At the mansion, Gabi wears a red spaghetti strap dress, as she smolders with Stefan, in an open collar suit. Her hands rest on his chest and their foreheads touch.
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At Basic Black, a t-shirt-clad Brady trashes Valentine’s Day flowers delivered to Chloe from Stefan. He calls Chloe and leaves a message saying he’s worried about her since no one has talked to her. Nicole enters, in an off-the-shoulder sweater dress, and relays that Chloe is upset he didn’t tell her about Kristen’s blackmail. She needs space. Since tomorrow is Marlena’s funeral, he should let this go and focus on helping his family get through it.

They move on to discussing her “weird hangover” and how Eric is now drinking. Nicole thinks it’s because he lost his mom, but Brady counters it’s because he misses her. When Nicole scoffs, Brady asks if she’s moved on with EJ. She evades the question by heading off to a meeting.

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At Basic Black, Brady wryly recoils from Nicole's cringy face.

Sloan comes to Li’s Salem Inn room and tells him she convinced Rolf not to sign his statement about Li’s crimes. He glumly asks what she’s going to do about his Gabi problem now. She explains there are many ways to drag his divorce out in court. While she does that, Li plans to make her love him again. Sloan wonders how exactly he’ll do that. He doesn’t know, but is open to ideas. She advises him to be aggressive and to stop worrying about how others will feel about his actions. He chuckles that she sounds like Gabi, and agrees he needs to sidestep the logical arguments and go straight for her heart.

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At the Salem Inn, Sloan wears a brown sweater and black leather skirt as she faces Li. Wearing a cream colored sweater, Li glares, with his hands on his hips.

Wearing a suit, Stefan enters the DiMera mansion fired up over Nicole helping them close a Basic Black deal. However, EJ kept losing his train of thought. Wearing a black sweater, EJ winces, feeling a bit foggy. Stefan thinks he needs a good stiff drink and drugs a glass as he pours. The brothers toast, but just as they’re about to drink, Chad saunters in. EJ offers him his drink and Stefan tenses as Chad sips. Chad promptly spits it out, cringing over how strong it is.

With club soda for Chad and water for EJ, the brothers toast with Stefan to Chad’s promising new beginning with Stephanie. When Chad leaves to have pizza with the kids, Stefan offers EJ a cocktail. EJ passes and leaves to clear his head. Alone, Stefan tells his father’s portrait he’s just going to give EJ a few more doses to go from feeling off, to going off the deep end. Then, he’ll be out at DiMera. However, he’ll turn his attention to vengeance tomorrow because tonight is for love. He pulls out his phone.

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EJ Chad and Stefan toast at the DiMera mansion.

In her running gear, Gabi barges into Rafe’s office where he works in a hoodie. She thought Rolf would have been released by now. Rafe informs her that Sloan stopped him from signing his statement. Gabi bemoans not hearing from Stefan all day. Rafe is sure her phone will ring any minute, which it does. It’s Li who invites Gabi to dinner, but she hangs up on him. She then sees a missed call from Stefan, who left a message inviting her to the house.

Nicole comes to EJ’s room as he leaves his bathroom in just a towel. He asks if she’s up for dinner tonight. She points out it’s Valentine’s Day, which he knows. He also knows she helped them close the deal when he was struggling. That’s an achievement worth celebrating. When she continues to balk, he points out they closed an Italian deal. So, if they pretend they’re in Rome, it’ll be February 15 — a day with no expectations. She leaves to get changed.

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At the police station, and wearing a t-shirt and hoodie, Rafe spreads out his hands in front of a gaping Gabi, who wears running gear.

Outside the Pub, Jada tells Stephanie everyone will be there for her tomorrow at her mother’s funeral. Stephanie appreciates that and asks how Jada is doing since her break up with Eric. Jada says it wasn’t meant to be. Luckily, they haven’t run into each other much. Eric strolls up.

After Stephanie leaves, Jada offers condolences for Eric’s mom, aunt, and stepmom. When she says Kate helped her during “that time,” Eric relays how happy he is that she’s moved on. Jada notes he has too and brings up Sloan. He tells her they’re casual. When she says she’s not looking to date, Eric states that whoever she chooses to be with will be a lucky person. She heads into the Pub and Eric pulls out his phone.

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At the horton house, Thomas puts something into Stephanie's hands. She sits on the couch next to chad with closed eyes. Charlotte smiles nearby.

After Chad invites her, Stephanie comes to the Horton House. They eat pizza and Chad calls out to the kids. Thomas, in a red cable knit sweater, and Charlotte, in a red apple dress, enter the living room with a Valentine’s cookie for Stephanie. She in turn gives them boxes of candy hearts. After the kids run off, Chad tells Stephanie how special she is and she returns the sentiment. They kiss.

In his Salem Inn room, Li asks Sloan if she’d like to have dinner with him. She’s tempted, but gets a call from Eric who asks her to dinner at The Bistro. She leaves Li alone.

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At the DiMera mansion, Stefan and Gabi clasp outstretched hands. She wears a coy smile and a red spaghetti strap dress. He wears a grey suit and open collared white shirt.

At the mansion, Stefan lights candles, as Gabi shows up in a tight red spaghetti strap dress. He is so happy she accepted his invitation. He hands her a red rose and presents their favorite wine that he now remembers. It’s all she ever wanted — to recapture their love and magic. He passionately kisses her. When they decide to take things to the bedroom, Gabi tells Stefan she loves him. “I love you too, Chloe,” he responds.

As Rafe picks up carryout at the Pub, Jada invites him to join her at her table. They toast with beers to a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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At The Bistro, Eric waits for Sloan in an open-collared three-piece suit. She saunters in wearing a tight, short, purple dress. He twirls her and tells her she looks great. When he pulls out a chair for her, she makes it clear this is not a date. She’s there for the ribeye, so he can 86 the side order of romance. He smirks and says they can just call it foreplay. EJ, in a suit and tie, and Nicole, in a sparkly red dress, walk in. Eric tenses and Sloan rolls her eyes.

Back at Basic Black, Brady leaves another message for Chloe. He’s going to respect her need for space, but he loves her and misses her.

Alone in his room, Li pours a glass of red wine. He drinks it and somberly looks at an empty glass. He imagines celebrating Valentine’s Day with Gabi and pours himself more wine.

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