She thanks him. When he brings up the fact that she’s not with Stefan, she reluctantly tells him he called her Chloe. Li bursts out laughing. Gabi lashes out at him for causing the situation in the first place, but Li declares no matter what Rolf did to him, he would still be crazy in love with her. All he ever wanted was her and if he went a little overboard, that’s why. Gabi raises her brow at “a little overboard.” Li concedes he went a lot overboard and asks her to dinner. Gabi accepts because a girl’s gotta eat.

With a beer bottle and his wedding photo nearby, Steve sleeps on the couch. He opens his eyes and sees Kayla in a white dress. Stunned, he sits up and asks how she’s there. Kayla says she had to see him on their anniversary and tell him she loves him. He responds that he loves her with all his heart. He knows this isn’t real and assumes he had too much to drink. She tells him she’s real and kisses him.

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Wearing a white dress, Kayla kisses Steve.

Kayla tells Steve she really needs his help because the good place isn’t working out. She explains about Adrienne turning into Nick, who tricked her into signing away her soul. She begs him to help her. He’s confused and needs her to tell him what to do.

Tripp comes home and wakes up a sleeping Steve. Steve says Kayla was there and needs his help. Tripp assumes he drank too much and gets his dad a drink to restore his electrolyte balance. Steve tears up and says, “You’re a good son.” Tripp tells him he loves him and heads to his room. Steve cries as he remembers his last wedding with Kayla. As he looks through a photo album, he wonders how he’s supposed to let her go. Seeing her was so real. He will love her until the end of time. “Happy anniversary, Sweetness,” he says through tears.

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A shaken Steve faces a concerned looking Tripp, who reaches out to him.

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