Sitting on a Salem Inn bed, Leo sticks his wry grin in between Gwen and Xander who frown at each other.
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Gwen lies in a twin bed at the Salem Inn, scrolling on her phone, as Leo goes over room service dessert options. When she expresses indifference, he calls her out for being a sad sack waiting for her Scottish beefcake to call. She insists she’s not, but whines about Xander not phoning her. Leo pulls her out of bed urging her to let it go. She knows she should, but she fought for Xander. Is it wrong that she should want him to fight for her too?

Jack bumps into Xander in the park, but keeps walking. Xander stops him and asks if they aren’t mates anymore. Jack rails at him for not only kidnapping two women but for dragging his daughter into the muck with him. Xander declares he’s done way worse than that. Jack says he knows better now. He watched Xander grow a conscience, but when he gets desperate, he reverts back to the selfish loser he’s always been.

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Jack and Xander scowl at each other in the park.

Xander urges Jack to at least give Gwen another chance. When Jack expounds on Gwen’s wrongdoings, Xander suggests he’s really upset about Gwen not being Abigail. He calls Jack’s love for Gwen conditional. After she twisted herself into knots for him, all she got was his judgment. Xander is fine with them not being mates anymore. He doesn’t want to be friends with someone like him.

After Leo sends a text, Xander comes to his and Gwen’s room. Xander sits on a bed with Gwen as he recounts his run-in with Jack. He wishes he could do something about her losing everything. Leo climbs onto the bed behind them and suggests they use Jennifer’s hit-and-run to make them pay.

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In the Kiriakis living room, Sarah finds Rex, who has a letter for Victor from Philip. After filling her in on Philip faking his death and going to a mental hospital, he asks her to keep it quiet until he can tell Brady and Chloe. He feels bad asking her to keep secrets from her husband, but she informs him that’s not an issue any longer. Rex is sorry Xander hurt her, but he’s not really one to talk. He apologizes for being a terrible partner to her. Sarah points out he never kidnapped anyone. No, he just cheated, but it meant the world to him that she forgave him. Is there a chance she can forgive Xander as well?

She tells him divorce papers are filed so as far as she is concerned she is no longer married. Plus, Xander is sleeping with Gwen. He encourages her to let out her pain and holds a pillow for her punch. After she pummels it, Rex asks if it helped. She says no, but maybe this will… and pulls him into a kiss. He backs away, but she knows he never got over her. So, now is his chance. She pulls off his shirt and invites him to her room. He takes her hand and follows her.

At the bar, Chanel and Johnny gape at Alex and Allie, who gesticulate.

At the bar, Chanel lashes out after finding a drunk Allie and Alex together — again. Allie in turn calls her out for always being with Johnny. Allie fights with both Chanel and Johnny, leading the latter two to go get a drink elsewhere. Alex encourages Allie to go after Chanel, but Allie’s only interested in tequila shooters.

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An annoyed looking Johnny stands with a wide eyed Chanel at Wendy and Tripp's Brady Pub table.

At the Pub, Tripp tells Wendy that Joey called her over there because he wants them to be a couple. Tripp admits he likes her, but he knows she’s dating Johnny. Wendy says they’re trying to date, but she skipped out when Joey called. Tripp urges her to text Johnny, who walks in with his arm around Chanel.

Wendy takes Johnny aside and calls him out for running to Chanel. Johnny insists he’s just trying to help a friend the same way she’s helping Tripp. Wendy points out she and Tripp weren’t married. She likes Johnny, but they don’t have a chance while there are lingering feelings between him and his ex. She doesn’t want to get hurt.

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Wendy and Tripp clink full pilsner glasses over their Brady Pub table.

After Johnny and Chanel leave, Tripp gets him and Wendy beers. He’s sorry about what happened, but Wendy says it is what it is. He’s happy to be there for her now. They lock eyes and raise their beers to each other.

As Chanel and Johnny drink wine at Paulina and Abe’s place, he notices it’s the same wine they drank on the Amalfi Coast. As they reminisce, Chanel leans in, but Johnny doesn’t want to do this to Allie. He doesn’t think she does either. Chanel says he’s right. She has to be loyal to Allie even if she doesn’t deserve it.

Alex helps Allie home, where she notes Henry is staying over at his babysitter’s place. Alex asks if he can crash in the office again. “Or you can crash in my bed,” she coyly says. “Underwear optional.” Alex doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Allie persists until they kiss. He removes his shirt and lays her back on the couch kissing her neck.

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Jack casts an appalled expression onto Gwen and Xander at the horton house.

Gwen comes to the Horton House to talk about The Spectator. Jack assumes she’s there to ask for her job back, but Xander saunters in and growls, “We’re here to take the whole bloody paper.” They demand Jack sign over ownership of the paper to them or else they’ll send Jennifer to prison for running over Gwen.

At the hotel, Leo sits at the table with his feet propped on his bed. “Dear Readers,” he says into his phone and teases his plans to spread the gossip. He says to check back on this space to have their basest appetites indulged. No one in Salem will be spared. So, be ready for the daily dish of betrayal and to find out who is sleeping with whom.

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Wearing a grey plaid suit, a smug looking Leo kicks his feet on a desk in his Salem Inn room. He hold s a phone, and a bowl of vanilla ice cream and raspberries sits on a tray in front of him.

Next on Days of Our Lives: karma pays Xander a visit, and Allie realizes she made a mistake.

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