Allie and Chanel tearfully face each other in their apartment.
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At the Horton House, Jennifer refuses to give Xander and Gwen the paper. Gwen reminds her she got high, hit her with her car, and drove off. Jennifer urges her to call the cops because she has it coming. As Jack tries to talk Jennifer down, he points out the terrible things Gwen has done — namely to Sarah. When Jennifer snarks that Xander didn’t exactly trade up, Gwen lunges for her. Xander pulls her back, and Gwen call Rafe. Jack rips the phone from her hand and tells her she can have the paper.

Jennifer implores Jack not to do this, but Jack won’t risk her freedom. Jennifer thanks him and then asks Gwen if she’s happy. She’s finally made Jack suffer. Jack joins their sniping, leading Xander to put a stop to it. They could be there all day throwing past indiscretions in each other’s faces, but it’s not constructive. As he leads Gwen out, she stops and calls to her dad. Jack orders her to never call him that again.

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Alone, Jennifer apologizes to Jack, but he only blames Xander and Gwen. He wants to spend Valentine’s Day with her and suggests lunch at The Bistro. He tells her giving Gwen the paper was selfish on his part because he couldn’t live without her.

In the Square, Leo voice records a column bit about the Kiriakis brothers breaking hearts, as Sonny walks up. Leo tells him he was hired at The Spectator as a gossip columnist. Sonny doesn’t think Jack would hire him, but Leo informs him that Gwen is taking the paper from him. When Leo won’t give him more details, Sonny grabs him by the lapels, demanding to know what Gwen did. Xander appears and throws Sonny off Leo. After tense words, Xander, Gwen, and Leo head into the Salem Inn to celebrate.

In the Square, Sonny snarls and grabs Leo by the lapels.

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Outside the Pub, Johnny assures Paulina he respects that Chanel is with Allie and that nothing happened between them. Paulina suggests he steer clear of her daughter altogether. Doesn’t he have another girl he can chase after? He thought there was something with Wendy, but he blew it all to hell. Paulina knows that’s not possible in Salem. If it were, she’d be single right now. She advises him to find Wendy and tell her he made a huge mistake. It is Valentine’s Day after all. He thanks her for the advice, and she orders him to stay away from Chanel.

While on a run, Gabi finds a glum Wendy eating lunch on the park bench. When Gabi inquires, Wendy admits she’s upset over Johnny, who’s still hung up on Chanel. Gabi advises, if she wants Johnny, she should fight for him.

As Johnny fails to compose a proper text to send to Wendy, he admits defeat. He starts to put his phone away, but Wendy calls and asks him to meet in the park. When he shows up, she asks if he has plans for tonight. She suggests the horror movie. He invites her to stream it at his place, and she says it’s a date.

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Alex hides under the kitchen table as Chanel against it.

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At the apartment, Alex hides under the kitchen table as Chanel comes home. Chanel apologizes to Allie for overreacting. She knows nothing happened between her and Alex. She just wants to put everything behind them and work it out. They declare their love and kiss, as Alex’s phone rings.

Chanel assumes it’s Allie’s phone, as Alex quickly silences it. However, she detects a different ringtone and makes a call. Alex’s phone goes off again and Chanel calls for him to come out. Alex crawls out from under the table and says he crashed in the office again. Chanel asks Allie if that’s true. Allie admits it not. She and Alex slept together. Alex tries to take the blame, but Chanel explodes at him to go away.

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After Alex leaves, Allie explains she was drunk and thought Chanel was hooking up with Johnny. Chanel spits that she wouldn’t betray her like that, but Allie obviously didn’t have the same concerns. Allie insists she loves Chanel and wants to be with her. Can they forget this ever happened? A tear falls down Chanel’s cheek as she says she can’t do that. Through her own tears, Allie begs Chanel to forgive her. Chanel is sorry, but it’s over. They shared everything and loved each other, but now, they’re just hurting each other. It’s best if they end things now before they hurt each other even more. Chanel leaves and Allie dissolves into sobs.

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Allie's hands cover her anguished face, as she sits on her couch.

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