A look of panic washes over Allie's face.
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In their twin hotel beds, Leo bemoans how boring The Spectator is, while Gwen stews over not hearing from Xander yet. She worries he’s with Sarah. Gwen just hopes all their days and nights spent at the paper will bring them together, just like it did with Jack and Jennifer. Leo glibly notes how cute it is to idolize her dad and stepmother while ripping away their most prized possession.

Johnny confronts Xander in the Square over his murdering his grandmother. As he rants about Xander being a greedy worthless scum, Johnny marvels over Sarah staying married to him. Xander tells him she’s divorcing him. “Happy now?” Johnny takes delight in it, but warns he will pay for Susan. Xander defends himself, leading Johnny to recount Susan’s last moments. When Xander expresses regret, Johnny snarls, “You’re not sorry. But you will be.”

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Xander comes to Leo and Gwen’s room and tells them they aren’t taking the paper from Jack. He feels terrible after his run-in with Johnny, and can’t do this to Jack. He storms out. Gwen assumes Xander is backing out of the paper because she brings out the worst in him. Unlike his precious Sarah. Leo thinks he’ll shake off his guilt trip soon enough, but Gwen knows Xander just wants to be the man Sarah will want to be with.

Sarah wakes up to Rex waxing poetic over how beautiful she is. He gives her a rose and wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day. She tells him last night was great, but she’s not ready to jump into something. He understands that she used him to get over Xander. If being with him helps her forget about her ex, he’s happy to be of service.

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Chanel comes to the living room, where Paulina serves their traditional heart-shaped pancakes. As she sits to eat, Chanel tells her mother she almost cheated on Allie after finding her drunk with Alex. Paulina urges Chanel not to give up on Allie unless she is absolutely sure she has a reason to. She tells her daughter to go handle her business.

Allie wakes up in bed with a headache and remembers making out with Alex the previous night. He enters the room, shirtless, moaning over his own aching head. Allie cringes. “Oh god. What have I done?” He asks if it was really that bad. She calls it amazing, and makes clear she wanted to sleep with him, but she can’t believe she betrayed her girlfriend.

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She knows Alex doesn’t understand because he only has casual sex, but he corrects her. Since falling for Stephanie he understands that feelings, and even love, can be involved. Allie apologizes for taking it out on him. She can’t believe she acted like an immature bitch in reaction to Chanel and Johnny. Alex tells her to look on the bright side. “Maybe they cheated too.” That doesn’t comfort her.

In the Square, Chanel finds a sullen Johnny who relays he’s missing his grandmothers. She tells him she’s off to hash things out with Allie and thanks him for being the voice of reason last night. She couldn’t have come back from cheating on Allie. He wishes her luck.

Outside the Pub, Johnny runs into Paulina, who orders him to steer clear of her daughter. Johnny tells her Alex is the problem in Chanel and Allie’s relationship, not him.

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After they dress, Allie tells Alex she has to fix things with Chanel and she’ll start by telling her what happened. Alex reminds her of how Chanel reacted to finding his underwear there. Imagine how furious she’ll be if she finds out they slept together. Allie says he’s right. It’s better if what happened last night stays between the two of them. As Alex starts to leave for work, Chanel knocks on the door. She can’t find her keys and digs into her purse. Allie panics.

Jennifer comes home to surprise Jack on Valentine’s Day. He’s thrilled and wants to celebrate, but she wants to know why he’s so upset. When he fills her in on Gwen and Xander’s blackmail, Jennifer declares she’ll turn herself in. The paper is their life’s work and she won’t let them destroy it. Jack won’t risk her going to prison. Jennifer finds the paper with her first byline and asks if Jack is sure he’s ready to let it go.

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Xander exits the Salem Inn and runs into Rex and Sarah, who are on their way to breakfast. Sarah says they woke up starving after spending the night together. Xander tenses and says that joke is beneath her. Rex deadpans, “Actually, I was beneath her.” Rex and Sarah play it up until a scowling Xander steps to Rex. Sarah stops him and tells Rex a croissant won’t satisfy her appetite. She pointedly says she needs something more substantial. Rex puts his arm around her as they walk away.

Leo and Gwen leave the Inn and approach a seething Xander. He announces they have a newspaper to acquire because nice guys finish last.

At the Pub, Rex asks how Sarah feels giving Xander a taste of his own medicine. She grins and says it feels really good.

Gwen and Xander come to the Horton House. Gwen asks Jack if he’ll be handing over the paper, or will his wife be spending Valentine’s Day in lockup?

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